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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mental Health Officials Push for Change 06 12 2013

Mental Health Officials Push for Change 06 12 2013

Commentary on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article of that name 

This whole article is crafted so that the beginning of it where the conclusion is indeed made is contrary to what is revealed when an educated mind studies the motivation in the later part of the article.  In other words the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is giving you the conclusion that is the opposite to the premise base on the page where the article is continued.  A disconnect between the ability to write and the ability to think and interpret?
Why do they really want to delink this psychiatric law from crime?  (While at the same time making it part of the criminal justice system?)  Because white collar criminals don’t want to face being forced to undergo psychiatric treatment if it can be proven that criminals of all types (Not just violent crime) have a mental defect!  Honestly it is hard to argue that violent criminals don’t have a mental defect and are not mentally retarded.  A human being would make the choice; I can either starve to death or rob and potentially kill someone in the process, and the human being would starve to death.  Whereas the criminal would believe in the I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SURVIVE policy.    White collar criminals do indeed cause many deaths because of their white collar crimes, but they don’t realize it, just a criminal doesn’t believe it will ever be caught when it premeditates and then commits a crime.
If you haven’t committed a crime how can you be determined to be mentally ill.  Because you are exerting freedom of human expression that someone else cannot?  Isn’t that what should happen on the great stages and cinemas?  And some would indeed say that it is a crime for some of the people on the talent shows to try to sing; but it is there American right to do so.
So if we de-link the psychiatric determination from crime that means that all those who committed rape, murder and incest, sexual molestation, etc. etc. etc.
It would seem to me to suggest a sign of mental illness by those who would suggest that criminals both white collar and violent are not in need of psychiatric treatment.  But what happens when the psychiatric treatment isn’t effective for them.  Then who do we blame for their crimes; that is what is being suggested here.  It is like the person with the mental defect that commits crimes gets to chose and blame someone else for their actions?  So if those violent crime criminals and also white collar criminals by association are not mentally ill or mentally retarded than what are they?  Are you trying to tell me there is some third different category that the fit into?  There isn’t is there!  Every true human being on earth knows that.
The judge cannot judge anymore so she wants the ability to pick and chose members of our society to commit to psychiatric treatment?  It was the judges job to reform the criminal justice system in order to make it effective not through some flight of fantasy and perhaps self incrimination to determine that criminals are not responsible for their own actions?  That is a mental defect isn’t it, don’t deny it.

They get you into that hospital and pump you full of drugs and if they don’t want you to leave they can take one look at you and everyone on earth would say that you should stay there.  Why because you are drooling and slurred of speech from the drugs they pumped in you.  Theoretically a judge could pick and chose anyone from society and call them in for psychiatric stay.  And indeed it might be a way to get rid of crime known crime lords.  But here again you should be able to apply good law enforcement work in terms of tracking money trails, family, friend and business relations to make a case against a drug profiteer.  But there has been a complete societal failure in the United States to accomplish this!  Why?  Mental defect on the part of the criminal justice system?  I have believed that my entire life.
The judge can’t judge and do her/his job (Well get to the reason) so she/he wants the ability to pick and chose who to commit?  She/he wants to be given the title and authority of Queen/King, right?
Members of both the German and American Nazi party did not have their own minds during WWII and after.  If they had you would not have seen that horror emerge.
This Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Meg Kissinger references success by a similar program in Houston Texas.  Texas is by far the most lawless state in the Union.  That is where the drugs come into the United States from.  It is where illegal immigrants came into the United States to the tune of 11 million here today.  Texas is also the state where the White Supremacist party is present.  And how do they make their money?  By dealing drugs!!!  Do you know what the head of the Wheaten Franciscan Pharmacy Jay Rice told me while I was sitting next to him in the sauna at Elite Fitness Centers?  He told me that the real objective of the white supremacist party was that they feared other people would take their jobs.  What jobs?  Dealing drugs? What is my point?  Maybe if they didn’t have the ability to pick and chose who to commit to psychiatric treatment by a judge who is not an expert in the mental health field by any means we would not have many of the problems that we do today in the United States. Maybe those who were dragged in and force medicated were people that objected to everything that was wrong in Texas.  And if they hadn’t been committed we would not have the problems that we do today in the entirety of the United States.
Isn’t it rather ironic that your judge does has such a weak will that it cannot evict illegal immigrants over 11 million from the United States but instead wants the power to home in on an individual and medicate them. The judge is there to help prosecute criminals and those illegal immigrants are criminals.  But that would be asking too much for someone to adhere to the principles of their job.  Much easier for a person to resort to a flight of fantasy about what their job is and that human nature is really a projection of whatever their odd personal beliefs might be!  Ooh I like that one so I will repeat it.  “Human nature really becomes a projection of whatever odd personal beliefs a legislature might have.”  It would seem to me that there are many people that never belonged in the jobs and careers that they are in today; they were like a ticking time bomb with regard to the freedoms of the United States.
Again what qualifications does a judge have to determine if someone is mentally ill or not?  According to the theme of this legislation: none.  Why?  Because it de-links the definition of someone being mentally ill from that someone actually committing a crime and hurting human beings! This law is a proponent of human beings not being responsible for their actions.  Again as per the paragraph above speak for yourself justice and not the rest of us!  The definition of a human being is that we are responsible for our own actions.
There have been criminal judges.  So if you indeed de-link the white collar crimes from the psychiatric evaluation process they would never be subjected to commitment even though white collar criminals often are the cause of violent crime?  Money stolen from the public might lead to poor living conditions whereby the uneducated easily resort to crime in order to survive.  Here the queen that tells us to just eat cake cannot even presume to understand the perspective and point of view of the poorest of our society and what their motivations are and why they are so highly motivated to behave the way they do!
This law creates a gap or separation from a Judge or prosecutor that commits a crime from being psychiatrically committed.  Instead it becomes the Kings religion whereby the King does what it pleases to the rest of the populace as a matter of whatever his/her odd spoiled mind seems to fit should be what the directive is?
There is no difference between a judge ordering you for psychiatric commitment without a valid and non-provoked reason than the Nazi Germans evicting Jews from their homes by Government order.
“Diane Schwerm (er?) Sykes please take the stand.” 
(She works out at the same health club chain that I do and I met her there once.  Elite Fitness centers.  When I started going to the one in Mequon she was there on the moon walker elliptical on certain nights.  Then I stopped using that one and instead used the one on Good Hope (formerly Le Club) and she showed up there on the exact same nights that I did.  Then I went back to the one in Mequon and she was there again at the same time as I.  She reads her cases while she is on that Elliptical.  And what happens is that while I am working out some goon also arrives.  Some indeed have the face of mentally retarded people.  And they proceed to subtly harass me.  My theory is that they are driving me from my mind so that others can use it.)
“Please state your name and occupation for the record.”
“Diane Sykes Supreme Court Justice.”
“And who appointed you?”
“George Bush.”
“Do you have any Political affiliations?”
“I am a member of the Federalist Society.”
“And what is the agenda of the Federalist Society.”
“The plaintiff states that you were part of a organization that sought to harass individuals…”
“Diane for the court record please tell us whose mind you have?”

