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Monday, February 24, 2014

Inventions Needed: A three layer rifle barrel 02 24 2014

Inventions Needed: A three layer rifle barrel

Where the inner layer is your standard top grade metal for rifle barrels.
You middle layer is graphite/carbon.
And the outer layer is lightweight aluminum!
This would allow for more accurate rifle barrels without making them too heavy.
The layer of graphite, not much different than a graphite fishing rod accept that is has a straight cylinder would help to stabilize the trajectory by providing a dampening mechanism!  In effect it might prove to be more accurate than a solid bull barrel!
The ends of the barrel; one outer layer end, the tip or breach, could be threaded on and the other would have a collar that envelopes that end of the graphite and conceals it.
It will be interesting to see who files new patent claims to this one.  It won’t be me because the voices would prevent me from profiting from my own ideas!  That is Satanic America! {People like me we really don't want to earn money do we!  We must have some cognitive defect that makes us want to die poor and homeless on the street????}

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