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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Invention Novel Electronic Servo Motor 04 21 2015

Invention Novel Electronic Servo Motor 04 21 2015

This would be a motor whereby coils located biaxially to a ring of metal or magnetic rods with a hub in the center.

It would generate tremendous power!

A common servo works by a coil propelling a metal rod inside of it out of it when electronic current is applied.  The servo motor is a series of these coils mounted in an encapsulating ring.. ..encapsulated ring of metal or magnetic rods mounted on the circumference of a hub.

I don't know if anything like this exists exactly the way I am envisioning it.

Usually the coil of a motor is on the hub and the magnets the exterior.

Potentially an electric motor like I am reference could seamlessly transition into and electric generator as well as braking system.

The conceptual problem being the continuity of the loop around the fixed projectiles at circumference.  However this could easily be solved by incorporating  partial loop into the timing of the firing.  Thereby increasing efficiency at a constant.

Potentially one servo on top could fire and the axis spins much like representation of a hammer coming around in a circle on the circumference, or there could be multi coils.

There would also need to be a way to configure this motor so that...not that heat is dissipated but that it is never generated; thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.  This aspect of the engineering would have to be fixed and mechanical.

Perhaps it could also contain a momentum energy generated capacitor breaking circuit whereby energy from the capacitor is fed into the coil so that the servo is "ruddered" to run in reverse or break; again a timing issue of coil firing.  But the capacitor ensuring braking charge.

How did I think of this?  Translation synthesis; I was "winding" guides on a fishing pole today.

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The way for it not to generate heat might be something call an "ion draw" system or "Ion bleed off to electricity."

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