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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two Completely Different Types of Schizophrenics

Two Completely Different Types of Schizophrenics

We have been lied to with regard to the real nature of Schizophrenia.  There as basically two distinct types and one is a true schizophrenic and one is a victim of the first.

Type A: These are the real ones!  And they have two different distinct selves to them!
Self 1: A talking self or façade.  That seems very intelligent but if you listen to what they say it lacks substance or depth.
Now that self 1 rapidly degrades unpredictably to self 2:
Self 2: A mentally retarded person that shows no evidence of ever being a mature adult!  This is the core of the type A schizophrenic.  They often fit the exact mannerism of the spoiled child.  For example the woman who was just executed in Texas, Suzanne Basso, is a type A.  Just before she was executed she reverted to the voice of a little girl!
Type B:  Someone that hears voices that deprive them of their memory!  Or using their higher minds capability!
One is indeed a true split type “A” and the other type “B” is a victim of A trying to make the stolen personality of B their permanent one!  Now you have to ask yourself how a Type A so rapidly reverts to the childhood personality.  How can there be two different personalities in one?  It means that the adult personality is a façade!  Something that is highly adept at manipulation, as was Ms. Basso!  So indeed a person like that has the desires of a mature adult but not the means to achieve being one because their core is a spoiled child.  Now I could give her a little slack and state that she might have been fragmented through abuse, but I have no proof of that.
The reason B hears voices is because type A is trying to make that personality their own. 
Now in a world of perfect people a man finds a woman to marry and these forces cancel out in agreement?  But what happens when two spoiled children marry and still seek the personality of a Type “B” to have as their own.
But here is the danger, once A is prevented from being B (And she has no right to be B) A becomes a great danger to herself and others; essentially how it always was a great danger because it sought to deprive type “B” in the first place!
And by all indications in the absence of a Type “A” a Type “B” has no signs of mental illness and is completely happy, because they face no distraction from voices in their lives!!!
“A” however is always a ticking bomb because once it becomes “B” it will only be “B” temporarily!  That is reality!  When being “B” faces it becomes “A” again and sees itself as “B” would; and realizes that it hates the reality of itself!  But that is all it can be is Type “A” Self “2” above!
Now I have to question again Cathy Rogers MccMorris statement that what the Republican Party is really fighting for are the Down’s Syndrome children.  The Republican Party has a large bankroll behind it.  But when you look at the gestalt of one generation putting the rights of a retarded generation of their own what do you come up with?  The phrase from the Bible, “And the meek shall inherit the earth!”  In other words there will be no more Type “B”s essentially normal human beings because they were all dominated by the will of Type “A” and its parents.
But somehow we have a misapplication in psychiatry, because it is the Type “A’s” that need to be medicated so that they do not collectively degrade the human being Type “B” down to their level of mental retardation!  But that isn’t how it happens!  It is those who are made incapacitated from the attrition of hearing a Type “A” in their head who are often forced to go on medicine!  They are not the danger among us!  Hearing those voices is indeed a sign of a coven of Type “A’s” and the odd thoughts the Type “B” might have are signs of demonic possession by the Type “A.”  And yes it can indeed be thought of as a coven or group conspiracy of the mentally defective Type “A” against the human being!  The human being having their own human conscience and human reason they type A never has or they would not revert to Type A self #2!
And there ought to be a way to scientifically diagnose a true Type A self 2!  Whereas a Type B is a great asset to the human race!  The Type A is defective minded and doing its best to adapt to the mental defect and also hide that defect and also act out on impulse to what threatens its false image of self!
Now via a separate personality diagnosis system a Type A personality often known as having great drive and aggression has also been shown to have psychotic personality features!  And that is consistent with this article!
In fact these two different types of schizophrenic personalities are so different that one of them should not be termed a schizophrenic at all; but instead the victim of a true schizophrenic!  And I am indeed implying that a Type A leapfrogs via the zombification of a Type B!  But a Type A cannot survive long term because it did not become successful through its own achievement and hence once it becomes successful it will resort to drugs as a matter of feeling the reward for personal success that it attained but did not achieve!  And hence it is likely to die of a drug overdose! And the fact that it is using drugs is indeed a diagnostic sign that it is really a Type A self 2!  And in light of the Republican Party response to Barrack Obama’s state of the nation address it might be very well true that all Republicans today are really indeed Type A self “2’s”  And that is indeed what would explain to John Boehner how we got $17 trillion in debt and not the signs of achievement to show for it!  In other words we have $17 trillion in debt and not the results of a competent and capable human being to show for it what we really have is a Type A self 1 verbally defending the identity of its Type A self 2!  And they have indeed been the greatest waste our school system has ever faced!  They haven’t really learned; but worse than that that spoiled self does not want the Type B that they latched onto to experience success! 

And you have never before read this scientific knowledge before because as can be inferred from what Cathy Rogers Mccmorris stated, that is what the Republican party is fighting to prevent you from knowing!

And Suzanne Basso's face does indeed show the same character traits as a fetal alcohol syndrome child or a Down's Syndrome child!  In a word "Monkeylike"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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