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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Judge Suspends order for man to decrypt his files Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article dated 06 05 2013 update #1

Judge Suspends order for man to decrypt his files
Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article dated 06 05 2013
What right did the attorney have to transfer this case to a different judge?  On what legal grounds?  What precedent applied whereby an attorney can transfer a case?  Is it that he knows he has already lost the case by foregone conclusion?  He knows under the current judge that his client will be found guilty so he gets to toss the game pieces on the playing board and start over?
Isn’t that attorney obstructing evidence?  Can an attorney be disbarred for obstructing evidence?  And what do disbarred attorneys become; those who can practice the drafting of standard operating procedures to keep criminal activities out of court?
So if there is evidence and the attorney will not force the defendant to provide it can we find them both guilty of the highest crime that could be found to exist upon revelation and presentation of the evidence?
And once the evidence has been found and decrypted can the courts charge both the attorney and the plaintiff for the cost of procuring the evidence?  It is analogous to having been given a subpoena to search your premises and defying that court order.  And in this case why are you defying that court order to search your premises?  Because you have naked children in their that you are sexually abusing and making a film out of it for profit?
So how much can the attorney and client be charged each?  You can’t split the amount because the attorney has the legal capacity to seek it from his plaintiff so you have to charge each the same total amount, right?  Let the punishment fit the crime?  The plaintiff could have provided the password in less than ten seconds right?  The time it would take him to eagerly view his sick perversion if he wanted to?  So if it takes two months to decrypt the data how much can that cost? The government should not have to pay for crimes facilitated by Bill Gates!  Six experts needed to ensure that the data isn’t erased working at 40 hours a week at $200 an hour would bring a bill of $200 * 160 hours each * 6 experts equals $384,000.00.  But it gets very interesting when you read commentary on computer software sights regarding the issue; they are giving advice on how to encrypt the data in such instances.  So how can you hire an expert when they believe in the rights of the alleged child pornographer from the very beginning?
The paper does not tell us where this Jeffery Feldman was originally from; ie where he went to High School .  I just mention this because I went to High School with a man of the same exact name.  And indeed he was on the cross country track team with another young man who works or worked at the same business Rockwell.  Can I list the names of the teachers in the computer science department at the time?  Not until, at least not publicly,  I know for sure if he went to Whitefish Bay High School or not.  If so I have plenty to say!!!!
But more importantly with regard to the Constitution of the United States when a search warrant has been issued and it cannot be carried out?  For example what if a building had hardened steal walls three feet thick and we couldn’t get in to search it because the criminal said the place would be filled with zyclone B gas if it was tampered with?  We have a strong reason to believe that naked children are in their being raped and tortured?  I can tell you what would happen?  It would be like a national child emergency alert went off?  Every citizen of the United States would be put on alert to pool their skills and knowledge of the crime in order to help.  And the corporation that made the lock to that building is nowhere to be found?  They are on the golf course.  Can it be said that they are participants in the crime? 
Oddly enough no employees of the company where he learned how to encrypt software have come forward and offered to help have they?????  And would they offer to help only to be ensured that the software will be deleted when they try?  So they can look like the hero’s that failed? Are there local children involved that everyone will recognize?  Now we get into the issue of following the money trail?  And what happens when we try to follow the money trail and the tracker that we try and hire says he lost the trail when he really didn’t?  What did the tracker see?  He saw where the gold was hidden didn’t he and worked out a deal for some of those extracted gold teeth?
I know what kind of people you are dealing with and not by guilt by association.  There is another way we gain association and it is through victimization isn’t it.
Theoretically you if you cannot decrypt a hard drive you can still make a copy of it.  So all of those hard drives could be copied!  And indeed it would not matter if you deleted information on a copied hard drive while trying to decrypt it? But the encryption might be such whereas if you try and copy the hard drive the contents are deleted?  It has been a long time since computer science classes.  But that brings up an interesting concept.  Where that type of hard drive encryption would be present?  It would be on read delete without confirmed password.  So that isn't going to do it either.  It is like a trap?  So the way to see if that is a likely scenario is to use the same encryption technology on control test drives with harmless data.  But in order to get that encryption technology that was part of a proprietary Corporation ie Rockwell?  Am I right in the legal precedent that that software encryption was facilitated by Rockwell?  So in theory there could be more plaintiffs caught in the net.  And do they have an endless pool of false U.S. dollars to back them.  Honest to God the price that lawyers charge from poor plaintiffs suggests that crime is being fostered because those poor saps are never in their lives going to be able to pay back those attorney fees; unless they make a book or movie of it at some time in the future?  So indeed "a" lawyer fostered the crime, maybe even devised the control procedures and safeguards because he knows there is a story their that will be a blockbuster and the sap will therefore be able to pay?  It reads like children SCRIBED with sharp nails to me.  We know they can't pay the attorneys fees based on current status and yet they are defended and get off the hook.  So what really is going on here?

