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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Experiment of the day 02 04 2014

Experiment of the day 02 04 2014

If I cut out two pieces
of common Kitchen Aluminum foil and then trim them to be the same size as the insole of my  shoe; whereby I then place them under the insole inside my shoe will my common basketball type sneaker be warmer from going from the house to take out the garbage?

Usually when I walk on concrete or snow when the temperature is below zero the sole of my shoe becomes so cold that my feet are cold.  Will this keep my feet warmer by reflecting the heat of my foot back to itself while also providing an insulative barrier from the sole to the insole to my foot?

Experiment off, the pair of shoes I was to add it to has the insole solidly glued in place!  And they have lasted forever so I will not modify them!

It follows the first do no harm principle.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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