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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Adolph Hitler was a Spoiled Jewish Brat 06 08 2013

Adolph Hitler was a Spoiled Jewish Brat 06 08 2013
1.       He said that he lived all his life as an underdog.
2.       He didn’t like his brother, (was he older or younger or bigger.)
3.       He was an inbred
4.       Sigmund Fred was a Jew and the father of Psychiatry.
5.       The Gestapo destroyed all Hitler’s psychiatric records.  Why?  There must have been something very incriminating in there regarding him whereby if it was known he would not have come to power.  He would have been preaching his Ein, Ein and Ein and been laughed at.
6.       He was said to be a sexual pervert and that is one of the reasons he was not accepted into art school.
7.       The term for his perversion was Voyeurism.  Oddly enough that is rampant in the United States today with online pornography.  And those who are Voyeurs are indeed weak minded and therefore easily influenced and controlled.

This all points to him being a sodomite.  And if you have ever known the archetype of a certain person that engages on the underdog receiving end of this.  They look to be on all fours and they open their eyes wide like they are viewing something in their mind from the experience of being  analy inseminated.
We have been propagandized concerning the life of Adolph Hitler.  We have been made to believe that he was a poor as a boy and that his homelessness was a result of that.  We have also been led to believe that he was a hard worker and therefore an strong advocate of the labor movement.  What else do we know about him?

A.      His father had an above average paying job as a customs official in Germany and Adolph had everything that he wanted during his childhood.
B.      He inherited a great deal of money during his adult life.  And yet somehow he lost it all and became poor and homeless.  And yet this is the leader that Germany sought to pick?  Someone who would squander a large inheritance.  How did he squander it?  Well if he did not have any assets to show for it that means he spent it on services?  And what kind of services were those?  Alcohol, sex and peep shows?
Sodomites are Voyeurs.  There is no other way to explain it, and I have never done it, but when they get that in their colon they see the lives of the soul in it- hence the term voyeur.  Sperm has to contain the starter soul of the next generation.  And indeed it poses a viral influence to the human body, just as a strain of trichinosis, aides, bird flu or any other virus does.  Because of this they have no true self or soul. In our modern day and age God would have killed him with the aide’s virus absent the influence of the German pharmacy industry.
And with regard to German Pharma he had a friend that he had a “Something” with that was a German Pharmaceutical student. 
The Jews themselves claimed that Hitler was Jewish.  So here you have a German Jew, he is a Voyeur, and he is a spoiled brat that lost all his inheritance money.
Now Adolph is quoted as saying that he only liked to do business with Jews with regard to selling his artwork.  Why?  Because they bought before they had sold what they had on hand!  Even though Adolph did not get into art school he did earn an above average amount of money by selling his paintings.   One of his first was of his mistress who was also his niece.  That is the work that he submitted in order to get into the school of art and failed?  Can anyone understand why?  You have painted a naked picture of your niece and she is also your mistress?  It doesn’t get any creepier than that!  And yet he does not get into the German school of art and yet he makes it as a German political leader.
So this newly researched information regarding him negates any belief I had that his father had uncovered corruption as a customs agent and took the frustration out on Adolph in the form of beatings.
Adolph’s sister said she couldn’t believe that he would have killed all those Jews.  Adolph said his sisters were dumb like geese.  It wasn’t a hoax.  My father was a Combat Medic for the U.S. Army in WWII.   He saw it all when U.S. forces went through Germany.  Adolph’s fathers surname was said to be Schnicklegruber. (Spelling uncertain.)  I seem to remember that name.  Was that a name my father served with him in WWII?
So what was the source of his anti-Semitism?
1.       Sodomite influence on his soul?
2.       Control and influence from the use of amphetamines?

