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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maybe if that is what you are your money is not worth the same as the rest of ours is 06 05 2013

Maybe if that is what you are your money is not worth the same as the rest of ours is 06 05 2013

You don't believe in fairness, freedom nor equality; but someone you have made it into the United States.  Anywhere in the world you do not do your own thinking.  You have a criminal record and a lifetime history of abusing other people.

Maybe if that is what you are your money is not worth the same as the rest of ours is?  You fall under different standard.

The other day I walked into a restaurant and I saw three thugs sitting there together.  They were greasy darker skin and unshaven.  And they were sizing me up.  They were either Russian, Slavic/Polish or Italian, middle eastern.  Most likely Russian.  My mind traced back to the story on Dateline where four Russian men raped at least one girl and murdered a groom aboard a cruise ship.  They had money to buy and shut everyone up and date rape drugs too.

I see this archetype of thugs far too often in Milwaukee.  I don't think that any of us should have to look at them.  (I have even seen Chinese and India Indian thugs, German and Irish too, Croatian also.)  No lady would ever want to look at thugs like that.  I want them all to leave the United States.  If you reach a certain adult age in life and you are still looking to cause trouble with human beings maybe we need to do something about you.

I don't think any of you should be allowed to manipulate and abuse the lives of the free!  I don't think any of you should be allowed to criminally find wives and sex.  None of you should be allowed to rape and buy your way out of it with money from previous gold tooth collecting genocides in Russia or Germany, England or the United States.  Your money is not as good as the rest of ours is even though someone thought that it could be converted.  You can't convert any of that foreign money fairly into U.S. Dollars that are based on a strict adherence to the spirit of the law in the Constitution.  But someone let you didn't they.  Someone just like you already in the United States?

So you have someone that rapes and commits murder and buys their way out of it with United States dollars.  The fines for such activities with regard to these types of people should be a lot higher because a person like that's money is not worth as much as the rest of ours is.  What is it?  Here might be a new law.  YOU HAVE DEFINED YOURSELF TO BE A CRIMINAL THEREFORE ALL OF YOUR MONEY CAN BE SAID TO BE CRIMINALLY ATTAINED AND THEREFORE NOT WORTH AS MUCH AS THE REST OF OURS IS.  But it is the same money isn't it?  But it doesn't belong to you because your life action is so horrific that it tells the rest of us that you never earned any money in your life.  The best thing that we could do is take that money away from you before you can commit another horrific crime with it and use it to buy your way out of?

So nobody likes me and my ideas and I continue writing anyhow! Why?  To me I feel that I am giving bad people a hell fire sermon that they desperately need and cannot avoid!  So if you think like me do the same with that motivation!!!

The satanic hate human thought more than anything else.  And the United States was the last bastion in the world that had respected it.

And if you used our U.S. money to buy drugs, drugs are known to be a danger to your health, maybe we take your money away so that you don't hurt yourself and others with it anymore? 

We can give you shelter and a three hot meals a day but you won't get any money to hurt yourself with anymore?  You cannot slowly kill yourself in the United States just as you cannot quickly kill yourself so we better take your money away so that you can't buy alcohol and cigarettes with it either!  Birth defects?  What actual human being on the planet earth would take or consume something known to cause birth defects?

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