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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Peach Kolaches Recipe 02 02 2014

Peach Kolaches Recipe 02 02 2014

18 “Rhodes White Dinner Rolls” Frozen Buns
2 Tablespoons of melted butter
1 banana starting to brown
I Mandarin orange
One 21 ounce can of “Shur Shine Peach Pie filling or topping”
Okay these are not pure peach Kolaches they have a browning banana and one of those miniature organs that is tangy in them.  (Tangerine, Tangelo, mandarins)
Made the perfect half time snack!
Take 18 Rhodes frozen buns out of your freezer and place them on a cookie sheet.  Put the whole thing in the oven that you had just had heated for you evening meatloaf.  Don’t turn the oven on.  Just let the thaw in the hot oven.
After you have been watching the football game for a little while longer go back and check them if they are soft then they are thawed.  Don’t know how much time that took, 10-15 minutes is a guess.
When they are thawed take the tray out of the oven and push the centers of them in and away from the center because that is where you will put the filling.
How to make the filling.  You take the peeled banana and the peeled little orange and put them in your bullet grinder.  To that you add some of the peach pie filling from the can.  Then you blend it.  Now I blended this part too much it ended up soupy.  But that didn’t matter because I placed it in the mixing bowl and put the rest of the can of peach pie filling in the blender so that the Kolaches would not have chunky fruit in them.  You put that in the mixing bowl and stir it up good with a spoon.
Now after you push down those centers you walked away and watched some more game.  Maybe five minutes.  When you come back you press the centers down again.  Then you add the filling from your mixing bowl to the centers of the Kolaches.  There was plenty mix left over so you would have been better off using all 36 of those buns from the new bag of them in the freezer.  I ate the rest of that filling mix with a tablespoon while they were cooking!
Turn back on the oven at 350 degrees about now.
You take a tablespoon and you dollop the filling in the center of the Kolach.
Then you quickly melt about 2 Tablespoons of butter in the microwave (about a minute) and I used the tiny rubber ladle to drips the melted butter on the dough of the Kolach and quickly spread it evenly using my clean fingers.
Place the entire tray back in the oven. And I never greased this tray!  They will adjoin somewhat but that is okay after you eat them you won’t be looking at them anymore.
The tiny orange gives them a little tartness that is good.  And the banana gives them a slight creamy taste!
I baked them for about 20 minutes maybe 30 and then used the broiler on low to brown them a little more!
Now here are the compliments that I got on them:
Good as Ann ever made.  (And Ann considered herself the best.)
I ate four of them right away. (That is my comment.  The others were true compliments and not canned applause.)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And the cooking sheet that I used was one of those double layer ones.

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