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Friday, June 21, 2013

Swai Fish Filet Recipe 06 21 2013

Swai Fish Filet Recipe *****

2 Swai Fish Fillets
1 Pinch Ginger
1 Pinch Fennel
1 Dash Rice Wine Vinegar
2T Rice Bran Oil
2t Butter (softened)
1t Powdered Pineapple; bought from

Briefly thaw 2 Swai fish fillets in their individual plastic wraps under warm tap water.  Then place them in a mixing bowl full of warm tap water.
Put grilling pan under the top rack of broiler in oven and turn to hot setting.
Remove Swai fillets from their bags and place in mixing bowl.
On an empty spot at the bottom of the mixing bowl add a pinch of Ginger, A Pinch of Fennel, 2T Rice Bran Oil and 2t softened butter.  And a dash of rice wine vinegar.  Mix ingredients together with a fork and then coat the fish fillets with them. 
Place the fish fillets in the grilling pan and cook until half done on one side.  Carefully flip the fillets with a spatula and then sprinkle ½ t Powdered Pineapple on each fillet.  Cook until done and then serve.  (I ate mine with two slices of toast.) 
*****’ A Five Star Recipe

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