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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bulging Discs Dry Eyes Constipation Dogs and Vitamin C 06 23 2013

Bulging Discs Dry Eyes Constipation Dogs and Vitamin C 06 23 2013
I have found that if it is good for hemorrhoids that it is also good for a bulging disk in your back.  The reason being that it is inflammation in the same proximity of the body.

I have suffered many bouts of dry eye’s at night.  And the only thing that ever helped me to alleviate the symptoms was a mega dose of Vitamin C.  It did a better job than anything else.

Basically your eye is a soft tissue with form just like the disks in your back. 
I had dry eye’s this summer again and I went ahead and took the mega dose of Vitamin C.  I was very surprised when I realized that not only did it relieve the dry eye syndrome but it also relieved the pressure from the bulging disk in my back.

 I believe that it has something to with increasing the permeability of this type of fluid tissue holding membrane.  So that it “breathes” better with the metabolism of the body and the pressure is relieved.

I believe I read once that humans and dogs are the only mammals that do not have the ability to synthesize their own Vitamin C.   I also remember something about Vitamin C lessening the effects of radiation.

The whole of the German race seems to have a very dog like or wolf like gestalt to their facial features.  And I am German.  The majority of Jews today are Ashkenazim Jews which essentially means German.

The point being that Vitamin C has helped me with what I consider to be two significant health conditions.  One of the side effects can be fecal incontinence.  But what you are going to find out is that if you increase your intake of Vitamin C one of the health benefits you are likely to first see on that gradient scale to incontinence is increased regularity.  Increased regularity means that you are indeed making your metabolism work faster and eliminating waste from your body.  This in turn means that you are accumulating less toxic fat.

The German submarine navy got the nickname wolf pack from their ability to hunt and destroy allied ships.  Some people indeed have bumper stickers that read, “Unless you are the lead dog the view is always the same.”  Why do I mention any of this?  It has to do with those who blindly follow others and maybe even the presence of vestigial strands of Wolf DNA in our human DNA.  I believe this to be a more common type of group behavior phenomenon than most people realize.

But the point being that because we cannot synthesize our own Vitamin C it could very well be one of the main causes of human dysfunction and maladaptive psychologies in behavior.

Domesticated Dogs and the Strep Virus.

The New Pope Francis mentioned Dogs and how they should not live with humans.  My father had the exact same point of view.  And he did indeed have a dog when he was a boy.  A Beagle that someone poisoned.  He believed that you could have one but that it could not be kept inside the house with you and your children.

Which gets me to the next point.  How do you domesticate dogs so that they are safe to have around humans?  How do you make them docile?  How do you take that savage beast nature out of them?  How do you breed a dog in the early days of domesticating dogs?  Do you weaken its will be feeding it viral water?  Water that has the strep virus in it?  I can tell you that I have not gotten the slobber from one dogs mouth onto my hands without recognizing the smell of the strep virus on it.  I have smelled that same strep virus in the sweet from people’s bodies too!

And it wasn’t too long ago that the medical community determined that many people do have a low grade resident strep virus present in their bodies.  What they say is that those people have adapted to it and it doesn’t influence them in any way.  This indeed is not true.  I can tell you what the exact symptoms of the resident strep virus are and I don’t need to state any more than to say it is a foggy head and one not being able to pay attention to their level of potential.  I also believe that it might be the source of a psychological mal adaptation in many people.

The Ratter.  Most poodles were indeed bred to be ratters.  What does that mean?  It means that poodle likes to hunt and dig for and gnaw on rats and mice and other vermin.  The Indians feared the mouse based hantavirus so much that if a mouse ran through their tepee they would burn everything in it and the tepee too!  So an active ratter poodle does have mouse dna in its jowls in my humble opinion but is it indeed in the breed from the day it was born?  My mother was never the same after a neighbor’s poodle bit her in the leg.  It bothered me from day one and I was little boy at the time.  A animal that was born a ratter to have the mouse and vermin germs in the plague of its teeth!  Am I making a point that you can understand?

