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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Police Tasering of Black People 06 13 2013

Police Tasering of Black People 06 13 2013

This morning there was a commercial that looked to be as if it were evidence to be presented in the court of public opinion rather than where its place should be the court of law.

A pair of police officers tasered one or two black men.  I can understand why they might do this.  Blacks might have aides and drug needles in their pockets and pose that risk.

It looks like a very mean thing to do to a person that has become standard practice?  For the reason listed above.

But what I find ironic is that it was likely white men that gave those blacks the drugs in the first place.  Mean white men that pushed the drugs on them and got them hooked?

It would seem to me that the answer is to keep the drugs out of the country!  Then the issue of tasering becomes less of an issue.

But what of the Aides virus.  We could have quarantined a long time ago when it was just gay white men that had it but we didn't because they were the son's of wealth?  The point being?   Look at how the failure to quarantine that aides virus has impacted the standard procedure of law enforcement.

I also believe that when their is enough empirical evidence that the mentally retarded pose a risk to other human beings.  Autism is indeed at an epidemic level.  I believe they too should be quarantined.

And perhaps the dyslexic should have been quarantined a long time ago?  That would have solved an umbrella of problems that now plague the United States.

It can and never will be done.  But the point is that in retrospect had it been done we would not have the problems that we do today!!!

Legalization of drugs only leads to irresponsible human behavior and the creation of more of that which was mentioned above.  And the only reason that some of these weren't quarantined was because they were the norm for that family.  Or the family was hopeful a cure would be found; that was what my 8th grade teacher would say.  But the fact is that there is a key development period early on in a persons life and if their biology is compromised at that time there is not cure for them.  "That train don't stop here anymore?"

I am not a racist.  I indeed like all people just as Milt Jackson liked all music.

I do not comprehend how drugs can be made so widely available.  I don't get it.  And if it is a secret operation by a foreign country; what would the purpose of it be?  It wouldn't be because of competition it would be because of envy of human beings.  And that can only come from Communist countries or countries with leaders that were silver spooned to the top?

That or because that drug profiteer thinks so little of themselves as a human being that it projects that self hatred onto everyone it can find?  Hatred of the human self as being the motivation for selling drugs?  Let's see if you hate your human self so much that you would commit such acts of horror onto other people what might the self cure for you be? I suppose there is some law that would prevent me from saying what that sentence really means?

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Originally published on 06 13 2013:

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