But back to his sister saying that she couldn’t believe it.  I know for a fact that he did all this.  But from my memory Adolph Committed suicide and was said to have burnt his own body.  Alibis and stories change over time but that is what I remember initially hearing in Catholic Grade School.  But in the end, was he sending a message that what he did was wrong and he should die like the Jews he killed because it was wrong for him to have done it?  It is like the kid who hits another kid and then hits himself in the head while he is saying how stupid he is?
I grew up in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, a suburb of German beer Milwaukee.  And the way Adolph’s teachers described him is exactly like many of the spoiled brats that I went to Catholic Grade School and Public High School acted like.
(Add more here with regard to what the teachers said about him.)
When I look at the face of Adolph Hitler I see Italian and English in his face.  Adolph killed the mentally ill.   You have to make a sound distinction between the mentally ill and the mentally retarded and don’t ever forget it.  He killed them both but there is significance to the difference with regard to Nazi Germany. 
Adolph killed them as the first mater on his list.  But he did not touch the Griffin children from the rich German Castles.  In fact that is who he likely recruited to be on the Nazi forces.  Mean Nazi Griffin children.  And basically the only way that he could have got the Griffin children, who had to have been mentally retarded, out of that castle was if the parents of that child Okayed it! 
The legend of the Griffin is not a legend at all.  The symbolism is on both Catholic Church’s and monasteries all throughout the world.  On Catholic Churches the symbolism is more abstract.  It looks more like the hat of a Griffin?  It is two peaks bent to the side and one to the back or front.  On German Castles the symbolism of the face is more telling.  The Griffin has wide cheeks and a leer.  It is there as a warning and symbol of how the wealth was attained and both protected.  In that respect it is a hidden secret of wealth creation.
Back to Sigmund Freud.
Sigmund Freud “Split” the definition of the human being into three parts.  Sigmund Freud was Jewish.  Before he died he said that he had much more writings that he had wanted to publish.
The three “splits” of the personality are:
Id- from the word it. Meaning self.
Ego- meaning a self that is distinct from that of another self.
SUPEREGO is defined as being “partly conscious and represents internalization of parental conscious and rules of society and functions to reward and punish through a sense of moral attitudes, conscience and sense of guilt!” 
With regard to the Satanic like Hitler and others, their ego does not belong to themselves!
Another interesting point is that Adolph was born Catholic.  Even though he said that he had mixed religious views he indeed had Catholic Cardinals right there with him in Nazi Germany in his war room.
But what happened post WWII in Germany and the U.S. was the legitimization of Schizophrenia, literally the term was created by Freud and means Split Personality.  So indeed Freud has left us with a structure of personality analysis that both defines the personality as being a split. And also defines certain people as having split personalities.  Split is what happens when someone wants to increase yield, like Jesus Christ, another Jew, did with the loaves and fishes?  And who needs to split the mind of someone else?  A wanna be who is satanic?  Or more importantly someone that is lacking in one of the components of Personality as defined by Freud?
And what was Hitler’s quest to find?  He wanted to find the Teutonic Race!  A race he believed to be super humans.  It doesn’t say much about yourself in comparison to other men when it is a race of men that you seek to find?  A man doesn’t seek to find other men to be like them.  A man tries to continually develop into being a better man.  So Adolph indeed defines himself as being less by comparison of what his desire to find is?  It is very similar to the belief in false idolatry in the Bible isn’t it?  Why did Hitler seek these men?  To be sodomized by them in the belief that he could be one himself.  The Germans were into Eugenics too.  But what is the greatest disaster of Eugenics the world has ever known?  It is indeed the influence of alcohol on conception and pregnancy.  More on this later.
He didn’t make it to Ireland, thank God!  But he was headed in that direction.  The angled land between Ireland provided a barricade?  Would Hitler have continued to Ireland had he concurred England?  No doubt he would have continued his search for men?
But if he had made it to Ireland he would have found out what?  The name Murphy is the name of an Irish Family.  The word means SUPERIOR!
The Murphy family sided with King James of England.  King James lost and the Murphy family lost their property in England because of it some immediately and some over a period of time.  The King James Version of the Bible is the version that most American Catholics use.  King James had it translated.  (I won’t get into why the Chinese hate the Bible in this article other than to say that they banned it.)
The Bible has a lot different story to tell about psychology than what the Jewish man Sigmund Freud cooked up for Hitler?  And how much could Freud himself have of his wits about him if he were a drug user himself- a self prescribed psychiatric drug user and advocate of Cocaine?  To liven the senses because you drink beer or were conceived as stated above under the influence of alcohol?
