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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enslavement Psychiatry and the Bible 06 16 2013

Enslavement Psychiatry and the Bible 06 16 2013
The first thing it learns when you teach it how to works is that it doesn’t like to work and the next thing it does is to enslave someone to do it for it.
What’s the first thing it learns in school?  That it doesn’t like its own thinking.
Nowhere in that German Merck Psychiatric Manual does it say the desire to import 11 million illegal immigrants as slaves (Equivalent when paid low and off the books) constitutes a form of mental illness!
Nowhere does it say the desire to own and control human slaves is a diagnostic criterion for mental illness or form of mental retardation.
When the Bible mentions slaves and who had them it is more of an expose of the evils of men rather than a directive.  It mentions crucifixion too but someone we know that isn’t right.
Why not?  It was written by a thing with the mind of a thing that hides money in its bra strap.
When Jesus talked about good shepherds and bad shepherds he implied that he was the good shepherd and lead through example whereas the bad shepherd enslaved.  That is how the Bible and the word of our God should be interpreted.  It amazes me that you can have religious program after religious program on television and radio and none of them ever got it right!
One final point.  When a religion changes its belief system or reforms that is indeed a new religion.  As such it would have to be reviewed for tax exempt status in the United States.  And if you have indeed changed your religious belief you have indeed changed your religion and need to also give it a new name.  Over the course of history this should have happened many times.  What is the point?  Did the religion every change or was it the people who misinterpreted it and preached it that changed.  To teach the word of Jesus Christ you have to emulate the behavior, thoughts and thinking of our lord.  So indeed this would serve to prove that it is those who preach the religion that have changed.  And maybe indeed the preachers of the religion were always corrupt.
You better review it with someone like me before you try and create a new creed for your religion?  Otherwise it just leads to misinterpretation and failure.  What am I talking about?  How can the common sense understanding of the Bible be so commonly mis-interpreted?
New religions also have to pre answer the question, “When something like (?????) this occurs in our religion, how do we effectively handle it?  Do we ever consider crimes in the name of religion deserving of execution?”  For example Jesus should have been given the lifetime pulpit and not the cross. 

Southern Hillbillies wearing the Confederate flag no longer have the Bible behind them do they?  So will they too be like Communist China that seeks to ban it?

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