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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Business As An Agreed Upon Good Idea 06 01 2013

Business As An Agreed Upon Good Idea 06 01 2013
You know that we need them.
How many times do you see a corporation with one person’s name on the door and think that the person would say, “I made this!”
Well most likely you didn’t.  You made that business using American Capital.  And that Capital was granted to you by an American bank.  Sometimes you even borrowed money from shareholders.
But what is the point?  Many businesses that borrowed American Capital and are Corporations with limited liability have not acted in the best interest of the public.  In fact many have been a great liability to the health of Americans.  And once they get started they are hard to stop.
To say that you made that when a bank took the risk to lend to you does not seem like a truism to me.  Especially in light of many banks failures and bailouts by the United States taxpayer.  In which case it transitions to mean that the taxpayer really had a hand in the success of your business.  And this is indeed why we need to consider every citizen of the United States to be an asset to educate and value.  And not people to get hooked on drugs or be born with birth defects caused by Chemical pollutants from Corporations “out of hand.”
So if the public agrees on a business to start it would seem that we could also agree on businesses to end with the same type of process.
So the public agrees on a business to start. Where does the money go to?  The public right.  Indeed that was what every corporation was supposed to prove before they could be granted a corporate charter.  So it is indeed consistent with America’s initial belief with regard to granting limited liability.
And of course we can work the profit sharing model into this idea to with the person whose idea it was getting a larger percentage because it was indeed his idea.
So what about competition and markets?  All of the U.S. etc. And if the public had to agree on it being started then all activities of that business would have to be transparent and subject to public scrutiny too.  And because it was a public business it means that qualified members of the public can work there in rotational shifts.  We do have a labor problem don’t we.
And indeed if there have been found to be crimes committed at corporations those businesses would be scheduled for public review and transition to this business model.
And if there are bad employees at the business it becomes an open public record of what they did.
And wouldn’t it be great if people stood up and said, “I take personal responsibility for all actions of this business.”  For example a car is made with a fuel leak and a family dies in it.  That executive agrees to the penalty commensurate with murder?  For important decisions regarding safety even the least of voices needs to be heard?
What is the point?  The current Corporate business model does not fit in with the Constitution of the United States or what we stand for!  And it has caused the sprout up of a lot of people here that do not have our core beliefs.
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