Broader societal question?  What kind of a horrific world are we living in today where this can be done to children?  It my point of view it parallels or is worse than every horrific empire in world history. 

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Theoretically there ought to be a way to mechanically disable the write function of such hard drives so that you can try with endless repetition to break the password.  And maybe there should be a module that the hard drive maker has available to mechanically disable the write function.  Available to the FBI?

And one final point regarding Child Pornography and the Pro lifers.  Who are all these children involved in child pornography?  When I was younger I watched an adult movie.  There was something different about that woman's eye's they lacked depth.  What is my point? There was a Catholic Priest in Milwaukee who molested children that were deaf.  He knew that they could never tell on him.  So if you indeed a staunch proponent of Pro-Life you have access to or supply of mentally retarded children.  You might not be able to tell by looking at them unless you look at their eyes.  I told you how when I was in Catholic grade school they showed us a video of two boys sodomizing each other at what had to have been an Orphanage.  And Orphanages are religious? Catholic?  How else do they get that video or make the connection and it is not like they do not have the blemishes in terms of culpability today that would serve as a defensive front against accusation.  The point being they could be indoctrinating mentally retarded children into child pornography, the sex trade and human trafficking and they would not be able to defend themselves.  The Romans were known to drink lead wine too and that is the church is called the Roman Catholic Church so it makes me wonder if children or parents who are going to have children are not poisoned with lead etc?  Hence you have a victim that cannot represent himself/herself.  And that has been a mod-us operand of the Catholic Church regarding children in General; if that isn't sick enough.  Some of us here voices in our heads and also know that we can never tell on the perpetrators; but we do anyway.  Molested bodies equals molested minds so we have the mod-us operand there too.  I mean if Religion is as widespread and has a presence in every place in the world truly holy people could be asked who at this internet MAC address at this location is there and who lives in that neighborhood that looks like just this persons face.  And how many of you would like to know what adult males, priests, get horny by viewing terrible things happening to children.  In my opinion that is a lesser species.  So theoretically you could hook up Catholic priests to equipment that monitors their physiological response to to the worst of child pornography stimuli or child pornography stimuli without showing the actual sex organs.  And indeed you could even see if that beast of a person gets an erection from that.  And when children are molested are they not made partially mentally ill because of the trauma to their human souls????

I would believe that there would be software experts in the United States who would be willing to help ensure the data is decrypted and not lost as evidence in the process.  To me that is like when there is a flood and you lend your plastic drainage pipe to the rich man two doors down who didn't know how to protect his house from flooding.  Like how everyone of good human nature helps out in such crisis.  But why doesn't it happen with regard to child pornography?  Maybe the child pornographers consider themselves normal?  And maybe they have a brethren.  What am I getting at?  I would think that those who were interested in child pornography would be a very rare and low number, but I don't think it is.  I once heard on a late night radio show of a man who was known to be producing child pornography.  An agent who was said to be hired by the government went in and killed him.  He said that he didn't feel any regrets about it.  Don't you agree with him?  I believe that to be a crime punishable by the death penalty!  That is my belief not that of the United States.

Maybe when those creeps watch that child pornography they feel empowered like they did when they were the bullies in grade school or high school.  Maybe they like to look at the pained expressions on the child's faces and feel like they are causing the pain themselves.  These aren't human emotions are they!!!!  Their expression indicates that they contrast themselves to be less than human or the equivalent of an animal?  They  feel like they are someone again just like they did when they were bullies in their childhood and hurt other children?  Do you know what it suggests?  It suggests that extreme action should have been taken when they were children to prevent them from being that way their whole lives.  In effect they never grew out of that sickness even though everyone said they would or did.  It just went under the surface and they hid the desire from the rest of us!  Waiting for the opportunity to strike at a human being like a cat in a tree waits to pounce?

And you know what?  None of these principals that I speak of have been codified in psychiatric manuals it makes you wonder who authored them.  Or as the was said who commissioned them.  Which gets me to another point.  Herb Kohl wants to build a new sports complex in Milwaukee.  I wonder if the first priest didn't want to build his own castle and to do so he called it a church?  Maybe he thought if the religion were to dissolve because he victimized enough children he would still have his church bought and paid for by waifs being served lead wine?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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