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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hand of Man 06 14 2013

The Hand of Man 06 14 2013
AT: The Nature of Self Deception
“Everything is hard for you because you already know everything?”
Or alternatively, see if you can determine what this phrase would mean if said by people who were the exact opposite? “Everything is hard for me because I already know everything.”
And alternatively it would seem that one or more should admit, “I know nothing!”
One knows what it knows from a wealth of personal life experience.  In contrast to one who believes it knows everything from a history of staring at a barren cave wall.
Man figured out what you were a long time ago and put his hand print on that cave wall so you would know the works of men versus the dreams of madness.  One hand could work and create versus the hands of those that sat and pouted in jealousy and envy.  That hand print painting on the cave wall is a statement isn’t it?  “It is my hand that accomplished all you day dream you were doing!”  Or rather, “My hand is real and there is the image of it!  The hand you believe to be your own is a delusion?”  That was indeed the earliest and truest form of psychology.
(Insert Image of hand here.)
“Hide from the light of day or hide in a cave from reality and there will be no escapism for you- for you will see the hand of man in here!”
It is also trying to get the point across, “You sit in here and stare at this cave wall and divine the works of men and yet look at you own hand, does it not look like mine?”
In ancient history there was a division of species whereby some did not evolve mentally like the others.  They had the cognitive ability of that which sits in a group of monkey’s being raised by a couple of female and spry’s.  And the best thing that mean could do for them was to show him his hand?
Did the one species covet the caves and only come out to steal the finished works of the hand of man?
And what was the symbol of price of one Native American craftsman to another?  They showed the other the raised palm of their hand.  As a way to say I am a capable person and not a monster?  What was Native American Justice?
The works of whose hands are you seeing?  One has the handprint of a voyeur?  Those hand prints on the cave walls are that of the hunter/protector!  For a none hunter/protector to put their hand print up there would set a dangerous example of who is who? ~ or what is what? ~ Who is really a hunter/protector and who isn’t?
Ancient man was also making the statement, “My hand print is elevated and one the wall, open fingers, and not like yours in the ground or in the mud!”
Adolph Hitler was a voyeur. (More on this in another essay to come.)
It was either a man named Tom Swann or Chuck Zent (Both institutional stock brokers at First Analysis Corporation), that made the joke to the rest of their sales room, “We are stock market voyeurs.”
Can you imagine a world where voyeurs instead of men ruled?  They voyeur would find a way to monopolize who appears on television- only other voyeurs.
After I wrote this, this morning, I glanced a woman put both palms outward, fingers spread open in front of her, on television.  (Nicole Conglin Sp?)
When we put two hands up we are admitting we are the voyeur that learns by getting on all fours?  It is as if in trying to over-convince someone of their importance of its own hand by raising two?  I am twice as capable as you?
And what of the gesture of a father to his son, both his hands in the air in front of him, shaking in dismissal of the idea?  It means, “That is not good, that is voyeur!”  “And as such there is a flaw in it.”  “Don’t do!”  “Don’t do that with your hands!”  “Don’t be the voyeur!”  “For being the voyeur will get us all killed?”
Some of us where lucky to have a father come out and look at our works or ideas we were starting and shake his hands like that, (Though a few times the son’s plan or idea might have indeed been accurate.)
And that which voyeurs child pornography is the opposite of man isn’t it?
Are some if not all of homosexuals and lesbians really voyeurs?  Homosexuals as the voyeurs and creators of those to be later termed schizophrenic (split minded)?  The homosexual was a voyeur that found himself to be believing himself to be on the other side of the fantasy of men?
Insert link to song Whore Voyeur.

“Whore Voyeur” is a song that I wrote and sang to women voyeurs?  I put a little edge to it in my voice?

You get to be a certain age in life, walking on two legs, and you know someone else’s eyes are their eyes and yours are your own?  The contrary belief is really voyeurism!
“Find your place in this world?”
Or after your father shakes his hands like that to stop you he showed you the right way to use the tool. He corrected and demonstrated.
A voyeur is a voyeur at any age in life!  Some of us may have been born voyeurs and revolted at the sight of it!!!  It such horror we shook and cried for the emotional pain of being one.  And as such we transcended voyeurism to help that whom was being voyeur and were freed from it?  Might have even been our future selves?  But some never escape it and enjoy it and will always be the “devil”?
On the cave wall.  It is a warning too, isn’t it?  “Only a hand this high on the wall will attempt to conquer such a beast?  Or a warning such as, “A man with a hand this high came in here and conquered the voyeur beast that lived in here and only came out to eat us.”
And what of the voyeur craftsman that would send and evil woman to ruin/voyeur what you are doing or working on? ~ With your hands and the skills learned from your father.  (True father son imprinting.)
Whose hands does the son/daughter of a voyeur see when he works or paints?  And we better not interrupt that delusion by seeking to accomplish our own work far away and independent of them?
(Insert Song from Acapella Oblivion here.)
(Also consider taking a picture of own hand on wood or paint table self made.)
And who is it that would tempt you with pornographic images of their niece like Adolph Hitler did or even robust naked women (Ruben-ism) or men?  Voyeurs!
But what of the man that sculpts a statue of himself and is not a voyeur but rather a victim of the voices of voyeurs?  Again, it is like making the statement, “This is what you really wanted to be!” “Or this is who your eye’s seek to see from and it does not look like you, just as that handprint high on the cave wall does not look like yours.”
And the Native Americans did not open their fingers in the “how” sign.
“How,” being;
A.      How the lesser hunter ask’s with closed fingers. “I am humble and not the great hunter from the cave wall.”
B.      If I showed you that I was the great hunter from the cave wall, a lesser voyeur class two legged hunter might seek to take a finger~ As a matter of a voyeur psychotic jealous envy coping response.  Same reason that Jesus was put to the cross right?  (And is Spock’s V fingered gesture really saying you can put the axe right here?)
Somehow we know instinctively that our father is warning us of weakness when he comes running out and shakes his hands at us palms out.
The voyeurs seek to be the object of voyeurism without personal achievement but rather on the basis of voyeurism.  And what horror would a world ruled by voyeurs be?  And are you able to recognize it when you listen to or read words written or thought of by the mind of a voyeur.  “That is our future that you are misrepresenting isn’t it voyeur?”
If he is fifty years and complaining type A personality it means he is a voyeur?  Who is and has been stuck seeing that all his life?  What can he do, other than blame that which he see’s for him seeing it?  Then he/she seeks to destroy the source of his/her sight because he himself/herself cannot stop seeing it?
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 14 2013 at:

And then seek to find a new source of sight, Ie the hand of the beast to sexually molest the son of a man? The hand of the beast imprinting the son of a man?  Otherwise everything would be hard for him/her because he knew everything already?

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