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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Everyone should have an identification card 06 13 2013

Everyone should have an identification card 06 13 2013

How else can an officer of the law make a valid arrest?  How else can he compare one citizen to that in a mug shot.

So you put up wanted posters around a city like Chicago and someone cries foul because they looked like that person in the poster and were questioned?

And now the liberals want to call that racial profiling?  They made everyone call it racial profiling because of a few well publicized cases and maybe indeed racism and then you can't stop someone that looks like that person in the picture of the mug shot.  That is racial profiling?  And to most white people all Mexicans and Blacks look about the same and they look more the same when an officer is looking at them in a moving vehicle?

So they couldn't stop people to question them?  And what happens?  You get a drug epidemic in the U.S.!  You get a drug epidemic in Chicago~ heroin.  So what type of lawyer propagandized this?  Is it even a machination to publicize cases that might have been somehow planned to take effect?

The bottom line is that it was used as an invalid defense and weakened law enforcement to the point whereby the drug trade became overwhelming.  So you have to say who benefits?  Whoever benefitted is who instigated it?  And that is the type of lawyer you are looking for?  With ties to drug dealers?  And you all know about the type of person and what I am talking about.

We could say that they are Italian Roman Catholic Mafia Law School sexually molesting church lawyers?  Or we could say it was their counterpart who formed the mafia in the United States with a handshake~ a Jew?  It is all the same to me.

The baby got its way didn't it.  It found a way to victimize a population in order to make money.  It took Capitilism a couple of steps in the wrong direction as an extension of the freedom it granted to itself?  A freedom to interpret things as to how they would be to its best interest or what it might consider its family interest?  Not capitalizing on them for their hard earned and valued American dollar but instead capitalizing on their Human Health.  You could easily make the argument that quite a bit of money has been made through Cannibalism of Human Health!!!!!!  Is there a race among us only defined by the fact that they can talk a blue streak and other than that are mentally retarded?  Yes!  And a person like that would be a very mean person to those who weren't wouldn't they?  A resentment of human beings!  Such a person would find a way to profit from making humans sick in every way possible wouldn't they.  And indeed they would like the fact that human beings got sick because it would mean more money for them!  They would learn to like to "hear" the pain of other people.  They would crave it wouldn't they!

Do you know what the middle aged adult men children of people like this say, "Everything is hard for me."

Every citizen should be proud to carry some kind of identification that allows an officer to know their identity.  It is part of being a man to be proud of who you are and your full name.

And does one class of people like to create a confidence class of other people of a different race or lower economic demographic?  To indeed capitalize on them for their human lives.  What am I getting at?  Do you see how a person might talk down to a lower economic or demographic person while at the same time try and convince them that they have the answer to everything in terms of their personal success?  They pray on human beings like the Pedrone did?  And there has to be Pedrones that brought all the Mexicans into the U.S.  Came through Texas the George Bush State?

And they never thought that we would catch them this time around did they?  They thought that they were going to bankrupt the United States in another 70 year condratiaf wave financial cycle.  And they thought that they were sitting pretty.  All those illegal alien Mexicans would mow their lawns and do the landscaping at their estates for pennies on the dollar and that they would be sitting pretty.

This article was written in response to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that stated that the black Democrat from Milwaukee Gwen Moore voted in favor of allowing U.S. banks to trade derivatives from overseas locations.  Effectively it creates the risk that the financial crisis will be back and they will take another stab at bankrupting the United States and putting us in another greater Depression.  You are going to want to keep a list handy of every person in our Government who voted for those derivatives!!!  Because they did not do so in the interest of the American People!

A majority of Democrats apposed it, including Barrack Obama.  It is as if that evil mind can not find enough ways to legislate the human being out of existence.  The United States takes measures to strengthen the country and that thing that isn't one of us group finds little evil ways and measures to defeat it in protest. 

Gwen Morore She had me fooled I thought she was a good person.  But you know what?  I hear something very spoiled in her voice when she speaks and sings.  ~The belief that being successful is being on the side of the haves versus the have not's?

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