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Monday, June 17, 2013

Quote on Bradford Beach 06 17 2013

Bradford Beach 06 17 2013

"Most of the people you see at Bradford Beach should be confined to their homes."

As I think about it I think the same thing about people that ride Harley Davidson's.

And then I realize that the problem really requires a place to confine them all together.

Then back to Bradford Beach, where a lot of the cars have Illinois License plates.  Did they ever find the killer to the girl last summer.  I think of this as I think of the Smith Cruise episode from Dateline.  I know you don't get all the references to what I am writing but I don't care.

The final point being that Chicago Illinois would make a very excellent confinement community!

The best time to initiate martial law being Monday morning at 9:00 when all employees working in the district are present and accounted for.  Only food and water may cross the quarantine border.  That and more inmates, scratch that, Confinement Community members can enter but not leave.  Until they have shown signs of conforming to the spirit of the Constitution of the United States.  And I bet a lot of rural Illinois people agree with it too!

At one time Chicago put the homeless on the Amtrack to Milwaukee.  Would make a good theme for a movie wouldn't it?  Chicago Confinement?  All those smelly Harley's circling around on each other until they run out of gas and everyone in the city suffocates from the fumes meant for your children.

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