And if you were going to split someone’s mind you would choose someone with a one that means “Superior” wouldn’t you?  My name is Thomas Paul Murphy.  And I know that reads like I am writing a delusion of Grandeur but it is factual and does seem to fit with this article so I will let it stay J
Id = I.D.?
Ego to me sounds phonetically to be similar to He Go.  As in the good King “Went’s a Lot?” J Smiley face indicates intentional humor.
Ireland concurred Scotland.  And I don’t know how much of England that included.  The way that borders are drawn in history changes after wars.
But how many Braun’s are related to the family of Eva Braun of Nazi Germany.
So Jews bought Hitler’s paintings even when they had not sold the ones he first sold them?  So if the Jews bought them where are they today?  They wouldn’t have been destroyed the paintings of their own leader?  And if they did what does it really tell you about them?  That he wasn’t their leader but more of a pawn in a scheme of worldwide domination and wealth creation?
His niece was his mistress?  Did he feel that this might get him a sure foot in art collage?  And what else?  Did he promise the art teachers that they could have sex with her too?  Did he view her as a Goose that he could manipulate?
Perversion, voyeurism, sodomy, amphetamines?
He was in the fields and painting and his father almost strangled him to death when he found him there.  This is the kid that didn’t have high goals or the plan to achieve them everything was given to him?
And what does he do?  He goes into politics!!!!  He is just the same useless brat as every member of the Republican Party is today, and likely some of your wealth democrats too!  They have the exact same psychological personality profile as him!  I would swear that Adolph Hitler was from the United States.
Oddly enough his father’s name was Schnickelbrouber? (wrong spelling)              It was changed to Hitler much the same way an American actor changes his name too isn’t it?  What is Tom Cruises real name?  And look at his activity with scientology in terms of his mannerisms?  Also the personality motivation as to why someone becomes an actor.  I seem to remember my father saying something about the name Schnickelgruber (wrong spelling) with regard to one serving in the U.S. Army with him during WWII.
And were those really Nazi German scientists the U.S. brought back to the U.S. post WWII or were they U.S. operatives in Germany all along?  George Bush senior looked like one of them that I saw in a documentary narrated by Roger Moore.  He played the character James Bond.  Oddly enough James Bond worked for her majesties Secret Service.  England’s literary desire to determine why it was bombed in WWII or the Author Ian Flemings writing of the clues from his insight?  Supposition and speculation by me.
Ego the self a contrasted definition as being separate and distinguished from a another self in the world?  The average normal person knows they are separate and distinguished so why is this relevant.  The relevance is in the rhetoric of the definition isn’t it!  We each have our own unique individual names don’t we?  We don’t go calling ourselves by the names of other people?  No one has to keep telling us that our name is not Michael Jordan do they?  Oddly enough that German pharmaceutical psychiatric manual defines those who believe themselves to be like Jesus Christ as mentally ill whereas those who believe themselves to be like Michael Jordan?  Well that is the popular thing to do in the American culture!  To believe yourself to be like someone else and buy their logo apparel.  ~ Just not that of Jesus Christ right?  You can be a Jesus Freak but not a Michael Jordan freak?  And what kind of freak was Adolph Hitler?  He was a Teutonic race freak wasn’t he?  And the poor thing didn’t even know what one was?  What does that tell us of Nazi Germany?  For some reason there was not one person for Adolph Hitler to idolize.  Had he already flopped with them all in the homeless shelter’s?  They would be the equivalent of what the YMCA used to be in Milwaukee wouldn’t they?  The Young Men’s Christian Association.  And that is where the Gay’s flopped together just like Adolph Hitler must have in Nazi Germany?
Ego the self as contrasted to another self in the world?  It is relaying sadness already isn’t it?
1.       The Satanic have no self.  This we know from that King James Bible.
2.       A motive and means to demonize others to create a belief in one’s own self?  I.e. To attain your own self, like a griffin you demonize a person for its self in order to split it into its three components?  To fragment that self?  Do you believe that a self cannot be fragmented and shared by other people?  Barrack Obama has already proven positive to the United States that it can.  The United States tortured and attained evidence from that torture.  The evidence was true but it could not be used in court.  Why not?  I am not sure that there is a law that say’s evidence can’t be used in court.  So why can’t it be used?  Because it was attained in the mind’s eye only of those who did the torturing.  The Department of Defense has also validated this concept as Remote Viewing.  Seeing the mind’s eye only of evidence.
Next paragraph vague and relates to another article that I wrote.  Ego phonetic origin He Go.  Compare to “I am you”  “I am you man.”  “I am human.”  False idolatry belief.  Recently negated by concept of Irish being able to date their lineage to the time of Adam.
Everyone that you see on American television today operate on the principal of deriving their ego from someone else.  Not only that every one of them lacks a SUPEREGO!
I have not given you the definition of SUPEREGO yet.  But here it is.  SUPEREGO is defined as being “partly conscious and represents internalization of parental conscious and rules of society and functions to reward and punish through a sense of moral attitudes, conscience and sense of guilt!”  I am now going back in time and inserting this definition in this article where it was not previously.  So disregard three sentences ago.
