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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inventions Needed Financial Instrument 06 18 2013

Inventions Needed Financial Instrument 06 18 2013

A Grocery Store Credit or Debit Card that cannot be used to pay for certain items.

For example, a mother and father would both have to agree that an item on a list can be purchased as a grocery.  Or that agree that certain items are barred from being purchased.  It can work both ways at the same time.

The one who objects in the case of a dispute is allowed to annotate why.  So the grocery store clerk might say this is a disallowed item because your husband says it contributes to your diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

The card would be universal to any grocery store.  It would work by comparing the list of items allowed and disallowed to the store skew number.

And when a bag of groceries comes home with something one doesn't like they can put that skew on the list.

We might not be able to ban foods because of the corporate culture but this is a way to circumvent that in the name of the health and welfare of the people.

And indeed the card might come with a list of items banned already and as such tax payers who use a card like this, must confirm with legal description in every way, might get a tax break!  Why keeping health care costs and creating healthy children and adults.  Therefore better judgements concerning all of us.

How many times have you said, "I can't eat that!"  And it could still happen for over 40 years that food is brought home that you can't stand.

Also one might put on the list foods that they like but are not often purchased to remind that someone else this would make a healthier dinner alternative.

It would work about the same as a regular credit card.  I bet a credit card company would not be as likely to suffer from defaults because a healthy customer is a productive person and therefore has a greater ability to earn a living and support a family.

And indeed the card could ban alcohol and tobacco purchases on it from the start.  Such a concept credit card company might even be allowed to have a lower rate of loan by the Treasury.  For the reason being it makes more responsible citizens.  Also it might even have suggested items to buy and links to easy recipe's to make them.

It might even have a database that has ideas for natural remedies to ease or eliminate specific disease and sickness someone has!!!

It is a commonwealth type of principal.

And if there is an overweight person in the family it would help.  The eating healthy would be better for our economy than anything else.  We can contract as an economy while at the same time becoming much more wealthy!!!!!

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