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Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Inventions Needed 06 17 2013

1.  The publicly available hand crank bicycle pump to be located 10 feet from all public drinking fountains, (Bubblers.)  This would be one that runs on a centrifuge pump and has a hose and also allows the user to set the maximum tire pressure on the dial.  Whereby the user connects the pump to the valve and just pumps until the rate limiter is reached.  Pumping longer will do no good after that and nor will it explode the tire.  And of course users would be required to verify the results so that they do not overfill and blow up the tire right away or as it sits in the sun later on.

2.  There was another one too but the heckler who lives down the block distracted me right at the point when I was to type about it after I finished the line "Sun later on."  I believe that he has some German sounding last name and that his first name might be Andy.  Can you imagine being heckled and you are sitting in seclusion and typing in your own back yard in the once upon a time nice community of the Village of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin?

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