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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quote on Primate Family 06 18 2013

Quote on Primate Family 06 18 2013

With mal intent the father pretends to work at an office job when the truth is that he does not know how to care for a son, doesn't wish to and will likely harm it.  So while the father is daydreaming that he is smarter and more important than me and actively trying to prove it to himself the mothers raise the child on the demonized soul of a man who thinks like a man instead of a beast from a tribe of beasts.  And the father who works at the office job with mal intent sees with the eye's of the other beasts out of the humans that they captured and KEPT in a Virtual Keep.

And it is against ever fiber the Constitution of the United States was written on.

Would it be a crime to put people in an environment where they can live within THEIR MEANS?

Oh let's see, that is a leper equivalent child, you had the option of aborting it but you didn't.  Hence it can be deemed that all that can be produced from you is a leper equivalent child; therefore both you and the Leper Equivalent Child will have to live within your means in a Leper Equivalent Colony.  (LEC for short)  

Honest to God you look on Television and say, "Isn't it a Jester Equivalent Economy without a King?"
So in order to avoid going to the LEC you might have to demonstrate actions that are the equivalent of what an adult hunter and protector might exhibit?  Might have to do with spacial reasoning!!!  SPACIAL REASONING!!!  The phrase resonates.  They failed the SPACIAL REASONING TEST.  So if you fail a spacial reasoning test you can indeed be labeled SPACIAL REASONING DEFICIENT.  or SRD.  And because Reasoning is one of those traits that separates man from beast you will have to go to a Spacially Reasoned Place.  Where you can live in harmony with all the other SRD within your means?

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