Honest to God!  Comedians and political commentators lack this 1/3 part of their human soul!!! And the other 1/3 defined as Ego is not theirs!
Back to what Hitler was searching for?  Do you know what makes one human being Superior to another?  The Superior human being has a SUPEREGO AS DEFINED AS ABOVE!
Genocidal spoiled brat flop house homo had none of those Superego properties.
Okay now you know I have written a lot about Tesla and his particle beam.  He was with the in crowd of rich socialites in New England.  He was a drinker.  That was also the heart of the Eugenics movement which was also at the core of Nazi Germany.  And psychiatry was indeed a part of that Eugenics movement.  Marconi, an Axis Nazi from Italy, was one who reverse engineered the work of Niels Boor who killed himself with the particle beam?  Marconi bragged to the Pope that he could control the force of God.  Marconi is credited with the modern radio.  I am not going into biblical history as to the division between Acapella singing, which means without musical instrument and those who added instruments to augment their singing in this article.
But what was the modern cathode ray based television?  It came into being at or near the end of WWII or in that same era????  It projected radiation into the rooms of people who were viewing it!  Did that radiation displace the electrical synapses of the who watched it?  Was the Cathode Ray based television an adaptation of the Tesla particle beam weapon?  Do you remember watching the cathode ray television and becoming glued to it like you were in a trance and could not get out of your chair?  Do you remember looking around the room at your friend’s house while you were watching cathode ray television and seeing that their eyes were all glazed over?  I sure do!  I remember looking around and seeing just that.  Glued to the tube was the phrase to describe it!!!  And it was indeed hard to get up to go to the bathroom wasn’t it?  Much harder than with an LED based television!!!  And that cathode ray did indeed cause eyestrain from the radiation affecting vision!  So you sat in a trance and watched while your vision was at the same time being impaired.  And if you vision was being impaired what were you thinking while you were watching?  What were you thinking while that radiation was displacing the electrical synapses that formed the basis of human thought?  It was more along the lines of the fact that you weren’t thinking at all right?   A washing away of your thoughts while you sat there like an idiot getting fat, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes?  And now only now do you complain of all the diseases that were marketed to you on television.  But you are so washed away stupid from it already you don’t can’t put two and two together to form the cause.  And it is debatable if you ever formed your own SUPEREGO because of this???
But it gets better.  Did you ever find yourself sitting in front of that Cathode Ray television and believing in a thought you knew wasn’t true and inconsistent with your own thinking.  And ask yourself, “Why was I believing that?”  “That was odd?”  Your thought was consistent with what the person on television was saying might be also thinking?  But you caught it?  And I am talking in a more pronounced and overt manner or circumstance or situation that just listening to a car salesman talk for too long and just giving in to the higher price.
And who controls the television media in the world?  Jews do.  That television came about at the end of WWII too didn’t it?  Marconi an Axis Italian Nazi? When did he die?  How come he wasn’t executed like Nazi War criminals?  (I have to check the facts more on this.)
Was Hitler actually intelligent or was his intelligence based on making other people scared and driving their souls from them. (Consistent with Voyeur sodomy theory.)
With regard to his teachers they said he was, (need actual quote here)
That means he was spoiled, inflexible, unable to face the frustration of actually learning for himself.  He lived his life in the dream world of spoiled bratitude without ever being knocked from it and developing his own Ego or Superego?
It could all have meant by contrast that he just knew what was being taught wasn’t true?  How see A. below.
But what more likely is the case is that he believed himself to be, in delusion, the type of person that actually does know when something being taught isn’t true because they have a very strong Superego?  Whose Superego or Ego did Adolph glean from?  To be this he either had to not have his own ego and that of other people? (Consistent with Voyeur/sodomy theory.)
A.      From above.  Children with their own SUPEREGO actually know when something being taught isn’t true because they have a strong SUPEREGO.  Here Freud snuck in the term of the definition so that it contrasted the meaning.  It is like knowing at a young age not to drink water from a certain fountain or that cigarettes are bad for you even though everyone else likes to believe that they aren’t.  Do you know how hard it was to convince a smoker cigarettes were bad for them in that era?  The Superego is strong common sense derived from a human trait of caring for others.  It comes from having loving and caring human parents.  In contrast to a beer drinking father that beat the h311 out of you.  In that respect it isn’t something that can ever be stolen.  It can be displaced from one person and thereby stolen from them but it cannot be possessed by the person that displaced it from them.  Why not?  But it is the exact opposite nature of that of a thief.

