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Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Signed the Recall Walker Petition so why isn't my name in the database that he published? Did you sign and not find yours

If you indeed signed your name should be in that database.  It will list your name with your address!  I signed and my name isn't in there with my address!

Were there pollsters for the signatures who were working for Scott Walker that did not hand in the recall petitions they knew they would get signatures for?  Was the recall effort thwarted by Walker insiders collecting signatures and not turning them in?  They would have to know who would for sure sign, in what area they lived in, and say they polled that house in order to exclude those sum certain results?  Is recall fraud the same as election fraud and is the penalty?  Look on the petition to see if you can find your name as having signed if indeed you did!  Maybe instead of their being extra signatures not valid there was an overwhelming amount of VALID SIGNATURES NOT REPORTED!!!!  Mine isn't there and I know I signed.  I was proud to sign as both my parents were teachers.

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