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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quote of the Day The Aides Virus is loss of Human Immunity 06 05 2013

Quote of the Day The Aides Virus is Loss of Human Immunity 06 05 2013

The Aides Virus is Loss of Human Immunity.

What does that essentially mean?  It means that every element of human immunity that was passed down to you from your biological parents is gone!

If you no longer have human immunity are you still a human?

So why weren't the initial people with Aides Quarantined to stop the spread of the stripping of human immunity?  Likely they were very rich or the sons and daughters of the rich.  In effect they bought the opinion FEMA or the Center of Disease Control though being in power and having money?

When you can buy an opinion withe regard to policies that affect the health of human beings in the land of the free what do you end up with?


Now as a play on words who would orchestrate such a crime?  Those who had no immunity to human thinking and human thoughts!  They could not develop an immunity to the thinking of other people and hence as retribution God has stripped them of Human Immunity?

The Lilith beast of the Bible literature was said to be involved in demonic sex.  The Jews feared her and went so far as to call her a screech owl in the Bible.  We should all fear her and her male offspring.

Have you seen white people that looked like they have evolved rather quickly, over a period of 5 years in their adult life to have the facial features of monkeys?  The Aides virus is a Virus.  It was thought at one time to be caused by beastiality or rape with a monkey.  Virus's can indeed change DNA.

What do we need to do with regard to every person with the Aides Virus?  We need to look at pictures of facial features before and after they contracted the Aides Virus.  There might be some  very telling changes.  Changes that would not be part of the normal aging process.

And what is the danger?  What happened in Rome?  Barbarians that got into power made the educated and good people drink lead wine.  Lead causes mental retardation.  So what would happen if that aides virus affected the cognitive human thinking of the people that have it?  What if they too had a stripping away of their ability to think like human beings?  Would not they pose the greatest threat to the worlds population of human beings?  Like the lead wine Romans they would not want to think that anyone was better than them so what would they do to the rest of us?  You could never imagine the horror that archetype of history has done to those whom it is jealous of!

And ask yourself if you want an autistic person to come into power in the United States like they did in Rome?  An autistic person that somehow developed keen verbal ability?  So how would a lesser species develop keen verbal ability?  Very simple they taunt someone in their German dungeon.

There are a lot of people who do not belong in the United States today.  And remember this if you are a criminal or criminal minded.  You think that the worse that can happen to you is that you will be evicted?  Not true.  What if you are evicted and no other country will accept you?  Your slow boat to China will either be going down or you will be enslaved.  Communism might indeed be the proper form of Government for those who do not have the capacity to think for themselves?  So they might accept you.  But do you know what you will say?

"We are not fine here."

The Criminal mind never believes that there is someone as evil as itself that doesn't like them.   Criminal pawns are gone.

The criminal mind does not think for itself.  It uses people to kill people that it doesn't like.  And then it kills the people that killed those people because it can't stand them either.  It is like a mind that changes polarity based on how it feels about its own self esteem.  And it has no true self.


The 21 Club.  They give you two doses of heroin in Chicago and the third is cut to kill you and look like an overdose?  The criminal mind would say that you found happiness.  They would say that they did you a favor by giving you something that made you happy.

Infant black mortality in Milwaukee?  Is this genocide too?  Is it concentrated around Marquette University?  Is it caused by griffin satanic real estate moguls using microwave based weapons to dehydrate the arteries and brains of infants through walls and from a distance?  And what is the plan once you capture all that real estate?  Milwaukee does indeed live on the shores of Lake Michigan.

I am sure that there are those who intend to make this some kind of wealthy resort city?  In contrast to fundamentals where you try and provide everyone a good education and a safe community?

Gambling should be illegal in all of the United States.  All those who profited from the operations should have their wealth taken away.

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