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Monday, June 17, 2013

Quote: They wear their tattoos like

Quote: They wear their tattoos like they are medals of honor awarded by the President of the United States.

Per my memory of ancient history receiving a tattoo was indeed an initiation into manhood for achieving some great feat.  Like killing a bear with a spear.  The "men" in Milwaukee seem to like to reward themselves for any reason they chose. And they do indeed walk around like those tattoos represent awards from military service; some indeed do.  But it was a personal choice and not sanctioned by the military.  But those who have tattoos that do not represent military service act as if they did.

Sometimes you see men with crosses as tattoos.

This brings up a very important point.  No person who has had a family member or relative who was a Catholic Priest should be allowed into public service and that includes the military.  That provision may be expanded to include other religious leaders as well.  Why am I saying this?  Because it is a Death Industry.  From cradle to grave.  From wedding to grave.  The money trail leads the entire way.  The death industry includes, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Hospitals, Churches, Funeral Parlors and Cemeteries.  One could make a good study of history be researching who had a priest in the family and was in public service.  I will also ad Nuns to the list.  Don't know if I will go so far as to add Catholic School teachers.  Might expand the scope of this to include those who have received a degree from a Catholic University or other religious University.

What is my point?  There is an entirely different mindset or type of mind in that industry.

And we never want someone who is in the death industry or has had exposure to it calling the shots for American lives in the name of drumming up business.  And if you want to bring peace to the world you have to take all of the profit out of the death industry. 

An interesting statistic from wikipedia:

"72 percent of respondents with face, neck, hands, or fingers tattoos have spent more than three days in jail, compared to 6 percent of the non-tattooed population."

When I see a tattoo I often think such things as, "Who would let someone write on them."  "Is that the way that you express yourself?"  or in extreme cases, "I am going to spill that ink on the ground."

But when I was a boy I used to like to put on those water based adhesive type tattoos and I loved them.

The psychology of tattoos seems to be one of great immaturity.  And what does it do?  It is a way of saying, "Don't look me in the face, look at this instead?  This represents my eyes?"  Not making a great statement about oneself.  The tattoo seems to reassure men with low self esteem of themselves?  They walk along lose confidence in themselves and think of their tattoos as a matter to reassure themselves?  I am really a mean faced skull they then believe?  It would seem to be a precursor to lack of communication, emotional immaturity and violence.  And can one indeed make a study of when people got tattoos and what was the transition force in their lives?  Did some girl dump them?
What does the tattoo really do?  It allows a "male" to have a second face.  Sometimes you stare a man down who has a tattoo on his arm and he wants you to look at the tattoo instead of his face?  Can't look you in the eye?  So to win the stare down contest he has that second face?  The one somebody drew on him?  Who is so weak they would let someone else draw on them I often think.

In that article it also say's that the Jewish Religion forbids Tattoos.  So if someone has a tattoo (not from Adolph the Voyeur) it means they are not Jewish?  If you betray your religion you cannot be a part of it?  That is far different than saying that a religion has betrayed the good man.

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