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Sunday, June 2, 2013

China End Game 06 01 2013

China End Game 06 01 2013

B. Wong was a Chinese college student that I chose to be Vice President of the Investment club that I was part of.  After the first day he turned on me and said that he just wanted to put it on his resume.  He did not want to do any of the work. “They are all Jews.” He said to me of the business professors at UWM.  Oddly enough B. Wong ended up getting a teaching assistant job for them.
 What is the Jewish religion?  It is the she chooses a father other than the man that she married religion?  But I thought of them more as Imperialist type Jews.  The other day I wrote about how drug dealers push drugs on people with the fear of, “You take this drug or else.”  But let me get back to the Chinese and what the Bible tells us about them that is relevant.  Three Kings from the orient knew when Jesus Christ was going to be born.  And brought Incense, Frankincense and Myrrh at his birth in the manger. 
Many of the Romans and Europeans English have Chinese facial features.  How could this be?  Well not only were the three kings there at the birth of Christ a Jew but another man from the orient came and ushered in his death and that was Saul who was really Paul!  So the oriental had a great presence in this era of history.  And indeed his genes were spread at length through the Roman Empire all the way to England and that is why we see the facial features of the oriental in some dark haired English?
And what did the Romans put in their wine?  Lead.  It is known to cause mental retardation.  So was Sauls new religion either you drink the lead wine or else.  For a day or two I wanted to believe I was on the right track concerning this and that Jews were victimized.  And that is true and many were killed.  But what is also true is that they wanted Jesus Christ dead too.  “We want him dead but the blood not to be on our hands.”  In the U.S. when you pay to have someone murdered it is the same thing as if you did it yourself.
When I talked to B. Wong about the Chinese in America he said, “They all know each other.”
Which gets me to the next point; If they all know each other it means that if one is a spy and has been a spy they all have been spy’s.
China- leaded toys.
The Sultan of Brunei- Pray to him and he will give you money.  A line outside the door?  He is really culling for women to have sex with isn’t he?  To create a race that mimics that of Attila the Hun.   American women imprisoned and raped in the middle east?  The old dungeon is the druid English concept isn’t it.
And how does that high price of oil and gas affect our countries infrastructure?  That fuel cost is a main cost component of construction and repair jobs, you know bridges falling into the war with cars and parents and children in them.
Once you create a race like that they are extremely easy to wipe out via genetic based diseases.

