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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fragmented German Pancake Recipe 02 01 2014

Fragmented German Pancake Recipe 02 01 2014

4 Brown eggs
1 t Brown Rice Syrup
4 heaping teaspoons of Barley Flour
¾ t Ghee
½ t Rice Bran Oil
A pinch of Cake Spice.

Add eggs and Ghee butter to your Bullet Grinder and blend. Then add the four heaping teaspoons of Barley Flour, brown rice syrup and rice bran oil and cake spice.
Add mix from your bullet grinder to a cast iron griddle that you had preheated under the broiler on the top rack of your oven with water in the griddle to just above the grate line.  It will brown fast on top so you will then want to switch to the oven function (lower burner) and put it on the lower rack.
Scrape the fragments out of the pan and serve with butter and syrup!  Flavor is excellent! 

Note:  This was an attempt to make this pancake faster than the 45 minutes it usually takes but it turned out taking that long because it cooked quicker on the top than the bottom and the griddle had to then be placed on the lowest oven rack and the pancake baked. Better to get the griddle pan more hot than I did.  Might be accomplished by adding water from the microwave to it after griddle heats up.  The flaw was that these did not cook from the bottom up because the pan was not hot enough.
Now I do believe that there is merit to this method and that with a few revisions I will be able to make a German Pancake in about 10 minutes!  Although the recipe did not turn out like I had planned the pancake fragments tasted excellent and the pancake was done.  This recipe did not float on the water in the griddle like my recipe for griddle eggs did the other day.  Perhaps a few modifications are all that is needed, I am not sure if I oiled the griddle or not this time; that could make a difference in whether if floats or not.
And the reason that I post this recipe is because there is an element of levity in moments of imperfection.
And I didn't add any milk because it doesn't do anything good for me!

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