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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Teacher Evaluation Form Feel free to use this one in place of the one they give you!!!!!!! 06 30 2013

Teacher Evaluation Form 06302013
Teachers Name:______________________________________________________________
Class Taught:________________________________________________________________
School/ Address:_____________________________________________________________
Approximate Year and Season:__________________________________________________

Check All That Apply Concerning Teacher:
3.____ Irritable
4.____Sings of Drunkenness or____ other substance abuse (3 of my High School Teachers at WFB ’85)
5.____Teachers focus or fixation in the classroom seems to be maintaining a glare at one student.
6.____Beady, mean nervous shifty eyes.
7.____Lack of depth with regard to what he/she is supposed to know. (____  Often covered up by distracting behaviors.)
8.____Views teaching as a game of harassment it can’t get caught at.
9.____Exhibits a personality mood disorder with unexplained temperament.
10.____Resents being asked questions.
11.____Inability to respond to questions in a constructive manner.
12.____Does not act like a normal father or mother would if teaching.  Ie. Odd or uncomfortable around children.
13.____Resents the presence of student when student is one who is respectful, quiet and listening.
14.____Uses the classroom as an attempt to demonize a student in a bad form of comedy; crass.
15.____ Does not appear to have the level of intelligence of a teacher because exhibits demonstratable (add the word to the dictionary already) flaws in maturity and therefore intelligence? ____ Ie. In order to be a teacher one should attain a foundation of common sense in life with regard to many things and this person appears to be “Floating on air” as a teacher with regard to that foundation. (This is also a telltale sign of people who should never be in other important professions.  Maybe someday we can use it to invalidate professional imposters?)
16.____Has the emotions of a rabid dog.  Ie.  A temperament in a human being the equivalent of fangs and a dog that wants to bite you.
17.____ Act’s like when it was a child it should have been wearing a dunce hat in class.
18.____Does not understand or comprehend relevance of question with regard to human existence.
19.____Does not seem to support the future of the profession represented by the curriculum taught.
20.____Emphasizes irrelevant aspects of curriculum.
21.____Can not make relevant real world comparisons of curriculum.
22.____Seem’s to disassociate material from real world understanding.
23.____Appears motivated to teach for a bad reason; only career left for them.
24.____Does not respect the profession of teaching because did not want to first and foremost be a teacher. ____Inherent view is that teaching is not a respectable profession.
25.____This is a teacher that fosters and promotes negative expectations for the brighter students.____Apparent motivation is resentment, ____envy.
26.____This is a teacher that would foster an atmosphere or conditions precedent to a student being bullied.  ___This teacher sits a student in front of or near a known bully that distracts them and acts like there is nothing it can do about it.  (My Jewish Spanish Teacher at WFB.  See where that is coming from?)
27.____This is a teacher that resents students that have good human nature and where raised by parents that loved them.
28.____This is a teacher that behaves like a common street punk and here is why I believe it,__________________________________.  This is a teacher that behaves like the College Cot Whore and here is why I believe it__________________________________________________________.
29. ____This is a teacher that see’s a student being physically abused by another student and a gleam forms in her/his eyes because she/he agrees with it.
29.  A. ____This is a teacher that is glaring at me while I am writing this review.
B. ____Making a threatening facial gesture.
C. ____Indicating an emotion precedent that it savors my negative review commentary as a means to show me in the future the futility of complaining about them.
30.____This teacher has a one dimensional understanding of the curriculum and here is why I believe this.
31.____I believe that this teacher has a bad motivation in teaching.____Religous____Money____Status.
32.____This teachers personality is flawed because.
a.____Small minded.
b.____Acts like is trying to appeal to a “click” of the student body.
c.____Other.  ____________________________________________________
33. ____This teacher exhibits statements and behavior indicative of it not wanting a student to be  able to express themselves.
34.____This teacher objectifies a student.
35.____This teacher creates a negative expectation for the student; that he/she does not have the ability to express their Constitutional Rights.
36.____This is a teacher that seeks to belittle and destroy personalities.  (____In contrast to lack of adequately disciplining another student for a known and good reason.)
37.____This is a teacher pits one child against another. ____And takes sides.
38.____This is a teacher that panders to the children of the wealthy and/or influential, etc..  ____To the detriment of the other students and teachings.
39.____This teacher lives a lifestyle that is not commensurate with his/her teaching salary!!!  ____And there is no evidence they would truthfully have the skills or means to make that extracurricular money.
40.____This teacher is a male that appears to have the mind of a woman or a female that has the mind of a man. _____And there is an issue with regard to that that I feel should preclude them from teaching.______________________________________________________________.
41.____This teacher appears to have had sex to get this job.
42.____Projects expressions of sexual desire unto students or classroom.
43.____This teacher appears to be opportunizing the institution of teaching and student populous for what appears to be extracurricular business reasons. ____ And therefore has no true place in teaching.
44.____Seems to use sex as a distraction or create sexual imagery.  Ie. Brings in an attractive young college woman to sit in the front row; that he would act like is having a fling with.  (Auditing Professor at UWM)
How does a child say:
45.____This teacher is singling me out and harassing me for the benefit of the other students.  (Often the good child is overwhelmed by the insult of such personalities and has no concept of what is really occurring.)
46.____I believe this rendition of world history is wrong because the human elements of motivation do not fit.
47.____I think that the teacher has some kind of mental defect for this reason._________________

48.____I believe this teacher has the same cognitive framework as a child molester.  Here is why:
And honest to God there are so many bad people and we have so little constructive understanding of them or the nature of them.  All Psychiatry is good at is defining their victims!

Psychiatry has no relevance with regard to the Satanic mind as Revealed to us by Jesus Christ a Jew and our Lord and Savior!
49.____This teacher exhibits all the characteristics of a bad employee.__________________________________________________________________________________.
50.____This teacher has attempted to isolate a student in a room in order to initiate a sexual act.____This is a teacher who attempted rape.
51.____This teacher promotes homosexuality.____And I believe this contributes to the rape and cover up of the act of rape.
52.____This teacher has knowledge of drug use in school and does not act upon it. _____Based on this teacher’s expressions and/or behavior his teacher appears to be an accomplice to or goes along with the act of drug trafficking among students or faculty or in extracurricular programs.
53.____This teacher promotes the underage drinking of alcohol in relation to sports. (____Other Contraband)
54.____This athletic director/teacher has offered a prostitute for the best game player. ( ____; offered a prostitute to whole team if team wins.)
55.____Based on my viewpoint from these questions I would recommend this teacher should be barred from teaching.
56.____I have personal knowledge of this teacher having extramarital affairs. ____I believe extramarital affairs affect the integrity of them being able to teach.
57.____This teacher is complacent with children being sexually molested under his/her watch.
Signed:  TSOC

If a child is not doing well in school it is that guidance counselor’s responsibility to figure out why or else the child should be getting good grades?
Other notes concerning this review:
Teachers maybe should not read their own reviews, in some cases where a personality type has been flagged by a reviewer, but instead be questioned concerning them by a counselor that rephrases in order to validate what student wrote and therefore assure accurate diagnostic of teacher.
For the benefit of all of humanity this review should be applied retroactively to every teacher that you ever had.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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