Smithfield foods. China just bought the largest U.S. pork producer.  What is the first thing they did when they gained a foothold in the plastics industry?  They created leaded toys for the United States.  Happened in 2007.  But that was only when it was first caught.   I can remember drinking out of a coffee cup from China a long time before that and noticing that it did not taste right.  But who am I to tell?  People would try and label you as being paranoid if you stated that publicly even though it is true.   Chicken Little saying now?  Why did they buy the United States pork producer?  Could be for one of two reasons. 
 1. They want to give all of us a new genetically engineered strain of trichinosis.
2. They want to starve us of food in a machination like Great Britain did Ireland.  (Great Britain needed to have more control over its business ventures and the activities of rich businessmen in Great Britain and their dealings in Germany.  I am telling you in obsequious terms of a great medical fraud, occult and mindset that created a backlash to Great Britain.
But what would be the timeline for China invading the United States after it shipped leaded plastic toys to the country in 2007?  By about 6 years later enough parents would be frustrated with their special education children that you would have weakened the country.  And that is today.
The monarchy isn’t what makes us human.  What makes us human is our human soul.
Cargill, ADM, and Monsanto are all English Companies because they are of the English Business structure.  The idea being put the structure in place until you can put enough mean English people in those executive positions to manipulate the entire country to famine
Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum, British Petroleum,
They have oil but they don’t have land!  They may think that they have U.S. land because they have purchased it but the land will always belong to the United States.  And if it is found that it was acquired through fraud it no longer belongs to them and nor do their business operations or personal possessions.
The Communist mindset isn’t a human form of government because it does not respect individual human rights.  Why?  Because they do not value the individual person.  Why?  Because they themselves feel that they are not as good by comparison.  The Bible has already told us what they all are.  So if you don’t care for the rights of your own people you also care far less for the rights of those who are not of your own country.
Communist and Monarchy countries are all of the ideology of “You take this drug or else.”
And what about Ritalin essentially the same form of amphetamine or speed that they gave Adolph Hitler?  Is that not a form of escapism from learning at a very young age?  Talk smart and quick with insults after you take it?
So foreign countries believe that they own U.S. assets and can manipulate them in any way they feel?  We can just say that is it and no!  What are we likely to see?  Hogs being shipped out of the United States in record numbers!!!!  Just like grain was shipped from Ireland to England while the Irish died during the potato famine.
Okay I have to add in this next part. 
Those Catholics Sure Like to Molest Don’t They!!!! 
We know this for a certain fact.  But what was the Catholic Religion what really started it?  It was started by the Oriental Saul (Paul)!  And back to the Oriental mind knowing when Jesus Christ was going to be born?  The only way you would know that would be if you did not have a mind of your own.  And that is indeed how Jesus Christ described Satan to be.
Okay I know that Schizophrenia is a medical fraud perpetrated by those of the Satanic mindset.  And that mindset is also a communist type mindset because they all share the communal mind of someone demonized.  I even saw the Homeland Security type device that is used to monitor and broadcast signals to people’s heads.  (It looks like a Cornucopia, you can search here for a painting of it.)  What is all this technology from?  It was created by Nikolas Tesla before WWII and marketed by him to those in Europe.  Funny thing is we got a war after that didn’t we.   It was an electric particle beam.  Those of you who know science know that all of the wave forms fall on the electromagnetic scale.  Some can be attenuated to cancel the synapses of the Human Brain.  IF your turn up the gain on any of these devices you can cause bleeding in the brain of a person.  And that is indeed how Niels Boore died.  And who stepped in right after he died to examine his technology and duplicate it?  It was the Marconi of Italy.  The AXIS side during WWII.  And what did he say to the Catholic Pope?  He said we have the power to harness the power of GOD!!!  And if you modulate the gain of these devices with a microphone based switched you can rattle bone a person’s head with your idiot mind until there human soul has been beaten and displaced from them.  Ie you made them hear voices.  Is this all a fantasy of mine a delusion.  No.  Colonel John Alexander admitted that the United States Military has created this technology.  And what is the nature of this technology?  It is technology that is used the MOLEST THE MINDS OF MEN. So we know that the Catholic Church or Sauls Church molested a great many boys.  (There was nothing Holy about the Roman Empire.  They did not worship Jesus Christ they abhorred him because he had a human mind of his own.)  So is that a religion?  Molesting boys?  No it is how the occult that do not think for themselves live.  The belief being in Pagan Sacrifice.  And that is what is preached at Catholic Mass.  In no uncertain terms they say he died for all our sins.  “Drink the lead wine and be a stupid sinner because we are all sinners.”  You wouldn’t stand up in front of a new grade school class and say,
“You are not going to learn a thing because we are all dumber than zoo animals.  That would create negative expectations to fulfill.  And so does the belief of the Catholic Church that we are all sinners.  To some it is interpreted as a Pagan religion whereby they are accepted for the feeble mind that they have.  But to those who do not know of the archetype of that feeble mind…they indeed bear all the guilt and the thinking for everyone’s actions in the world.  Why?  Because good people are compelled to think of how to resolve problems.  Whereas bad people say that they are going to occur no matter what happens and there is nothing we can do about it?  “We are all sinners again.”  “We need limited liability.”
And how did Adolph Hitler characterize the Polish in his propaganda?  Those who emasculated men.  And who was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church during a time when many boys in the United States were sexually molested by Catholic Priests?  It was a Polish Pope.  And how is in control of not disseminating information with regard to these cases in Milwaukee?  It was/is a Polish Archbishop.  But who did Adolph Hitler have right by his side in WWII?  The AXIS of Italy and the Roman Catholic Church.  There is a picture of him with a Cardinal in his study.  So where so many people sober after prohibition ended that the satanic couldn’t stand it?  And who again ended Prohibition?  It was your AXIS force of the Roman Catholic Church and the Italian Mafia.  The Wine being a part of the ceremony and the mob defeating our government.  Tesla being an East Coast Socialite.  Have you ever known any socialite? How shallow and strikingly rude they are when their feelings are offended because you achieved something they could not or demonstrated intelligence they were not capable of?  They are objectified children.
But there was a great German Presence in the United States and some here were members of the Nazi Party.  So indeed we have had Germans in the office of President.  But what is the point?  26,000 people entering the military have been sexually molested.  So it would indeed appear that the Catholic religion has entered our military?  And why are people sexually molested?  When they are sexually molested their minds are molested aren’t they.  The satanic gain the pleasure by molesting the mind!  And what came from the ashes of Nazi Germany?  The anti-psychotic medicine and the label of split mind (Schizophrenia.)  And what does that technology do?  It molests the human mind.
And if I were from Great Britain I would be mad as H311 when they were bombed and want to get to the bottom of how it happened.  But the mindset that I have concerning Great Britain has to do with the Revolutionary War, The Irish Genocide and Slavery in the South and that fact that it was a Druid nation.   Druids worship the monkey.  Monkeys are known to not like water.  And indeed keep that in mind when you think of the oil well being head being cleaved in the gulf of Mexico.
What is another of Saul’s Roman Catholic beliefs?  “We will live the life he lead for us.”  What does that mean?  After the Pagans kill someone what the rest of the victims life was to be will be theirs!  And whose life are they living?  That of the United States!  And what is the “sculpture” of one of the sphinxes?  It is an Oriental man’s face.  And they enslaved the Jew’s in Egypt, an oriental face.  And what are the India Indians?  The British called them wily “Oriental” gentlemen. And there secret beliefs of wanting to unite with a higher mind conforms to that same principal of “We will live the life he lead for us.”  There was no Catholic Religion before the Roman Empire, crucifixion (pagan act), and Saul who came again from the orient killed all the original followers of Jesus Christ, who were Jews!  So when they split and molest the minds of people they are doing so to live the life they lead for them?  It is a communist belief of a lesser race.  And who are the illegal Mexican immigrants German Bush let in the U.S?  They have the Asian gene!  And what strain is it that also plagued native Americans?  It has to do with why some of them needed Dream Catchers! ~ To prevent others of “them” from living the life he lead for us!”  Stolen dreams right?

