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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Military Base Prostitute 06 17 2013

The Military Base Prostitute 06 17 2013
Do U.S. military bases have their own prostitutes (Human Slaves)?  With 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the Military one would assume this to be true.  Interesting way to think about this is in terms of the General Petraus case and how a bad woman might seek to move up the ladder?
Having a Prostitute at a military base is indeed consistent with the 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military.  And that prostitute may indeed be located near the military and everyone knows her name.  And as such she might be the business of a military official in that he gets kickbacks from her (Equivalent of pimping.)
And that whore can indeed pass on human sterility and the Ovarian Cancer virus to men as carriers as well as aides etc.
And what money would be used to fund the Military Base Prostitute?  U.S. taxpayer dollars!  There can be no argument about that.
One is tempted to say that it is entirely men’s fault.  But the nature of some evil women is to thwart both the foundations of freedom and what the good believe in.
So how do you prosecute your own military?  You would have to set up an independent Government entity.  And after that you might not even accomplish the objective of justice!
The only way you prosecute is to cut all payments to members on active duty that did not complain!  That indeed means they were complacent and in support of such activities.  Boom; you are off the payroll.  You should have known better than to defy the Constitution of the United States of America.  The 26,000 would still get their money and indeed have it reinstated.
You choke the life out of them financially.  In other words the United States Government will no longer pay for you to enslave women as prostitutes?
Then what happens?  The bad revolt and steal defense department equipment and loot the bases.  Do you know what?  They have done that already!
You ask those 26,000 and others and they will tell you who the prostitutes.  They will also be able to direct you to who the “official” pimps are based on expressions and conveyances made to them even if non verbal as well as the prostitutes.  And even who the “enlisted” prostitutes seem to be?  The “enlisted prostitute.”  There is a new term isn’t it?  A nice young girl can’t make a living in a corrupt town and out of national honor joins the military.  She has nowhere else to go!  And somehow is cajoled and raped to become the “enlisted prostitute.”  Makes you sick doesn’t it!
One more point:
You consensually have sex with a woman.  Then a few day’s later a pimp arrives at your door.  He is asking for money.  In my book of law that is human enslavement and you have the Civil War Right to kill him.  In my book killing of those who have enslaved human beings in the United States is a great honor.  But that is just my belief.  And if you do it you are going to be the one going to jail!!!!  So don’t take my advice.
So what happens next?  The poster.
 Wanted for Human Enslavement!
Dead or Alive
Name and picture
Last known address
Known friends and hangouts

Reward $1000.—
Payable to any U.S. Citizen with a valid SS number.  Those participating without a valid SS number to face usual criminal justice proceedings with possibility of death or fast track to U.S. Citizenship.