What do we know about virus’s?  ~ That they are tiny bits of animal DNA that can lock onto our own DNA.  It was originally believed that the AIDES virus originated when a human being was raped by a monkey.

The question then becomes what purpose does the lack of Vitamin C have for the human being?  Why are we that way?  And the answer would indeed seem to come from a recent scientific find that stated we did not come from apes but instead wolves.  Who is to say if it was wolves then apes etc.  The point is that the fact was stated.  Then one has to ask the question what purpose does the lack of vitamin C have in terms of wolf survival?  They are pack hunters that take their cues from the lead dog?  So indeed the reason they are this way is because the lack of the ability to synthesize their own DNA makes them more susceptible to resident metabolism virus’s like the Strep Streptococcus  Virus.  And the resident Strep Virus therefore makes them more likely to be followers than leaders?  For example if you have a pack of wolves that have a virus impacting their brain metabolism they are going to take their cues from the actions of the most successful or biggest of the breed?

I have also believe that dry eyes lead to the eye condition called Glaucoma.  It is increased eye pressure to the point where the optic nerve is forced out the back of the eye and the person goes blind.  Have you ever heard the term, “The blind leading the blind?”  That is the opinion Jesus Christ had of many people.  And indeed the Romans were breeders.

If you have the resident strep virus and you are able to rid your body of it you will never believe how healthy and mentally alert you will become.  It is like you have been reborn.  Most people today live a live where the alcohol that they drink negates most of the memories from higher learning.  And a person who lives in terms of making the next day as difficult as that would never realize how healthy they could really become.  And when you able to free yourself from the trappings of an imposed culture that is imposed upon you in the name of money you realize the greater implications of all decisions that affect our civilization.

Mega doses of vitamin C draw water into the colon.  But one has to ask themselves how the permeability of the colon is increased through the use of Vitamin C.  But the better question than that is what dose Vitamin C unblock in terms of permeability of the Colon, the Eye ball and the discs in the back.  One could even state that it flushes these semi hard structures of the toxins inside of them?  And maybe that it is the toxins trapped inside the cell membranes that decrease the permeability of such cells?  Vitamin C is indeed present in many fresh fruits.  But what do we know about viruses?  That they do indeed lock onto the surfaces of cells~ receptors?  So if all of your receptors are overloaded by resident virus’s your cell permeability is decreased and becomes something that swells and the pressure causes pain?

I am going to tell you how much I have taken in times of great distress.  Up to ten grams a day!  And I am not the first one who believed in the mega dose of Vitamin C!   I have also taken mega doses of Vitamin C to knock out colds very quickly.  But I am very particular in the brands and types of Vitamin C that I take.

I like Super C Ascorbates Powder from Twinlab

I like Rainbow Light 1000 milligram Vitamin C pills.

And I like Vitacost 1000 milligram Vitamin C pills.  I believe that the ones I buy from this company have rose hips in them.

This is what I do.  And I do not do it very often.  I only write about it today because of the miraculous affect it has had on the bulging disc in my back concurrent with administration for Dry Eyes.  And indeed found that I had to hypothesize why.

There is another issue with regard to human health and dogs that I wanted to mention but it is buried in a stack of papers somewhere likely to someday be disposed of.

But if you think about it would the human race have evolved if some of us did not become docile so that we did not challenge all who tried to teach us something.  Then there would seem to be a balance between those who can’t be taught at all because of being docile and those who are so aggressive that they too cannot be taught?  So the introspective question becomes who is the lead dog in your life and why?  And it doesn’t help that some people reach a certain age and they don’t want to think for themselves at all.  They want to live the coddled life of that which sleeps snuggled up in the brood?  Have you been led by a bad shepherd?  We all have!

I believe that they whole field of psychology could be reinvented based on the teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ and that it would be one of the most responsible things that could be done for humanity.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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