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Sunday, April 5, 2015

On Easter 04 05 2015

On Easter 04 05 2015

A Catholic Priest once intoned that they never found the body. Meaning either it was a hoax or he was eaten. It is very interesting that his cross had a seat on it. It reads to be like going to one of those amusement parks and having your picture taken by putting your face in the hole of a Coyote dog or other character. He was taken down from the cross in record time three hours which just so happened to be the same time as a Eclipse!

Religious text also tells us of how a Rabbi named Mathias could cure someone from Demonic Possession.  The only way that you can cure it is if your Hydra or Pride caused it!  Like a choir conductor waiving his want and bringing the vampire church pipe organ to a complete stop?

The Bible tells us that when Jesus Christ exercised a demon from someone he was able to do so because he "Knew who they were."  The inference is that people are demonically possessed by other people.

The Bible also tells us how this is done.

In the book of Mathew it states that, "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."  So this tells you how members are added to what is termed a Hydra.

And the Bible tells us how a Hydra is formed,  When one demon is beaten it goes out and finds 6 friends and that forms the seven head of hydra.  So you might be able to beat one demonic voice chanting to you but as the odds get to 6 or 7 or higher it becomes more difficult.  A Hydra is also the equivalent of what is represented by one of the Seven Deadly sins called a "Pride."  A group of people that behave like lions?  To be proud of personal achievement is not a sin and is in fact the basis of polytheism!  The concept was indeed disambiguated by the monotheist.  Monotheism meaning that there is only one thinking victim of a Hydra or Pride allowed to exist in a domain.  It is really a race of women isn't it.

A Prophet was someone who could look at what you are doing and tell you where you are screwing up and how it is going to fail.  Rabbi means teacher by the way.  But what does it really mean to be a Prophet?  A Prophet is a polytheist.  But very simply it is someone who has non defective human reason and human conscience.  A heathen as the Romans were does not!  We are told that the Jews resisted heathenization by the Romans and also to the contrary that they killed all the prophets to establish or maintain polytheism?  Jezebel is said to have killed 10,000 herself.  So you can see how I am dividing something up here right straight down the middle!

And after Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist he roamed out in the desert for 40 days and was said to be tempted by demons.  What does it meant to be tempted by demons?  It means having them interject into your thought processes with their goal being for you to do something in a way that you normally do not do it, and to your own detriment or downfall.

Did Jesus have his own Hydra?  There is Biblical evidence for this too, as he attained great wealth which he brought home to his family.  And when he did they rejected him for it!  Much like the theme in the  {Grapes of Wrath} movie were James Dean makes the money from commodities and his father scorns him.

Schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

And what is a race that revives themselves by torturing and killing human beings?  That is a Revenant race!  Likely due to Denisovan DNA virus?  The Bible also tells us of how Jewish villagers chained someone they called a demoniac in the Cemetery!  To give a sense of life to their dead via his human suffering?  Or to inverse imprint human cognition onto their children.

There are two types of people.  Some of us could see someone suffering and dying and it would drain the human life energy from us because that is the nature of a human being empathy.  And then their is another archetype of person that would soak up that persons suffering and use it to energize themselves.  And the Bible tells of the taking of slaves to replenish their lives.

But fast forward in history.  Prisoners kept in French Bastilles and dungeons?  What was that?  That is the archetype of a revenant.  Crosses in Roman towns where people were slowly killed what was that the archetype of?  A Revenant.  The people enjoying that and soaking up the energy.  And indeed you have Structures under England that predate Rome that look exactly like Roman Structures as revealed in Smithsonian.  So we indeed have a historical basis as to why the greatest enemy of the United States in world history was the way it was.  England and France funded the Russian military build up after WWI.  And they did indeed encircle Germany much like they are encircling the Ukraine today.

There have been next to no studies as to how DNA ancestry affects cognition.

It would be nice to be FREE again.

Happy Eater! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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