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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Catholic Faith 06 11 2103 Update #3

So the question is why would the Irish save the Catholic Faith by siding with King James who had the Bible translated into English, only so that Catholic Priests molested boys in record numbers?

The answer is that it was the English who victimized the Irish.  And likely there was an infiltration into the Catholic faith of bad people.

Most men that become priests and are successful are because they had no other hopes in life?  For the same reason that people join the military?

If the Irish fought to save the Bible

Need to research Williamite Wars.


Occurred in 1600's

This King James believed in Religous Freedom for people of England and also Political Self Government.

So we have a contrast of intent:

Belief in Jesus Christ as a matter of learning a great religious philosophy versus the Druid belief system of religion as a matter to attain money, power, control, dictatorship?

So King James had the Bible translated and found out that it was the greatest book in terms of exposing the evils of English Occult and witchcraft ie Satan????  King James being a King who did not want the people of Ireland, England and Scottland to believe that rulers and Kings were Gods?

Much of the same types of beliefs that I have had.

So in order to defeat what the Bible means and how it is taught the worldwide Satanic needed to infiltrate the religion, change the belief system, change what is PRACTICED.

China has already banned the Bible because it exposes such evil leadership and bad shepherds.

Jews and the Bible is a tricky subject because their was a great division among them in terms of belief.  Some indeed had him killed, "Because he knows what we do."  Implying bad shepherds create the mentally retarded by offering them lead spiked wine?

But on the other hand Jesus himself was a Jew.

Was there also a great division between American Jews and German Jews at the time of WWII that we don't know about.  And what is the Jewish gene, the Ashkenazim gene?  You would swear that every German would have that same gene.  So what is the expression or physical trait of that gene or lack of that gene, or mutation of that gene?

Genes are there for a reason.  Some people have curly hair and that is caused by a gene.  I learned this in High School biology class.  The students were asked to complete a survey about themselves regarding such physical traits.  So what?????

What am I getting at?  Why did England have a problem with Religious freedom?  Because when people have religious freedom they don't have to believe in people like, George Bush, Scott Walker, the Queen of England etc.  And without people being forced to believe in such people they are no longer able to commit acts of atrocity. People should belief in what makes sense to themselves and the future of humanity and not some meglomaniac madmen right?

But more to the point, if you aren't forced to believe in someone mabye you rather quickly find out that there is nothing at all worth believing about them. (I will cut taxes?)  What type of a belief is that?
So the goal being to infiltrate the Catholic Church so that you can end the religious belief that exposes the Satanic?  And when no one knows what it means you control the whole world?  But why?  You selfish animal bastards already have control and are ruining faster than anything?  You want to control the world so that as people are dying in mass you have an imprisoned food source for your beast self?

The first step to Satanic world order would be to bring down that which brought your evil race so much trouble in world history.  And that the belief in the pariah of the Jewish Community Jesus Christ? 

You can't let your children be raised to be dependent minded unless you can kill that person or turn off that mind with drugs can you?  And that is the nature of Satan in the United States and the world.  The thing that makes the Satanic so happy is to hope and pray for the death of the person that they themselves demonized.

Back to the quote from yesterday, "You would torture someone in order to figure out what it means to be a human being."  That is what you are.  You're children don't learn through love they learn through hatred and that is the only expression that they can CREATE in the world.

All child molesters and those who abused power such as in our military and law enforcement to sexually abuse other people should be executed.  That is not the nature of a human being to commit those acts of sexual assault, that is the nature of something that can't stand human beings.  Something that loathes human beings just as the Devil Loathed Jesus Christ.  We get that evil out of the way of humanity and we can create a world of free clean and renewable energy.

What causes the Satanic to exist in the first place; likely to be the belief in alcohol. The Belief in Alcohol would seem to be a good way to define whether a religion is not a religion but paganism.  And if a Pagan becomes a pagan because of bad infiltration into the Catholic Church it does not mean that paganism is a valid religion.  It is the principle of two criminals are two criminals and not one is and the other isn't or both aren't for some obscure reasoning (meaning lie).

Those that fought for religious freedom and independent rule were on the Jacobite side.  I always liked the name Jacob.