Now why did Sigmund Freud the Jewish father of modern psychiatry split the human personality into three distinct parts?  He saw exactly which parts in people were lacking!  Plain as day he recognized that in people and maybe even in himself?  Adolph Hitler lacked his own Ego and Superego.
Do I need to say how when I was a boy I had two different Jewish neighbors that liked to scare me and a Jewish friend that tried to get me to commit a homosexual act with him and his friend.
Let me be clear what makes a person fit this archetype of not being their own ego or superego is not what defines them to be Jewish unless that is how the Jews accept people like this into their religion?  This lack of own ego and superego would seem to be a cognitive development disability initially independent of religion?  And too, part of the dark leadership of individual religions?

Germany was and is a big alcohol drinking country.  Alcohol is a poison that causes birth defects.  The most subtle birth defects being those that affect a person first upon exposure-poison influence –oxygen deprivation to brain during conception and development in the womb? Right?  You drink alcohol and it doesn’t curl up your hand into your elbow.  The first thing that it affects is your brain!  And the next day your eyes are like slits and your mouth looks like a pursed sucking monkey hole from the hangover!  The effects are temporary but some people are actually born this way and it is called Down’s syndrome or mental retardation with mongoloid facial features indicative of mental retardation.  Well it isn’t called that but that is how I am describing these unknown causes to have the cause because the effect is similar.

