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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Propaganda 06 12 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Propaganda 06 12 2013

This newspaper writes articles so that the beginning of the article means the exact opposite of the end of the article.

First you agree with a political decision because of a human interest concern and then as you read on you see that it doesn't support the cause that it says it does.  You can read this paper every day and find the same issue.

It is written this way to fool the uneducated public to following a political opinion that would not otherwise be accepted.

They have done this with practically every item concerning legislation.

And where has it gotten us?  This untruth in Journalism?

Low education standards
High Crime
High Drug abuse
Poor water and air quality standards.

This paper is definitely putting forth a Communist minded agenda again and again.  What happens when Democracies are weakened by the dependent minded that have to lie to stay at the demographic level of their parents that they can no longer achieve?  They end up having the dependent minds of followers and it ends up being a communist state.

This Newspaper never tells you or explains the true motivation behind and proposed legislation.  We have been a Neo Republican Party dominated for quite some time.  It was the Journal Sentinels Journalistic duty to provide the taxpayer with the true motivation behind Political actions.

Put the Journal Sentinel to the truth meter test and they would fail so miserably.  Can we blame the Journal for every failure in Milwaukee?  It is indeed Journalistic responsibility to uncover motives, means, agendas etc.  They have not.  Instead they write and publish Political propaganda nearly every day where the end of the article proves to the educated mind that the motivation for legislation is the exact opposite of what the Journal Sentinel stated it was at the beginning of the article.

Who are you hiring?  What human qualifications do they have?  Are you writing for the benefit of human beings or a pack of German Wolves.

Other tricks that they use are:
 1. Not allowing all articles open for commentary. (Censorship and more political skewing)
2.  Making the function to search for prior articles on the Internet useless.  They have lied and do not want you to go back and find the relevant text quickly.
3.Zeroing out of passwords of registered users and customers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel without any communication to the user.  The user is to believe his/her password is wrong or expired.
4. Monopolization of media.  They should not be allowed to own television stations and newspapers together.  That should have fallen under anti-monopoly rules.  Why?  One supports the other when they should be able to stand on their own merits and compete with each other.  It is therefore indicative of the inability to compete. (Again communist minded.)
5. They call up a politician for an interview and they just write what the politician tells them without the ability to interpret, analyze or synthesize motivation.  Proper interpretation and comparison in the hallmark of great learning; and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has little semblance of that.
6. And how about interrupting me while I write and even erasing what I write on my laptop screen as I write it as a matter of political censorship.  Yes I have two Journal Sentinel reporters that live within two houses from my home and they always have a bunch of cars parked outside their houses.  I can remember how during the summer months years ago at the one house they would be outside late at night behind a fence loudly partying.

That is a different race with a different agenda.  They are not friend of man nor Milwaukee.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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