Did anyone ever do a study on how much alcohol you have to give a married couple before their child is born about with the same mental capacity as an ape.  And what if that ape learned to talk by dragging a human being away from the rest of us like was the act of Druidism.  And what if that ape that learned to talk became a leader of a Country.  What if that ape grew up in a wealthy family and had everything that it wanted.  But then it couldn't live and earn at the standard of its parents.  What would that ape do?  His predicament would be someone else's fault and he would seek to drag away more and more human beings; ones that would not know of his nature because the Bible was banned because of so many Ape molestations of human beings in the Catholic Church and others?
And what if that ape was never recognized for what it was and indeed became the majority of the earths population?  We would be at a loss to do anything about it.  But lets see, what would the first signs of it be in a community that would reveal its true nature?

Oddly enough there was a human that was raised by apes in Africa.  They tried to domesticate it and put it with the other children.  But it was said that it "Couldn't keep its hands to itself," and they implied they did away with it.  Football season is just around the corner.  I can't help forget what that one commentator said about what is going on at the bottom of the pile when the ball is fumbled.  And those are indeed the highest paid jobs in the United States today aren't they?  And our current Catholic faith seemed to support and promote professional sports don't they.  Easy right, someone else does your thinking for you, someone at the bottom of life's pile and you grow big and strong don't you. The animal mind doesn't expend a lot of effort doing its own human thinking does it; why not?  It doesn't have the ability to!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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And oddly enough if you are the son of a Lutheran minister and you seek political power such as the President of the United States or Governor isn't that also an act that tries to narrow the separation of Church and State? Church and State.  A whole nother topic.  And it should be that good relegious beliefs are consistent with public office rather than a person believing themself to be worshiped as leader and all who don't are executed.  And also not a belief whereby false positions on topics that are not backed up by well thought out logic are allowed to enter the area of public discussion and opinion.  You say it should be this way but won't allow anyone else to be heard or ask you a question for you to explain?  Here we have an instance of the Church trying to be the State!  When a Church is really a pagan religion it should not be allowed Charitable Status.  Let's see and how many instances of abuse do we need to put up with before we discipline?  Bernie Madoff and Catholic Priests sexual molesting, the Protestant Church really being contrary to the beliefs of the United States.  Even wiccanism being allowed charitable status.  Sure you can worship what ever you want.  But you can't expect to commit crimes and have the United States Taxpayer foot the bill for them!  That destroys Government and democracy doesn't it.  These are my principals of my religion.  If I or an agent of my religion breaks the law my religion is no longer a valid religion is it that can have tax exempt status.  We didn't give you tax exempt status to commit crimes we gave it to you in GOOD FAITH!  GOOD FAITH is a good Catholic belief.  It is not something that you are granted and then abuse is it?  What kind fathers did you have anyway?  Lets see a man proposes to start a new religion and he says, "My belief is to molest young children of good parents in order to steal their futures and I also want to bankrupt the United States Government."
"Oh sure, that sounds good to me.  Here give me the pen I'll sign that right away.  Is there anything else that I can do for you?  A cup of Tea perhaps?"

Lets see.

"We say that you have to agree not to do those two things before we grant you charitable status."
"Can't we be grandfathered in?"
"No you have to start over again. And this time you have to say that if you commit such crimes such people will be executed as a matter of your religion?"
"What?  I don't agree to that?  That's not part of the United States Constitution!"
"You proposes a lower standard so we are demanding that you uphold a higher standard than previously stated to prevent abuse to our Democracy."
"How is that fair."
"That's it you pushed us a little to far their.  You must leave our country immediatly!"
"I won't go.  I won't go.  I am going to have some Tea instead!! I am going to have some Tea."
"You should really let the world know what you have been up to.  So that you can see if there is a country on earth that will accept you as a citizen.  So you should say what you did and see if you will be accepted."
"Well you claim to be such a value to the United States democracy I am sure there is a country that would be very happy to accept you on that basis."
"But you don't believe that and haven't said good things about me.  It won't be easy because of what you said."
"I just told what you did."
"I have rights here.  When you commit a crime like you have you have indeed abused your rights in the United States.  Do you expect us to have to limit everyone's rights because of the mess you created; the way you tarnished the integrity of the United States and caused us to be threatened?"
"That all has some other reason."
"What do you really want?  How easy should we have to make it for a criminal to be successful in the United States?"
"You would like a human sacrifice wouldn't you.  You want a good citizen of the United States to say, Here my wife and I are walking our son to Catholic School today; do what you please to him (her)?  We worked hard and studied hard so that we could have a child that would make a good and worthy sacrifice to you.  Be sure to commit the common criminal acts of rights abuse such as pushing drugs and sexual molestation?"
"Your idea of what society should be like for you is h311 on earth for everyone else isn't it?"

