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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How About this Argument Against Gay's in Professional Sports! 02 13 2014 updated 3 times!

How about this argument??? Isn't being inseminated in the anus or mouth really the use of Illegal Steroids and hence all of these players should be banned from the NFL? And any who engaged in Pederasty at some point in their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the video it applies to!

I also don't think any boy on any playground should have to put up with a child that has those hormones IN them!

And to be fair should we have to put up with those hormones in the workplace in the United States!  I Say absolutely NO! NO!  Even if the person who orally consumes them or anally uptakes them is  isn't gay; for example a woman!

America needs to just say NO! To all of these people!  NO!

Do you even want the Odd Hormonal with the Odd Hormonal Advantage living in your neighborhood or as a neighbor? No because in order to compete with them you would have to become like them, and that violates your human rights!  That violates your right to be HUMAN!  Don't you have a right to be HUMAN?  That is what is implied in the Constitution even though a Semantic legalese would rapidly take to the legal pad to prove me wrong at the level of the Supreme Court!!!

It violates the Constitutional rights of NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS DOESN'T IT!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And perhaps anyone being treated with hormones should have to stay at home until the treatment is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And no man should have to work with a male that licks his wife's snatch!

And maybe if they have a life history of that they should be denied both the right to work and the right to vote!

And ask yourself why there haven't been any studies as to the physiological and psychological effects of boys who were sodomized or routinely performed fellatio?

That is the purest form of steroid use and therefore cheating and I doubt it can be caught!  So therefore all professional sports should be invalidated for monetary compensation in any way!

Not only that the hormonal uptake is likely to be used against the spouse and the marriage ending in divorce!

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