But again it takes very little alcohol to deprive a drinking person of brain oxygen and make them delusional and therefore happy!  What separates man from beast is the development of higher brain function that is responsible for the features represented in Freud’s description of the SUPEREGO.  Hitler was born that way!  And spoiled all his life.

Interestingly they say the first thing to go when a person ages is the memory.  The memory does indeed form the basis for the SUPEREGO.  Can you imagine how quickly your memory would go if you did not have your own SUPEREGO?  Can you imagine how you would base all the decisions that you made in life if you did not have your own SUPEREGO?  It would be a horror of existence wouldn’t it?

Spoiled people run out of money because:
1.       Never learned the skills to make it.
2.       Don’t understand the importance of being able to achieve in order to earn it.  Why they need to raise a family?
So what does this type of person resort to?  They live off the thoughts and ideas of both the ego and Superego of other people.  Here the Bible lends a little bit of the concept of what happens in absence to the physical proximity of the ego they are living off of, “And those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth.”  Again, so what does this type of person resort to?  They live of both the superego and ego of others.  And the way that they do that is to split those personality parts away from those other people.  They actually have the spoiled delusion that they are other people but they keep it a secret all their lives; unless they are able to form a support group.  And what is the nature of such support groups?  ~demonology.
They don’t hear voices in their head they think the thoughts another person is thinking at the same time that they are.
And as I outlined the other day it leads to a (Regurgitate Thought Translation Unknown to the Origin Thinker) type of economy.  Or something like that wording.
Adolph Hitler might have viewed industrial machinery processes and this translated into lining up and exterminating Jews in a methodical manner to him, in his own goose mind?
I believe the Cathode Ray Tube went away because some devices such as “The Cornucopia” came into existence.
And this archetype of not having your own ego or superego is highly present in the Catholic Faith and it is mal interpreted or rather how the Bible exposes?  The Bible exposing a mal-interpretation of Religious belief?  It is the pagan belief in having a sacrifice who dies or died for you.  That belief is indeed valid evidence of the lack of having one’s own Superego!!  The belief that you are to lead the life others started and lead for you after they are destroyed is also present in the Bible is expose form.
I am Catholic in that I believe in Jesus Christ and his strong Superego! He was a true Jew.  I don’t believe in Catholic principles that mimic pagan behavior.  And I don’t know what the Jews believed in other than the fact that Judaism split into Catholicism and the Jewish Religion because some believed in the Jewish Rabbi Jesus Christ?  His beliefs were a great threat to the Unholy Roman Empire.  Those Jews who did believe in Jesus Christ were killed by an Oriental/Asian named Saul/Paul who then founded the Catholic faith.  Saul doesn’t make sense but I have explained why in other articles.
When you drink alcohol as an adult or near adult you do recover from the oxygen deprivation because you have already developed and have a good 12 years of education to “snap back to”  Babies in the womb cannot recover from that brain damage!
The Irish can trace their lineage back to Adam.  And and Eve were both.
1.       Jews.
2.       The first human beings.
3.       What was there before them?  That which had the wife and mother that was a screech owl?  Oddly enough Adolph Hitler described his own sisters as birds too- stupid geese.

What did German America figure out how to do in order to hide their cognitive deficit? 
1.       Steal the life of a man and put it in the son of a screech owl of a woman?  A screech owl metaphor of a child being the equivalent of a griffin on a German Castle or Catholic Church?
2.       Then medicate the man as a form of political censorship?
3.       Make money from the sale of Alcohol.  Defeat prohibition?  Hard to prove manipulation of stock prices on the Dutch/German based New York Stock Exchange?
4.       Victimize the Irish?
A.      Sexual molestation
B.      Genocide.  England is essentially a German Monarchy?  Why do you think they call all the Queens Duchesses?

Hitler destroyed England and Poland and the Jews because they were like him?  He also managed to leave Germany and Japan in ruins.
His source of anti-Semitism was his own self hatred for being a Jew?  And not all Jews are Egoless or Superego less. We know that because some have had their minds split too to the benefit of the Superego less and Egoless.  I only use the term Jew as it is the relevant term in history and the Bible.  The archetype of the bad person is what is defined in the text here.
And some Jews do indeed know this is true just like a woman keeps money in her bra and won’t admit it.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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