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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Bible Teaches Evolution 02 08 2014

The Bible Teaches Evolution 02 08 2014

I was reading last night about how the Austrian Empire didn’t want anyone to learn of concepts such as evolution.  It was indeed thought of by an American named Darwin.  Austria didn’t want citizens leaving Austria and coming back to Austria with that knowledge.  The Austrian Empire was the last of the Roman Empire and indeed if we read the motto of the Austrian Empire we discover that it was the precursor to Nazi Germany.
1.       Why guard the secret that we came from apes?
2.       Why guard the secret that the Essene Jews evicted those who did not behave like human beings?
3.       Why guard the secret that we evolved from that which was the beast and had the exact mind of a beast?
4.       Why guard the secret that we evolved away from that which was raised by females?

5.       Why guard the secret we evolved away from that which had the mind of a tribe?
6.       Why guard the secret we evolved because we shunned and ostracized those that did not have a human conscience nor human reason?  It is because what is implied in evolution!!!  That some members were indeed eliminated!  There is no other way that evolution could happen!  And that is indeed the process of natural selection!  Natural selection is far different than marrying a Roman Emperor because he has Roman coins!  And that wasn’t the only way that Evolution was fostered; there was also the marking of those that could not live among other!  Such as Cane!  We don’t know where Cane was marked but we do know that ancient Rabbis marked people on the forehead.  One mark for one transgression.  The third mark on the forehead was the removal of the prior marks and lead to death!  At some point in history I believe there was a control of religion so that it meant the exact opposite of its intention!  It became that which should have been marked controlling the normal and healthy human beings!  And I believe this happened when the wealthy wine drinking Sanhedrin betrayed the Israelites when Rome invaded.  But the concept has occurred more than once in history!!  The more people in a population that you screw up with drugs the more likely they are to believe in you?
Austria sold Bohemians and other members of their population into slavery????
The only reason you would keep that a secret would be if you were so ashamed of yourself that you could not live among men!
When the bible teaches that Man was create in God’s image it is making a direct comparison to that which existed at the same time that was created in God’s image to look like a “Man!”  That is where the insult “Son of Man” comes from!  It is that which did not look like humans insult of those that did in a form of envy, spite and meanness!
Now when we are young we all make that comparison, “I look like so and so I might indeed grow up to be like them.”  But that is a personal belief.  The father of a Son of Man is quick to correct any attachment to that idea his son has.  And perhaps there is the difference and it doesn’t imply anything good about the father that doesn’t know to do this!
What you don’t get is that many people called themselves Gods in the day of the Bible!  In fact every Roman Emperor that was horrific also wanted everyone to believe he was a God!  There was no separation of church and state in Rome!  And Jesus Christ a Jew tried to clarify this with the statement, “Don’t you know you are Gods?”  He said that to the people!  So when we read the Bible and that man was created in God’s image it does not imply CREATIONISM whatsoever!!! Jesus Christ clarified this!  The argument is null and over!  And Jesus is indeed the basis of much of the Bible!   And he was as much of a God as any of the Roman Emperor’s or the Jewish Prophets that the Pharisees killed!
So why did the Roman Empire invent the term Creationism and incorporate it into the Bible?  Because the spoiled child like the Roman Emperor is jealous to the point where they are possessive of the achievements of others!  And it allows them the delusion of self that everyone was created in their image so they can do what they want to them!  That transition never really took place in the belief system but to me it appears to be the motivation!  Why don’t people believe it?  Because a man knows when he impregnated his wife that that child is his and his own responsibility!  And here we get into the concept of “They know not what they do!”  on the flipside of the issue from the perspective of that which isn’t a man.  That child that is lesser needs to believe in false idols even to the point where in witchcraft it believes itself to be someone entirely different that itself!  The flipside being you have a child that is completely unintelligent and you yourself don’t know how to raise them; what else can they do?
And when the Bible refers to Stan having the mind of the beast it means that Satan was not a man but rather a De-Evolution!
The mind of the beast is not a step at the level of the human being!  Think of that every time you hear a religion like the Sikhs trying to prove we are all one mind!  The reason they want to prove that is because it gives equivalency to those that do not have their own human conscience and human reason! 
And all it takes is one single drop of alcohol for a baby to be born with that mind of a beast!
If creation were indeed true then we would all be perfect wouldn’t we!  But we are not!
The reason they don’t want you to believe in Evolution is because they don’t want you to compare yourself to them on a basis of mental defect, behavior, talent, aptitude, achievement, intelligence.  For you cannot control a population if you are mentally defective and they know it!  You lose power!  But more to the point, they live in shame when you know!  And that has been the real issue throughout history!  So when they start to live in shame they control society.  And the only way they do that is by manipulating money!
We would be nowhere without evolution.  Creationism is really someone claiming that a man who is no relation to them is really their father!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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