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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Inventions Needed White Sacks to hold a gallon of water in a plastic bottle in 06 20 2013

Inventions Needed White Sacks to hold a gallon of water in a plastic bottle in 06 20 2013

Purpose:  So that sunlight cannot penetrate through the bag and leech the plastic chemicals into the water.

Should be strong enough to hold a gallon of water by drawstrings around the top.

A plastic bottle with water inside should never be left in the sun.

The bag should block out all Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B etc, whatever the ultraviolet designations are today.

I know what you are thinking.  Why not just by one of those insulated double wall gallon sized plastic coolers?  Because they are awkward!    Often when you go to drink of one, no matter what the configuration of where you are to drink from you end up spilling.

So what is really needed is a Ultraviolet bag to hold the gallon of water in.  I would buy two for my boat.

They would have a drawstring around the top and maybe even elastic that snugs the circumference of the bag to the water bottle.  And with regard to water bottles I am speaking of one gallon bottles; sometimes the ones you purchase in the kitchen items section of a departments store and sometimes ones that are used for apple juice.  (not the thin walled milk jug, although such a bag should be made for them too because I buy them sometimes- the distilled water ones.


Not only that~ the plastic soda bottle makers should be required to make plastic bottles that one can put their hand in to clean it out with soap and water.  So the opening of a plastic bottle should never be of a narrower diameter than a cross section of the container.  This would require more plastic where the lid is located.  Part of the goal being that less plastic bottles are produced and end up to be an environmental nightmare.

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