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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Inventions Needed 02 05 2014

Inventions Needed 02 05 2014

Every clothes washing machine should have a flat mount for a butcher block top on top of it!  Our clothes washer is located right next to what we call our "Slop Sink" (the utility sink) in our basement.  And I often find myself using it to set parts and things on that I am cleaning in the sink!

I really don't care how it looks on top.  Because it is a tough finish like baked on enamel and can easily be cleaned with a hard nylon  putty scraper or nylon putty knife!  But the real reason that I don't care how it looks on top is because they don't last!  When I was a boy I ended up taking one apart and buying a new centrifuge pump for it and installing it myself.  We have probably had at least three in my lifetime?

So why not sell them with a butcher block on top?  Now any industrial designer worth his mothers salt can figure out how to make it hinged correctly so that it will open, and how to add a spring to that lid so that it is light and how to add or incorporate safety mechanism so that it doesn't call and injure one.  Which brings up the next point some of them are side loading so there would be absolutely no issue with regard to a butcher block on top.  Now you might say humidity and chemical wear, but so what!  They can be easily fixed!

Now this brings up another point with regard to industrial design.  The window on a oven does me absolutely no good because it is too low to look at!  It is really a Hansel and Gredle window!  That window should be higher up and the oven space reconfigured so that an adult can more easily see what is going on in there.  Now I would envision how to do that but I am not going to give you those details because I don't get paid to do your work and thinking for you!  You do even though you shouldn't!

Brook Stevens has absolutely nothing on me!  Absolutely nothing!

Now all those plastic everything breaks and doesn't last.  So my next project might be to make a laundry basket out of WOOD!  We also need to decrease our dependency on oil!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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