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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Life Insurance Conspiracy 06 11 2013 Update #1

The Life Insurance Conspiracy 06 11 2013 Update #1

They changed the banking laws so that a bank could buy a life insurance company immediately before banks acquired life insurance companies and then went bankrupt.
What is really going on here?  The life insurance business is not a sustainable business model.  Those that work at the companies can’t pick stocks any better than they could assemble a park bench.
v  The whole Tea Party and financial industry makes its profits off of the interest in the Utility Sector.  We could have had free energy 35 years ago if it weren’t for them.  But in the meantime we had been buying them mansions and expensive cars for their fraudulent business not realizing that in the future the taxpayer would be the ones to bail out the major banks that bought the insurance companies.
So where do they really belong?  I don’t know, some type of farm camp.
If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have all the “business water” that no one drink or swim in.
They also gave us the war in the middle east, the gulf oil spill, mentally retarded children they get $80 grand a year to take care of, etc. etc. etc.
And if you knew what type of bad people they were you would not want them anywhere near your children; that assumes that you are normal and therefore have no idea what I am talking about.
It was all so that they could live the dreams of other people.  It was all so that they could presume to think of themselves as being equal or better than other people; normal people.
And how did the world’s richest investor make all of his money?  By owning tobacco stocks that made more birth defects and therefore miserable people to deal with than anyone could ever imagine.  People that needed that high fixed income oil dependent, war dependent utility sector.  Every home could have been their own utility.
Sure they will invite you over to a birthday party but then they will want to talk stocks with you.  Why?  Because they are shadows of real people.
The Mercury in our fish is all because of them. The chronic wasting disease of both deer and people is all because of them too.
In summary it wasn’t the profits from the Insurance Companies investments that paid the policies off at death it was the American Taxpayer because the Insurance companies bought by major banks went bankrupt!!!
And who is it that sponsor’s every family activity today?  It is the German Beer companies isn’t it!  Have you ever known of such a conflict in your life?  Tell me what good that beer does a father and a son?  Tell me what good that beer does a woman and man who are trying to have a child and create a HOLY FAMILY?   Tell me what good that beer does to a man and a woman who have a child and are trying to add a second child to their HOLY FAMILY?  Tell me what good that German Beer does the infant?  Oh you will say it doesn’t cause birth defects any more than cigarettes do.  And those who are the greatest victims of alcohol eugenics are the ones who become the proponents of Eugenics!
And what has been the purpose of Universities in the United States?  To give the potato headed satanic the Universal mind of a chosen normal person who does not have very subtle mental retardation.  The mentally retarded can talk a blue streak but they cannot solve problems.  It has to do with the ability to have higher reasoning and what Freud defined to be a Superego.  They don’t.  So somehow the depth of meaning of words, the physical world connection to the meaning of words, the ability to cross link concepts in order to create and synthesize new ideas is void and vacant from their heads.
I had more to add to this but for some reason I hear a deafening auditory sound that blanks out some of the best parts to these essays.  It also appears when I want to edit them to make them read more professional.  What kind of beast do you think mans the volume control on something like that?
That rich life insurance would not be your next door neighbor, would not own a house or car, if we would have instead had clean energy.  But you made the choice for the rest of us because the United States wasn’t ready for freedom?  Or you did not respect the freedom of those in the United States?
I could have concisely made this point in four well crafted sentences if it were not for the beast.
That and they want you to believe that someone who passed the CPA exam has a mental defect that prevents them from filing a patent application.  I could have filed patent applications all my adult life if it wasn’t for that beast.  I would have been a millionaire by the time I was 30.  And the whole world would have been a much better place.  They do not belong in the United States.


And they sold you a $25,000.00 dollar life insurance policy 40 years ago when you were just starting out so that your wife could have money to take care of herself in retirement if you were to die?  That $25,000.00 is about what it costs to bury that person.  No you can't pay illegal immigrants $20 to dig the hole,  it costs $25,000.00.  That and to hear a nice speech from the buzz holed priest.  And it gets better.  Where does all that money end up?  In the case of the Mequon Wisconsin Cemetery grounds that are also linked to the Catholic Church in some way they have per my memory on this $58 million dollars in reserve they are hiding from the Church Sex Abuse Lawsuits?  This is a different race among us.  And they are the Druid race that divines the future by sexually victimizing people and seeing their future through their pain and ejaculated souls.  And they were Nazi Germany too and are also the communist mindset.  They are not representative of what a United States citizen is or should be.  They are disgrace to our flag!  They are a disgrace to the integrity that we fought so hard to achieve.

How many of those Life Insurance Companies have the word Catholic in them?  Or are tied to any religious name?  Religions that are based are proponents of persecuting someone are not religions at all they are Pagan beliefs of the Satanic.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS And is there a financial trail between Cemetaries, Funeral Parlors and the Life Insurance Industry.  Kickbacks from one to the other of some sort?  "Sweet Heart" deals?  Interlocking directorates?  Same people (families/relatives) own both businesses?

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