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Monday, June 3, 2013

There is a great difference between mental illness and mental retardation 06 03 2013

There is a great difference between mental illness and mental retardation 06 03 2013

The mentally retarded person never had the brain/mind flexibility to learn.  Sometimes a metabolic influence and indeed sometimes raised by a fertility occult.

Whereas the mentally ill often learned from loving parents through traditional parent/child bonding.  And what is the even greater difference?  The mentally ill often had a great series of skill sets that they had developed prior to...being victimized by the mentally retarded?

They should never be treated by the same types of Doctors because they are not the same!!!!  And the cause of one is fixed whereas the cause of the other isn't.

So if you lived in Rome and drank the lead wine you became as everyone else? "When in Rome do like the Romans."  Otherwise they crucify you?  For what?  Refusing to become mentally retarded like them or maintaining that drinking that or taking that "DRUG" isn't a good thing to do!!!!  Were seeing that ugly head again aren't we; the one that was born that way.

Just as their needs to be very clear recognition between the mentally retarded and those of great intelligence there also needs to be a limit on what someone of that first type of mental condition should be allowed to do in our society.  For example they should never be allowed to become, President, Governor or Even village mayors.  Why not?  Because their is an inherent meanness in the mentally retarded person that does not recognize human rights.

If you have ever heard the term, "No genius is free from the teachings of madness," it means that a parent does not know what to do with a mentally retarded child.  And hence the next German term comes into play,  "He who has no children raises many."

Do you get it?  That son of the German socialite drinker, who was either dyslexic or failed the third grade should have never been allowed to become President of the United States and torture human beings!

A Mentally Ill person often is ill because they can't get away from the mean mentally retarded people of our world.  "We don't suffer fools gladly."

Their is a biological cause for someone being born mentally retarded.  Just as a piece of rusted metal is pitted that mentally retarded person is pitted in terms of its potential.

And what is the difference between a mentally retarded person that cannot listen and learn and an animal?  That mentally retarded person is far more dangerous.  And what gives them confidence to be more dangerous?  Alcohol.  How many adults did we see where not even as smart as a fifth grader in the United States?  So how can you be a parent at home when you do not even still have the knowledge that the child is learning in school.  Poor memory or knowledge and skills abandoned with alcohol?  Why even go to school at all if you are going to drink to forget? How much money have we wasted on bottlemutts?   Those voices are not from your own mind they are from those that do not have their own mind trying to displace your mind from you so that they don't have to listen to your thoughts anymore.  Their is a criminal element in our society.  It is the quiet mind that is relaxed because it has abused all that challenge it.  The quiet mind waits like a cat waits in a tree.  The quiet mind waits to destroy the legitimate mind of a person who was the leader of their mental school of thought.  Why do you think people start hearing voices when they graduate from high school or college?  That quiet mind is trying to free itself from being bound to the thoughts of the mind that taught it everything.  The quiet mind does not imprint itself or its children through love and caring.  It is just the opposite; it finds an intelligent person to imprint itself by causing it to have much pain.  It hears that pain like a mother cow can hear her calf crying beyond the distance that audio signals can travel.  I don't even know if you broke the chain of the bad father to the newborn son if the newborn son would grow up to be a good person? It only happens if he has a father who cared about him.  You can't choose your father as the German saying implies you can.   The book of Matthew in the Bible also implies that you can choose your own father.  "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."  More depth to that statement made in a time of roaming lead wine mentally retarded Romans?

You hear a politician yelling to get a job when their aren't enough.  You hear them say they will create jobs but they themselves can't.  And what kind of water do you drink, "BUSINESS WATER."

Go drink the "BUSINESS WATER."  You will be sure to have a mentally retarded child.  But your father for some reason could not even tell you the difference between good and bad water.  Animals are smarter than that.  Except for fish, they cannot escape bad water.  Think about it.  Think some more.  Think again.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS Should Georg Bush have been taken away from his father and mother at a young age?  And do socialites take give their sons the same first name in order to continue to live on the wealth stream of the father?  Maybe it should be a law that a father cannot give his son his own same first name.  It has to be something different.  It is important that we are able to draw distinctions between two people so that we can learn.  And indeed despite what some would want to teach you in school in order to not offend anyone else, "We do learn by comparison!"  Mental retard versus victims of one?  Big difference.  Those who have the same name don't want you to  learn by comparison do they?  When you see two things that look very alike that is when you need to apply the skills of Comparison Learning even more!  What makes something different is often more profound than what makes it the same or labeled to be the same.

Isn't an adult hiding behind a child what they did in Nazi Germany?  And there was a little of that going on on both sides?

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