(This next part plays off the concept that Schizophrenia is a true sign of Royalty."

"It sounds like you want to be a citizen of someone else's soul?"
"How do you ever come to a conclusion like that?"
"Well you want to violate their rights and the rights of others in this country in favor of yours?"
"No one will ever know."
"I will tell them."
"They won't believe you."
"Irregardless of what I can and can't prove.  If you elect to be a Citizen of some else's soul should they not determine your fate and the fate of the others that you have indoctrinated as citizens of their soul."
"Well it sounds fair to me.  So are you indeed comfortable with being the citizen of someone else's soul and allowing them to determine your fate."
"What do you mean?"
"You wouldn't want that person to have a lesser standard of living than yourself would you?"
"What's mine is mine."
"So they should have less than you even though you have elected to be a citizen of their soul?""
"It sounds to me like you are trying to subvert our democracy by declaring your own kings?"
"It say's that it is possible per your Constitution.  You weren't aware of that?"
"Well it says we can declare one king.  Not a great multitude as implied by your proposed actions."
"Who said..."
"Did you not just agree that was your intent by referencing our Constitution."
"So are your okay with that?  As being a Citizen of a King that you have chosen that King indeed determines your fate in the United States.  You will still have all your other rights in the United States.  But in order to make this work your chosen King can indeed say what happens to you in terms of any punitive matter as determined by such Kings."
"What do you mean?"
"Well what you have suggested is that the King might grant you privileges you might no otherwise have?  So we can't have a King that does that.  But we can have a King that might decide that you as a Citizen of his soul might indeed have a responsibility to him in addition to all previous rules in the United States, none of your Kings can change any of that but they can decide how you might be punished as consistent with the list of punishments that can be charged."
"Are you trying to say that they might punish me with a higher form of punishment than might be due for such a crime?"
"We'll this was all your idea and not mine wasn't it?  So it isn't really me that is implying it it is you?"
"I don't understand."
"Well this is what you want isn't it?  It is implied by your action.  You have chosen a good king and you have trusted in his judgement in other matters of economic opportunity in life so you should indeed be comfortable with this concept to?"
"You can make your declaration right there.  Sign right there and check the appropriate box."
"And if I refuse?"
"Then you will be subject to what recourse we would have in the matter as determined by a careful review of the matter in light of all circumstances considered."
"What does that mean?"
"It could mean anything concerning you couldn't it?  Like a wild card?"
"I like wild cards."
"Bear in mind that such a determination for you could have extremely negative consequences.  Upon review we might indeed determine a fate for you much worse than a King might have.  And we do indeed have that authority and always will.  You really didn't expect that you could somehow be a citizen of someone else's soul and also a citizen of a Democracy?  You did't think there would ever be a conflict concerning that?  You didn't believe that would ever become an issue."
"Is that not the same belief that all criminals have?  That there is absolutely no way that they could be cought?  Speaking of which.  As a citizen of someone else's soul you would by definition have bad intent for them wouldn't you?"
"How do you mean?"
"Well you weren't invited were you?  You weren't invited to be a citizen of someone else's soul.  So you have indeed violated their rights.  So this has gone on long enough and they might determine an extra fate with regard to the matter.  And wasn't there an economic consequence to those who were not part of your citizen of someone else's soul?  They didn't get to participate in the profit from those same economic opportunities did they?  So what might there rights be in the matter?  Might they also have legal authority over you as you have denied them an opportunity based on your secretive citizenship?'
"So you think that you owe the American public any explanation or remuneration based on the matter."
"Alright I have made my determination and judgement.  In a Democracy those who are indeed citizens of democracy determine your fate.  So we will indeed have to explain the matter to the American and indeed world population so that input can be made on what should be done about you. 
Based on global trading this would seem to be an international matter.  You are comfortable with that judgement aren't you?"
"How did we get to there?"
"Well it would seem that you did not understand the consequences of your actions did you?"
"I don't feel so well."
"And what do you usually do when you don't feel so well?"
"You've been a bad person haven't you?"
"No more so than any other."
"Are you sure?"
"Well then again it would seem that there are thee distinct factions that might have input into your fate."

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on: 06 11 2013 at

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