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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Give Wikileaks Founder a Cabinet Position 06 06 2013

Give Wikileaks Founder a Cabinet Position 06 06 2013

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning
I do not believe that any of our political leaders have had the personal integrity that would allow them to guard any secrets from the American Public.  I have not seen any from the Political brood, in my lifetime, that I would entrust to keep secrets from the American Public because they would claim it to be in the best interest of the American Public.  I do not believe a single one of them is intelligent enough with regard to all human rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in our Constitution to be entrusted to keep secrets from us.  In fact I believe that it should be an amendment to the United States Constitution that our Government is not allowed to keep ANY secrets from the American Public.  We don’t want or need Presidents or political leaders who believe that they can perform machinations and then pull a proverbial rabbit out of a hat to the benefit of the American public.  The American public has a better idea of what the true human nature is of someone that has sought political power in the United States as well as the rest of the world.  Can I prove that every secret that has been kept from the American public has lead to War?  That would be very easy to do!  Keeping secrets from the American public has legitimized organized crime as a form of Government?
Perhaps men like Pfc. Bradley Manning were the American Uniform better than the last dozen commanders in chief have.  This man should not be on trial.  He should be pardoned by Barrack Obama and given a job for our country officially disseminating all of the secrets that have been kept from the American public.  And when you read who knew what and who was responsible for making decisions that have affected your personal health your blood will become irate.  It is not too hard to tell who has made all the bad decisions for us.  But when you break it down into line items of knowledge of what was known and not acted properly upon it is a completely different case.

Tell me, honestly tell me, if you don't feel safer because men like Pfc. Bradley Manning are around!!!!  You should!

I take all of this back.  I just read the article that prompted me to start writing this.  It appears that he might have disseminated battlefield plans that aided the enemy.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute?  I have written about this before.  And I am making the assertion that Battlefield plans such as what Pfc. Bradley had access to are often used to create friendly fire to kill our own United States soilder's by operatives of the Communist mindset in our Military at the highest levels!!!!!  The Communist mindset if far different from the American mindset.  The communist mindset is one of Satan.  Whereby the Satanic all live off the communal mind of someone that the pagans have demonized and tortured so that their fur ears could hear their thoughts.  So how do we get the Communist mindset in America when those who have it have no apparent ties to communism?  We have had it since the Nazi party and Eugenics came to power before WWII.  Essentially these children are raised to be psychotic by the equivalent of German Witches.  The Communist mindset is a psychotic mindset hell bent on killing any human being capable of their own independent thinking and thought.  The American mind is the anathema to any of the Communist mindset anywhere in the entire world, including America.  What is the term used to describe someone who has become a communal mind to the Communist mindset in the United States?  They are labeled Schizophrenic.  There are quite a few Americans that would find themselves much happier in a Communist country because they do not have the American mind.  And some of them are just the opposite of who you would think they would be.  The world would be a lot safer place if they had never had influence on American Government.

To give some the benefit of the doubt I also believe that the Communist mindset is a Developmental Brain Development Birth Defect.  And the potential causes of it have increased dramatically because it has come into power over the last 6 decades.  The Communal mind does not have the capacity to think of the greater good and the greater good is one of the principles the United States was founded upon!

I think Bradley knew all to well that battlefield plans were being used to kill American Soldiers.  So in effect Bradley cannot be said to be aiding the enemy but rather the United States instead.  Of course I have never met him, so what I am speaking of could be just the opposite!  He might indeed be part of a force that wanted to kill American Soldiers with friendly fire.  And the Department of Defense does have the technology to create Depression, the cause of suicide, in soldiers on the Battlefield.  It has to do with the ability to broadcast signals to the brain the person is not aware with along with human empathy that they person has.  And the construct is emulated by have someone that is miserable and depressed broadcast those signals.  It works with technology the same way that when you have a friend that is depressed and near you it tends to rub off on you a little bit and you are not even aware of why you, who are generally a very happy and well adjusted person, are sad for no reason!  In a word it is outright murder of red blooded Americans by those of the Communist mind who look exactly like the quintessential American.

Say to yourself, "This isn't me who is sad, this is some baby of a shadow person that never emotionally matured and was raised to be psychotic."

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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It is kind of like how when you were a kid and friends with either a bad kid or a sissy out of necessity it would rub off on you.  You could tell the bad kid was negatively influencing you and had to cut them off because of it and you could tell the sissy could not hold its own and was often just as mean as the bad kid because it is looking to climb over you.  The sissy can't hold its own and almost a matter of fate you end up in trouble because of your affiliation to them.  I don't know, something flaky, dumb and weak about them.

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