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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should Autistic Children have been Quarantined until we found the cause of it 06 05 2013

Should Autistic Children have been Quarantined until we found the cause of it? 06 05 2013

I believe that is true.  So when you have one yourself you should have listened to me and tried to figure out why so that you didn't end up having one too?

And if you can put my father on terminal two week morphine in a hospice setting when he had many years to go the same should be true of Autistic children?

They are trying to not make a distinction between the mentally ill and the mentally retarded.  The mentally ill weren't born that way!

You would never want one of the people to come into political power because they could very easily be the end of all life on earth.  Which brings up the question, "Have those who are the equivalent of mentally retarded except for the skill of verbal ability and argument come into power already?  If so where?  As Presidents, Governors?  Presidents of Corporations?  Deans of Universities?  Leaders of Churches?  The best place for them to hide would be in plane sight as television personalities.  (That would be a good theme for a movie or book.  The criminals that hid in plane sight on the television?  Wow!

Just take one step back and say to yourself,  If you had to define a uniform person or body of people that would pollute the earth water and air unabated what would that one beast be like?  They would have  very selfish instincts wouldn't they?  They would be group or tribal orientated?  They would value athleticism over education; for the primary reason being they could not attain their own education because they were shadows of the minds of someone else?  

It is as if that one big immovable gorilla just keeps peeling away banana peels made of odd chemical pollutants and throwing them everywhere and no one can do anything about it?  And those odd things kill life on earth don't they.  Would be a great theme for a movie wouldn't it?So here again we have a misnomer by the pro-life movement?  Pro life should really mean pro-environment but someone stole that baby of a name didn't they?  Do you see it doesn't matter what you are born to look like or think like if you can steal the soul of a human being to call as your tribes own?

And the alibi of the beast is always that never happened before so it can't happen now?  Who thinks like that?  Not the good boy scout that doesn't get to be an Eagle Scout because he was in the wrong tribe?

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