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Saturday, June 15, 2013

It’s Not Human Trafficking and it’s not Prostitution it is Human Enslavement 06 15 2013

It’s Not Human Trafficking and it’s not Prostitution it is Human Enslavement 06 15 2013

It’s Not Human Trafficking and it’s not Prostitution it is Human Enslavement!
When the major Milwaukee Newspaper mentions that Milwaukee is known nationwide for human trafficking what does that mean to you?  You have to stop and think for a second before you go on with your day and forget about it.
What it really means is Human Enslavement!  And how serious a violation did the United States consider it to be in our history.  We got so mad about it that we waged a national war on those who were doing it in the South.  The North won that War!  So what was the verdict by the commander and chief of the nation at the time?  Either you stop human enslavement or we stop you!  And that meant we killed many from the south and also many from the north gave their lives to do it.  But good won over evil!  And you can consider that it was indeed a death sentence to enslave someone because that is the verdict the President gave!  The muskets came out and the North went after them.  With so many American lives lost in that War you would swear that the issue would never be tempted again!
Trafficking? The word is so odd that the spell checker has trouble with it.  What good do these euphemisms do us in the case of crimes against humanity?  Does it serve to not create public awareness when public awareness should be created?
And Milwaukee is known nationwide for human trafficking.  And it doesn’t matter whether that amounts to pimping prostitutes or paying illegal aliens pennies on the dollar it is Human Enslavement!
Can you tell me what literary convention the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel uses to call it Human Trafficking rather than what it is?  Usually when someone makes up phrases like this it is because they need them to hide culpability?  And one has to ask themselves if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had the sense to call things what they are or truth in Journalism would Milwaukee be nationally known for Human Trafficking today?  And if the Milwaukee Journal is not calling it what it is does it mean that they are culpable of the crime?  To understand this point you have to have lived in Milwaukee for quite some time and known how businesses have pulled the strings of the Milwaukee paper by canceling advertising agreements with it and indeed having reporters fired.  I cannot say for certain about the reporters fired issue but I believe it to be true. 
So indeed if the Newspaper calls it human enslavement and the wife of a wealthy businessman reads it and considers what her husband has done with regard to this activity she might get angry and or depressed and he might lobby the newspaper and complain and then they have to use a whole different term like Human Trafficking. 
You know that term has been bouncing off me for quite some time before I just said that’s enough it is obfuscating the truth.
So the Journal is indeed part of the business of channel 4 WTMJ in Milwaukee too.  And indeed it would seem that all the major networks in Milwaukee have about the same stance in terms of what they would call political correctness.  And political correctness isn’t political correctness at all it is political corruption in its worst form.
And I once heard it said that prostitution of one’s own daughter was common in some families.  I have to ask what man on earth would ever do this?  What louse would do this to his own daughter?  Rather than get a job at the lowest level in society he would sell his daughter?  That is a crime against humanity in my opinion and he should be executed for it. 
Will it be allowed to get to the point where everyone is doing it and we have to have another civil war to stop it?   Because Americans died in the Civil war to stop human enslavement it should indeed always be a crime punishable by death in the United States of America.  And we don’t need to make a big ordeal about it.  Put it into law and get the executions over quickly.  We don’t need a Hollywood producer making a film about the guy who comes back to life after being executed and some legal opinion that he was already killed and therefore can’t be killed again.
So that low life can’t work so he finds people to sell.  Do you know why we have the amendment that allows us all to have guns?  So that we cannot be sold in the United States!  But it is happening today.  If a prostitute kills her pimp I believe that she should not go to jail.  If a Mexican was enslaved and brought into the United States and he kills the enslaver I do not believe that he is guilty either.  This is what he did, I have a witness, I can tell you who he tried to make me sleep with or did sleep with.  And that is it.  I mean women need to feel safe in this world don’t they?  So you live in the suburbs and your husband did all the work in the family and supported you like it should be and he dies.  The thugs show up at your door?  You say get out.  They don’t and you shoot them.  The fact is that many women would not shoot someone.  And do you know what they should not be raised or live in a community that brings the issue into existence.
Do we have the term Human Trafficking because someone sold their daughter into marriage?  A man receiving money to marry a woman is called a dowry in India isn’t it?  Do we have the term Human Trafficking because the majority of sexually liberated women got to where they are by sleeping with men?  How indeed did she get where she is?  You would think that the pen of a woman would not be able to ink the term!  And is the way of the American wealth socialite class one of marriage independent of love?  And in the history of the world with regard to a religion that dominates our media in the United States today it was considered a norm to sell your wife for sex.  Media means radio, Newspaper and Television!
I suppose when you raise your children under the principal of enslavement of a human mind it becomes very easy to become immune to the meaning and crime of human enslavement.  “If I did this than I can do that also,” it thinks in personal defense of its crimes and motivation.
Some cold hearted women might object to this article but I bet there are some little girls who know the difference between right and wrong better than their mothers.  What’s the word?  Learned apathy?  Or learned helplessness?
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