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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Invalidating Professionals their awards, Professional Achievements and Professional Careers 02 23 2014 updated #2

Invalidating Professionals their awards, Professional Achievements and Professional Careers 02 23 2014

That last article got me thinking!  Those who use Cocaine did not get a sense of happiness that comes from the achievement in their careers, instead once they attained their money they achieved happiness through the purchase and use of narcotics!

That means it was never the right career for them!  Right?  Their career did not provide them with the sense of happiness and pride from a sense of accomplishment from achievement!  So if we find a high prevalence of drug use in certain careers it means that is an invalid career.

And perhaps everyone that earns over $100,000.00 a year should be required to be tested for drugs three times a year!  Why?  To see if their career and how they made their money did give them a valid sense of achievement!  If they are found with drugs in their system it also implies that they did not achieve or earn their money; so it should be confiscated!  On what grounds?  They did not attain a sense of happiness from accomplishment or achievement!

And this comes to mind as I read the morning paper about how the largest cocaine drug dealer from Mexico to the United States was caught!

What else would invalidate a persons income career choice and profession?  If they sought a prostitute of the same sex or  a child prostitute!  Again same provisions apply.

Now a billionaire stated that California should be split into 6 separate states to be more easily managed.  I don't believe that should hold true!  It just makes for isolated events and more hidden ongoings of corruption.  So the answer is to more enforcement of the Death Penalty!

Now a lot of you don't understand my point of view at all.  So I will explain, it comes from somebody who believes in fairness and playing by the rules.

And we always hear of women stating that they want to marry a man making 6 figures a year.  Well if he is using drugs he did not earn that money because he did not achieve happiness through his career but instead drug use!  So that wasn't a good career choice for him!  He forfeits all his money and personal assets.

A lot of problems in California today come from drug use and those making a lot of money who aren't happy from making the money and the achievement but the drugs they bought and used from it!  And maybe that kingpin drug dealer should tell the U.S. who all the drug users in California are before he is executed?  I doubt they will execute him even though you could readily be shot dead on the street in any drug lord torn country!  So I do believe he should be executed!

And this would indeed weed out a bad breed from the United States that really belongs in a third world country; if that!

There is always something positive you can do with your life and your time other than using drugs to subvert achievement.
Which brings up another interesting point.  What do people do in life, how far will they go to obtain money so that they can experience the happiness that drugs can be bought with it?  The gestalt of that is pirates raiding the United States of America.  And the Confederate States and New York were indeed the states the were the original profiteers from slaves brought to the United States by what can only be claimed to be pirates! That wasn't a Confederate Queen south that was a Pirate South!  And Corporate America was the next ugly head of that beast to pop up after slavery was beaten dead!  And about 10 out of 10 of the Presidents since FDR were from the South!  Texas the state those drug dealers run the Cocaine up to the United States is from the south too.  We have to be very weary of wealthy individuals looking to cash in on Democracy in the United States when they become adults and cannot live at the standards of their parents!  FDR was one of these and his family money came from Opiate trade with China.  On the radio this morning it stated that Heroin was invented in 1890 in Germany.  I have to wonder if Adolf Hitler wasn't a baby that was conceived under the influence of one of his parents using heroin!  After Heroin came along, it wasn't too long before we had WWI.  And it also brings up a new point.  I have to wonder if we did not have the Civil War because slave owners found a drug could make them happy in lei of whipping slaves; opium?  Would have to research opiate use in the United States.  But what we are learning from modern history is that drug use trends play a big big part in world history!!!  It even goes as far back as the Bible doesn't it.  Drink the myrrh or be nailed to the cross?

But what am I getting at?  Your should be rewarded by your career achievements and your ability to raise a healthy family and not drug use!  Those that use drugs can, do and will violate the Constitutional rights of everyone else in the United States!

Speaking of which there are a lot of cars from Texas in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin lately!  Are they fleeing that state?  United States Citizens should not have to leave a state because it has become corrupt!  Texas has a lot of natural resources that I could find to enjoy.

Speaking of which.  They want to run that pipeline straight down through the United States west of the Mississippi River.  Wouldn't it be far better if they ran a superconductor line down through the country there.  And harness power through solar farms in American Deserts.  Now that would provide true reward from achievement!  And Reward is indeed the word that I was looking for this entire article but a beast was chanting to me and blocking my memory from it!

Your career did not provide you with a reward the drugs you bought after you insulted, ruined lives, impoverished a nation, ruined our environment and made a lot of money from...those drugs were your reward!  You did not seek to experience happiness from a rewarding career as a human being would!  You eventually found happiness from drugs!  That is like a monkey sitting at a top of a heap and bragging about how it fingered its way there!  Your not one of us!

And I know that I didn't articulate this as best as I could but you understand what I mean from the words that I wrote and your ability to read and think, right?  You might find it very rewarding in life if you can read something and think about it at the same time using your own mind?  Well you could if you were an adult human being!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If you had earned your money your success would be the reward and you would not use drugs!  So you didn't earn your money.  People don't understand me when I say that person did not earn their money!  Do you?

And most human beings have a vague plan of finding happiness through a rewarding career and raising children to be exactly like them!  That is what most of us have in our minds when our guidance counselor is asking us what we want to do in life.  But that isn't you!  Who knows what your are!

So if you are mentally defective you want your son to be just like you don't you?

If you are a homosexual you want your son to be just like you don't you?  Wait if you are a homosexual you can't have a son can you because you don't desire to have sex with a woman you love which is how a son like you would be born!  And I could go on with the logic stream here to!  So in effect how does a homosexual get a son exactly like himself?

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