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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plan B One Step 06 11 2013 Abortion Pill

Plan B One Step 06 11 2013

And remember if you crush that pill and secretly give it to another person who is pregnant you are guilty of murder!  And that can be proven.

And what if a girl takes it and then claims someone else gave it to her?

Should at least be some accountability for it.

She should indeed not be having unprotected sex if she doesn't want a baby.  The kit should also include a birth control method for the next time, such as prophylactic or ...

It might stop the spread of aides.  And if a woman has aides and the man has aides it is a good idea to have this pill available considering how many have it.

I like this idea. 

But you know the story of how jealous woman are of other women that have been straight laced and don't even know what an evil satanic woman or man is and how they would want to see that they didn't have that healthy baby?  (King Solomon and the Bible tells of such evil women.)

The answer watch what you eat like you are a King yourself!  And don't leave your food unattended. And make sure you eat at a trusted restaurant.

(Change of topic.  To have the ability to serve food and own a restaurant owners need to maintain a higher standard than what I have seen.  You can hear that owner bellowing like a bear drinking beer at a baseball game and then you look around and you wonder why he wasn't instead cleaning his restaurant.  It is not just a business it is a right to make and serve food to the public and that deserves a lot more respect than what I see.)

Back to the primary topic.  And after the declaration by a Republican that he believed that a woman should not be able to abort a baby even if she was raped this is indeed the appropriate measure.

Not only that it takes the concept of a woman being a whore all her life and then not being able to have a child because of it and therefore adopting someone else's out of the issue. That first whore could afford to have a child whereas the good woman could not because she was poor.  So the whore does not get the good woman's baby.  The whore does not get to walk down the isle of a baby nursery like she is buying a luxury purse anymore.  That is done.  We will indeed raise the standard of the poor and the whore will at the same time not be able to either have a child or buy or adopt one because their won't be any given away or sold.  So the whore becomes less of a whore.  What really happens is the old rich whore was getting the baby of the young poor whore who couldn't afford to keep it.  So the whore is out of luck in both cases?  The young whore can't expect to be an old whore and adopt a young whores baby.  What am I getting at?  Whore's being more responsible and less of whores.  Whores being less of whores choosing to marry men that they truly love and not those who can ease their adult life pain by buying them a baby so that they are like all the other tennis gals?

And maybe a young woman learns rather quickly not to have a baby of a low life man that she knows is truly incapable of supporting her.  (That one works in my (or guys like me) favor after awhile.)

An honest to God with all the business chemicals in an em biblical cord today (over 100) posing a threat of birth defect what nut would force a woman to have a baby.  That one hundred and one chemical gets rid of that issue. And if that woman or man was drinking at the time of conception (or one month before)  I think it would be a good idea to abort that baby, but that is the humble opinion of someone who believes that his human soul is bombarded by those who lost their higher brain function in the womb because of alcohol causing a very subtle birth defect.  Hopefully science will prove me right before the hags start chasing me off the planet.

And maybe the Tinker thinks twice about abusing his daughter, yeah I saw you at the coffee shop the other day and finally figured out what you were about.  Glaring at me like you wanted to start something while your young daughter shook her boots and tried to get my attention.  I am going to reform you Tinkers too.  You thought I was pro Irish and therefore pro tinker?  I think that one red headed Irish Queen had bad things done to her by the British in order to give her a higher tolerance to pain.  She might even be of Mary Lineage?  I feel sorry for her.  Some painting or picture depicts her nose being broken and two pieces of wood used along side it to clamp it the way the evil England King wanted it to look.  I think her soul was tormented and she was tortured in order to turn her against her belief in God?

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