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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Inventions Needed The indestructIble head phones! 02 22 2014

Inventions Needed The indestructible head phones!  02 22 2014

They must also have a noise cancellation button.  You would be able to put them in your case and not worry about the cracking and not working.  And if a strong metal piece at a key point of them did break it would cost one dollar shipping in an envelope to replace; hence the replacement parts would be reasonable and easy to get if need be and not ruin the company from warranty claims.  The owner would still have to pay a small fee but it would not be much!  And they could fix the headphones themselves.

Now that would an opportunity for a local manufacturer.  What they don't realize is that after a pair breaks a consumer does not have brand loyalty!

And if you need help designing them and the business model for them feel free to contract with me.

You can initially reach me at: TMPHOTO@WI.RR.COM

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