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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's Food Recipe Challenge 02 20 2014

Today's Food Recipe Challenge 02 20 2014

I have a bag of Chi Chi's No Salt Added Tortilla Chips and one single Tomato!

The challenge is, "How to turn that tomato into the best ever dipping salsa using just the spices in your spice cabinet!"

So I will now challenge myself in that manner.

My list of potential ingredients includes.

1. Cumin
2. Red Pepper
3. Onion Powder
4. Paprika
5. Apple Cider Vinegar.
6. Sugar, (For this I might indeed utilize some Sugar cane that are canned that I picked up at some store; the store of which being that I don't remember which store it was. :))  And I have never used them because I am avoiding sugar.  But this might be a good place to use a little and see their effect.

Now I did a little comparative cheating to see that the lady at this link also added Cilantro and Lime juice.  Don't know what the lime juice would do for it but I have it on hand.

Challenge rule breaking ingredients I have on hand, fresh onion and fresh garlic.


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Here is my approximate recipe and afterthought considerations.  Picture to come after I am done eating more of it right now.

Added a grind and one half of black pepper
A pinch of cinamin.
Pinch Cumin
Tiny pinch red pepper
2 t lime juice
1 t Apple cider vinegar
1 t beet sugar
1 clove of garlic that got tossed in the grinder.
1 pinch rue
1 pinch cilantro
1/4 t kosher salt

Cut the tomato in half.  Then chop one half with a knife into chunks
Put the other half in the bullet grinder with the above ingredients.

Cut the tomato in half.

Now this recipe had a very mild and sweet flavor to it.  And to be honest that is too much spice for me to eat in one meal.  So I would back off on all of them.  I would also only puree one quarter of the tomato in the blender and chop the other 3/4.

The texture of the dish looks a little different from what one is accustomed to and that is because the tomato that was in the blender was like tomato soup.

Also that was too much lime juice, only use one half that amount.

But I was indeed eating something fresh and not grocery store shelf stabilized.

Also that can of sugar cane stalks had expired in 2010 so I didn't use it!  But I tasted it!  And there was something extremely interesting about it!!! It had more fiber taste and texture in it than celery!!!!!  The conclusion that I rapidly come to is that nature did not mean for us to eat sugar without its natural fiber content!  And that sugar cane was not very sweet either!  I don't know what I would use it in because it is more chewy and stringy- so that you can't swallow it, than celery is.

And the independent verdict on this dish is in, "It was very good!"

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