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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inventions Needed Electric Car Theory 06 02 2013

Inventions Needed Electric Car Theory 06 02 2013

Theoretically if you had a very light weight car you could increase the mileage per unit of energy if a set of larger diameter power train wheels where lowered into drive mode!!!  In fact you could do that with any car.

It could work.  The smaller diameter wheels would get the car started moving and the larger diameter wheels would use the rotational force past the point of resistance and friction.  And in theory you would just need one cylinder and one cylinder stroke with one drop of gas to power those large diameter wheels.

For longer trips.  And it would need to have an integral self scale so that it could be determined how much power would be required to keep it from stalling on the way up hill.  And how fast to travel on the way down unobstructed by traffic to make it up the hill without stalling. 

You might like to say that a transmission handles this.  No, a transmission does not create a larger and more efficient wheel!

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