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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reproductive Rights 06 05 2013

Reproductive Rights 06 05 2013

When they talk about reproductive rights they mean a woman's right to have an abortion when she knows she can't be responsible for her child.

But what about those old lead wine Romans who came to power by horrific actions.  Isn't there any one of us who will stand up and say we don't want that to happen again!  I am talking about the rights of the mentally retarded. (not the demonized subjectively determined mentally ill.)  Isn't anyone going to say that they could be about the same as the lead wine Romans who had to have been mentally retarded from drinking and pushing lead wine?  And what about Crack babies?  That crack cocaine addict should have never been allowed to get pregnant.  Look at what they did to that child!!!!  Isn't anyone going to speak up for child who were born with birth defects?  Not one single person cares that irresponsible parents who would indeed be prone to have a mentally retarded child have their reproductive rights taken away. 

You want to clean up this country rather quickly you say you can either have and take drugs or have the right to reproduce but you can't have both!  The choice is yours.  Alcohol and tobacco are included in the choice.

Our smoking and drinking politicians want you to believe they are the great humanitarians by allowing birth defect children to be conceived and born?  Who in the h311 do you think you are fooling?  Am I the only mature adult in the United States of America.

Could you imagine the reality of a race of people that had the strong verbal ability to manipulate others but lacked the common sense of someone who is not mentally retarded?

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Originally published on 06 05 2013 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspotcom

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