One more point.
So you have 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the United States.  How do you handle them when they are part of a criminal network that already existed in the United States?
Again the “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster.
And then another pimp comes to your door and you have to kill him too.  And the one after that which threatens you when you are away from your home in public in a manner consistent with the first two Enslavers of Human Beings in the United States.  You and I very well when you are being threatened in a similar vein in connection to an “Event” like refusing to take drugs, blowing the whistle on crime, or protesting Human Enslavement in the United States. They know who you are well before you ever became public with or communicated any of your opinions regarding them!
Human Enslavement is a part of organized crime as is the sale of drugs.  So if someone offers to sell or give you drugs and you kill them have you not also in some connected way prevented Human Enslavement?
Oh I am sorry you might want your kid on drugs or to be an enslaved prostitute and the elite want to protect what they feel is your right???  I take it all back all these odd things that I have written.  Please Lord do not trephinate my head.
It is implied by the Civil War Victory isn’t it and the Emancipation Proclamation.  Do not you have more lives lost in any time in American History as your legal precedent?  Can you make a better legal precedent than that?
And what of those forced into pornography?  That is human enslavement too isn’t it?
Are you not upholding and protecting basic Constitutional Rights in the United States?
And if the child is a drug dealer are we to assume the parents bear no responsibility, profit from it or are not involved in it?  Who do you think you are kidding?
I am not giving anyone advice.  There are my beliefs, I have the right to believe what I want to and I have the right to freedom of speech to communicate my beliefs to others. And what of the person that does not know how to interpret and gauge the beliefs of other people with consistency to their own?  Shouldn’t it be assumed that everyone knows right from wrong?  You get older and you learn that you can’t make the assumption of adult human being thinking capacity with everyone you meet and see!  So why should those of us who have the capacity to think for ourselves be burdened by those who from prima fascia evidence of behavior cannot? 
I didn’t tell you to do anything.  I just pointed out my beliefs of what is consistent and equal to human enslavement and how this country already decided upon it.  And indeed it would appear that a great many people would like to turn back the clock in the United States.  Is that not the goal of the Tea Party?  To turn back and obfuscate the meaning of the Tea Party.  Even if it is not the goal it is indeed the effect.  And effect does prove intent, with regard moreso to those who have compromised thinking?  You and I know to respect the rights of other people, but what of those that do not?  What happens when a great faction of people who never learned the lessen about respecting the rights of other people in the United States overwhelm the rest of us with ideologies Consistent with Human Enslavement?
And when my beliefs support our human rights and Constitutional right- the fabric or our democracy- how can they be questioned?  Only by transformed legalese that doesn’t.  They only way you gain support for Human Enslavement in the United States is through transformed legalese that doesn’t support human rights.   Such as a criminal empire buying the Government; that would do it wouldn’t it?  Can the Government be bought?  Senators seats such as the one Barrack Obama held in Chicago were bought and sold weren’t they?  Chicago being the heart of Organized Crime in the United States.  Speaking of which.  Are you trying to tell me that a company cannot make a shoe of the exact same quality materials as one selling for $80 to $120 dollars or more and sell it in the United States the land of the free.  There was once a 60 minutes episode that told how the Italian Mafia got a cut of all textiles, (clothing shoes, etc.) coming into the United States.
There should be no legal precedents to use to illegally deprive some one of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the United States.  If you believe you have thought of some good ones to use on us I believe that you don’t belong here.  And if you don’t belong here do you belong in a country where you can gain power and come back to haunt us with it through war?
In the criminal mind the pushing of drugs is the first step towards human enslavement.
And those who take them are advocating the use of them aren’t they?  Does it mean that they too are advocating Human Enslavement?  How many of you can remember who tried to push drugs on you in your lifetime?  And you also know who was standing around you to threaten you in support of those that were pushing drugs on you!  In my case it was members of the Boy Scouts of America.
(Acts to en your future family lineage!) will be another article that I will write.  I have never read about the topic being discussed anywhere.
Today it is not legal to kill someone in defense of everyone one of your Constitutional rights.  Even though it would support the motivation and victory of the Civil War, etc, etc, etc.   The reason with regard to the use of like deadly force is very simple even though it has never been very well articulated?
Two men or boys are harmlessly wrestling or sparring.  It gets out of hand because that is the nature of physical conflict and aggression.  One of their minds might have kicked into survival instinct mode.  One might have “violated” the sex organs of the other.  And one ends up killing the other with deadly force.  The law used to be written and likely still is that you can only use like force to defend yourself.  But what if you weigh 90 pounds and that other guy weighs 210?  It becomes a grey area there.  And how do you defend the rights of someone else who weighs 90 pounds against the 210 one?  Knowing all to well that you might suffer the fate of the 90 pound person being victimized.  Are we to believe that good will always be the victor in the 90 versus 210 case?  That would be a flight of fantasy belief wouldn’t it.  And what if it is man against 90 pound woman?  And what if etc etc etc.  It comes to the subjective opinion of trial of a jury that is less educated and less educated and less of a jury or your piers.  Could Jesus Christ have found a jury of his piers?  No!  A jury of his piers would have been mortified scared to come forward in support of him.  Just as one sticking up for Jews in Nazi Germany would face the gas chamber themselves.
What am I starting to get at?  If one is attempting to end your future family lineage maybe it should be legal to kill them with above deadly force?  And what of those who have had their future family lineage willfully and maliciously ended?  Should not the eye for an eye principle apply?
But if you made it a legal defense at the spot of a crime scene you would indeed  have it being used by every spoiled brat alive in defense of them killing someone innocent of the act.
Now what am I getting into?
And what is that?  The misuse or fraudulent use of legal defenses!
And a lot or our laws would seem to be influenced by legacy thoughts or intrusions from the Druid English.  Indeed the first Universities were indoctrinations of the Druid English in the United States.
The question then becomes:
Should misuse or fraudulent use of a legal defense be a crime?
And here is how I prove that it is!!!
Does fraudulent use of a legal defense obstruct justice?  YES!
The fraudulent use of a legal defense is an obstruction of justice.  An obstruction of justice is a crime because it defeats the criminal justice system.  It is a crime for a multitude of more reasons than that though.
And once you obstruct justice it decays the fabric of our democracy.  Why?  The criminals that attained money through crime and violence gain a foothold in our society.  And the good citizens learn they have someone living among them that they will be fearful of.  They are not living in freedom are they!!! To live in freedom does indeed you do not fear the presence or actions of the criminal mind?
Back to drugs being dealt to your children and other children on drugs.  Those other children act odd, not of their own responsibility, not of their own volition, have the reverted to animal instincts when they are “High” on drugs?  When you were around children who were high, such as I was in the Holy Family Church Grade School Troop of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin don’t those kids “High” on drugs appear to be a threat and danger to you?  Yeah I told.  And the troop was no more!  The issue of homosexuality is one that I have hand written and yet to type.  But the main point for you to think about is how does homosexuality support the human concept of survival of the human species and how doesn’t it?  Why doesn’t someone else write an article? Is there no one else in the United States that knows what it means to be a United States Citizen?  What did you do to all of them?

And what happens when Military bases are decommissioned and national guard arms munitions and centers are decentralized- meaning less.  Where do we find the Military base Prostitute?  We well indeed know there are Prostitutes.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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