One more point regarding the 26,000 sexually molested in our military.  Some of our generals and department of defense personnel all have that same round Asiatic face. And what else did the Roman empire do to Jews?  They were emasculated.
Go to a monastery and you will see that round Asiatic face!  It also looks like a baby born drunk or with mild fetal alcohol syndrome with verbal ability as the key skill.
And let’s be honest with regard to Mexicans and those who want “To live the life he lead for us.”  They don’t want to live it they want to ruin it!  So they can get back to their afternoon siesta like a vagrant dog.  The old west movies tell how they only get up to take the harvest of he workers.  Sounds like the drugs moving into the United States from Mexico to me, doesn’t it to you?
So Saul killed about half the Jews.  And we know what those Jews believed in.  And the other half are those that don’t talk much about what they belief in.  They had to conform to believe in Roman emperors as Gods and drink the lead wine or else face crucifixion!
Saul an Oriental.
Pharaohs Orientals.
Are the Chinese, essentially Communism is slavery, really Jews that have been siphoned away and enslaved?  A Jew being defined as something that someone who does not have the ability to think for themselves is highly jealous of?
But how many people are really free in China?  China sent millions of lead toy’s to the United States; so what did they do to their own people?
But here is the question; “What are you going to do after you kill all the human beings and poison the entire earth’s water supply?” 
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