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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cheeseburger Recipe 02 04 2014 UPDATED

Cheeseburger Recipe 02 04 2014

Now I have lived here for 47 years and not one time have I been able to make a hamburger that I could eat that didn’t make me sick! (Because of poor meat quality!) But last night I did!

Add three small cloves of pressed garlic
A sprinkle of Galangal
Pinch of Powdered Cilantro
A Pinch of RUE (Yep that is right the Romans used that herb extensively and it also turns out that where I bought this ground meat was from an Italian grocery!  What Culpepper states about RUE is that it is a cure for all manner of poison!)
A Pinch of Thyme
A pinch of Basil
About a ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt maybe more about 3/8 (If you want to have fun with the clerks at the stores today express how you would like things in fractions “I would like 3/8th (or 5/8) of a pound of sliced ham.”  Or here was another good one the other day I was shopping at a chicken supply store and the plastic bin did not have how many gallons it held in it.  But we know the dimensions of it!!!! So I asked the clerk a white woman with dark curly hair if she had an internet connection.  And she did and went to look up the capacity of the plastic bin.  The capacity was not listed.  So I asked her to quickly do a search to find out how many cubic inches were in a gallon, and even though she spent 7 minutes on the internet there with me she could not give me that figure!
About a tablespoon of pure honey
A little rice bran oil to mix the spices in? Maybe a ¼ t.
Now I did not use a lot of hamburger just about a third of that in the package.  I mixed it with those ingredients!  And patted it thin between my hands.  I had the griddle hot under the top wrack of the broiler and had it coated with rice bran oil.
I placed that patty on the broiler and the sound of the meat being seared and branded by the grate on the griddle was pure satisfaction to me, like the days when I was a boy and we would eat at the Ponderosa and watch the men cook the steaks that way.
I flipped it once and then again, then I added a t of butter to the top and it melted in.  Then I added some grated cheddar cheese to the top (didn’t have the patties I usually like!)  I also carefully browned a split bun called a “Hamburger Bun” from the same store; I do this in order to deactivate the Leaven!  (Remember how Jesus warned us of yeast in the Bible?  “Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees” And I can tell that as I write these comments that they hurt people’s feelings but that is okay maybe we will all be a lot healthier and contrarily more kosher from it!  But to be fair to the Pharisees they also gave RUE to the POOR GODS that they tithed to!
Now this is the best tasting cheeseburger I have made with that meat in my entire life!
And I am quite certain that the trick was that Rue Herb that was used extensively in the Roman Empire!  So they should also be selling that herb in bulk to so that consumers have it along with their meat!
Now my mother had a bite of it too!  And she slept better than she had in a long time.  In fact it is unusual that when I got up this morning she was already pulling a tray of browning like baking out of the oven!  I think that Rue herb helped her!  And it is indeed a cooking herb!  Although indeed I have not seen it at the Dedicated Spice Store goes by the name of Penzy’s YET!!!!
So you cook the meat until it has those nice brands on it and it is done!  This tasted excellent.  The rue gave it a muted mint taste?
Oh I also added a grind or two of black pepper!
Next time I go to the spice store I will have to buy some sage too!
Now usually when I eat a hamburger in Milwaukee my stomach turns, like there is a witch on a broom flying around in circles inside of it; with decrepit old spit dripping down her chin!  Not this time!
And I am doing this from memory so I don’t think I left any ingredient out.
In today’s day and age you would be wise to cook with RUE!!!

And a word of caution before you start.  This method of cooking requires you to be right by the stove.  I would not advise cooking bacon on the top wrack with the broiler because it tends to spit up towards the burner more and will cause a fire.  I mounted a fire extinguisher very close to the stove many years ago because of the fire hazard the stove/oven is!  Also make sure you have good batteries in a smoke detector mounted near the stove!  They tell you not to mount them near the stove but that is bad advice, you should have an extra one mounted near the stove!  Also when using this method it tends to get a lot of fat and grease out of the meat!  So have three of those oven gloves and a large spatula nearby so that you can periodically while cooking this take it out of the oven hold the spatula over the patties and drain the grease into you metal sink! You can't let that grease accumulate and pool! Now this might seem like contrary advice, but one time the grease in a pan caught on fire!  The quickest way to put that fire out is to extend the oven rack out of the oven and  blow on it.  One blow can put out a fire like this, a "PUFF" type blow works best!  Otherwise like my brother in law did when there was a fire in his microwave oven he picked the whole thing up and headed straight out the door with it.  Now all these things require a common sense best method of approach applied to individual and discrete settings.  If you try and run out of the house with a hot frying pan full of grease you are likely to spill the flaming grease on the way out of the house and burn your house down!  So that is why you keep a good sized fire extinguisher in your kitchen! And perhaps all microwave ovens should have a fire/smoke cutoff to the power circuit breaker located in them that uses smoke alarm or an internal "fire knowledge" circuit!  And that is an invention needed!  Also it is important to keep the top of your oven clean between cookings!

And if you are the type of person that likes to "jinx" other people or are mentally defective in any  you do not belong in any kitchen! My heeds hold true!

This is not for little women who can only curl 5 pounds in one pale bone arm.  Nor is this for the alcohol drinking dolt who finds himself constantly staring off into nothing during the day.  Nor is this for the man who takes a smoke and determines that no one  or the country doesn't really have an problems that need attending to!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
  Now it was indeed indigenous to the Balkans.  Makes one wonder if that had something to do with the war?

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