What is the real objective of this anti American Legislation?
It is like a pack of dogs wanting to put a human being, that qualifies as their master, on a leash!  Why?   For the sole reason that it has the will and Constitutional Freedom to come and go as it pleases.   And what else is a construct of this law.  That you will be placed in Community based facilities.  That is an awful lot like the Dog wanting to share ownership of its pet human to other dogs isn’t it?
Here you get to pet this person too?  When the reality is that such a person should be promoted to be the official leader of the likes of the Dog Kingdom?
Something about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in some American document that every judge should have been more familiar with a long time ago.
An important point that the article does not have the capacity to analyze is why patients get better rather quickly when the environment that they live in changes.
 For example:
Is it because there is no temptation to drink alcohol?  Alcohol being the quickest way to deprive a brain of oxygen and oxygen content in a person’s brain has no correlation to how smart a person is or not?  And being smart is not an indication of whether a person is mentally ill or mentally retarded either.  It was seem that argument has also been delinked by the use of politically correct terms.  The mentally retarded person isn’t mentally retarded anymore today they are autistic.  Autistic for those of you who don’t know what it used to mean, it meant that in some respect a person had just one trait whereby they could be considered a Genius.  I defy you to tell me what that talent might be today in every autistic person?  That talent being that it is the child of a rich person?
Or it might be that there are environmental influences where the person lives and once they are separated from those influences they get better?  Back to the dog theme here.  They might be allergic to dogs and cats or pets.  Allergy causing blocked sinus passages and therefore poor brain metabolism.  And you should see the forehead of that Jay Rice guy from Elite fitness.  It has sinuses that stand out farther than a cro magnum man.  And I do get along with him fine.  And he and Diane Sykes Schwerm (er) know all too perfectly well what my agenda is.  (I will get into common diseases dogs and pets carry and their negative influence on human health in another article.  Or not.  I have stacks of articles but no time to type them.  I like to be free every once in a while and enjoy human life.  If that is alright with the rest of you in the Neo United States?
The environmental contaminant might be mold in the walls.  Insecticide sprayed in the walls.  There germs resident in another person and that are influencing you via their breath and or things each of you touch.  Mold spores. 
They never leave me alone when I go to work out at Elite Fitness Centers.  There is always some goon acting up and wanting spoiled attention.  I don’t want to go back and haven’t since the third day I was a member there.  It has been six months and they say I am not able to break the contract for a year.   The bullies don’t go away in life they just get older and more of a pack?
Nazi Germany invented the technology means to drive people temporary insane through attrition.  Again a way for a pack of Wolves to chose their own master?
Can you see how my writing might have the ability to irk someone real good?  Deny it you will.

There are no "Specialists" in the mental health field.  If there were we would not have that diagnosis, you know the one I can't stand.  There are not mental health Officials either for the same reason (With the sole exclusion of me, myself and I  or alternatively stated as  Me id, Me ego and Me Superego. In Contrast to the belief in Adolph Hitler of Ein, Ein, Ein meaning one, one, one.  If you think you are one with other people and then seek to victimize them it really means that your numbers don't add up?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS Do I have a background in law?  My father studied law at Marquette University and many of our conversations were about law.  And I did indeed pass the CPA exam in 1991.  One quarter of the CPA exam was law at that time.  And one of the professors said that if you can indeed pass the CPA exam you can also likely pass the Bar exam.

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