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Friday, January 31, 2014

The U.S. Department of Defense Already Knows 01 31 2014

The U.S. Department of Defense Already Knows 01 31 2014

I heard on the radio as I was traveling to Iowa that the U.S. had a goal of putting the same mind in every soldier with head trauma.  That means that they already know that after the person whose one soul that belongs to dies that it will still be present in those multitude of soldiers and not go to heaven.  They have to already know this or they would not go to that great effort of doing that!  And in order for them to already know they would have had to have killed someone in experiment to figure it out and prove it.

Colonel John Alexander Stated way back in 1991 that the Department of Defense had created synthetic telepathy!  That is essentially the ability to emulate the symptoms of the most horrific form of mental illness known to the human race- schizophrenia.  It means split soul.  So once it is split by the United States military it goes into those soldiers who experienced head trauma and any other innocent bystanders who were looking to forgive themselves of their past crimes by assuming the identity of a man?

So an unnecessary series of wars are created in times of peace so a grunt of a high school drop out or someone that could not get into college goes to that war and serves in it and gets his head bashed in whereby he gets to have a mental overlay of a United States citizen that is tortured for his benefit.  While the satanic who were born that way just stand back and enjoy the whole process like monkeys who are locked in cages for committing crimes would taunt a new prisoner who is a human being?

There is absolutely no honor in the United States Military today!  None!  If they were indeed bound to protect the United States Constitution it would be their own self mandate to dissolve in times of peace!

The way it should work is that happy people all over the world go about their business until there is a conflict at which time a military forms.  So indeed the people who keep the military alive are the defense contractors and that facilitates war?  And that technology has just gotten better and better until they can use it on their own citizens without the general public being aware of it.  And one defense contractor colludes with another from another country in the process of keeping the threats alive.  And what I am trying to get at with this paragraph is a psychological profile of that which can not be content being happy going about their own business.  Because that archetype runs in every country doesn't it!  Let me ask you this, in this chess game what would happen if the entire world did away with that archetype and vowed to re-frame from what creates it at conception, natal development and childhood development; the world would indeed find peace in their absence!

And many businesses that are wreaking havoc on the world today would not be around after WWII if they had not found a way to continue to qualify as a defense contractor.  So indeed the solution might also be that no company is allowed to qualify as a defense contractor in a time of peace.  And the way to go about that is to declare today that today will be a time of peace.  And did that defense contracting in a time of peace lead to our $17 Trillion national debt?  Without a doubt!  Not only that it created a broad concept called Nuclear Liability.  Nuclear Liability can be thought of an American child walking through a foreign country that land minds were dropped at; only that American child is taking a drink of water in the United States and being poisoned by radioactivity from nuclear waste (much like Japan or Chernobyl)

I am not aware of anyone in our political arena that thinks like that last paragraph there.

But it is indeed the Corporate business status that allowed companies to continue in business and become military contractors when in deed free market forces should have bankrupted them and the process given rise to industries that actually benefited the United States and the entire world.

FDR and presidents under his influence after him kept the military industrial complex alive as well as the alcohol industry that creates no where else to go and are also no good for us after they come home from getting there.

Support our troops?  Sure I supported that my father served in WWII and Korea and was very proud of him.  But wouldn't it be better if we took that which causes wars out of our worldwide equation?  And I do believe that many U.S. serviceman are killed by friendly fire in these wars that are not wars.  We are in league with Great Britain.  The royal Saudi family was all educated in Great Britain.  And indeed Israel was repopulated with Jews from Great Britain.  Nazi war criminals were kept in Great Britain and not all were executed.  And indeed there is a connection between British Corporations aiding Adolf Hitler!!!  And it was a high ranking Great Britain intelligence official that stated Al-Qaeda was a fabrication or machination something like that, not real.  And the rounding out of this is that Osama Bin Laden who actually took credit for the 911 bombing is part of that Saudi Royal Family.  And if he was not Al-Qaeda too then there would be no purpose in us fighting Al-Qaeda.  (And what is the name Al-Qaeda?  It is like what George Lucas asked his creative director to come up with for the costume of the Sid He, he said, "I wants something that will scare the h3ll out of children.  So Al-Qaeda would actually be financed by Great Britain?  And Great Britain bought the old Standard Oil company from the United States and profits handsomely from High Oil prices.  Now the Rf- negative blood type is more common in Europe in the Royal Family; and that blood type has its very own unique psychology.  And FDR traveled to Saudi Arabia immediately after WWII.  FDR was of English French nationality and he believed in the Wisconsin Eugenics movement of one must surrender there individuality for the needs of industry.  And that actually means you split the soul of a healthy human being for the benefit of an entire community of a beer town built around a brewery in Alma Wisconsin.  And the concept applies to the benefit of all the children of the wealthy martini class that had children with Satanic minds; meaning their hippo campus is defective.  And you know what happens to them when they get old?  They get Alzheimer's!  Why?  Because their brain is not operating on its own memories but rather on an outward reception from what it gets human beings to react to or react to it!  Think of the way the Beast in the movie predator thought.  Jumbles of words and phrases crossing its mind.  What happens to the Alzheimer's patients is that instead of their brain being integral to their own personality it is like there is a cold dead layer of atrophied connection on the surface of the hippo campus to the rest of the brain.  And that cannot be fixed because in order to do that you would actually have to switch the functions of the outer brain to the inner brain.  And that cannot happen because the brain and human being develops from the brain stem. I will add a little more, if your childhood memories of things that you did become so horrific that you do not want to remember them but instead become someone else it means that your brain is actually working invertedly.  And like I pointed out above it doesn't function that way and can't.  It cannot be made to function that way.  And what is a tell of the nature of a person that will get Alzheimer's?  They will have no good or meaningful interaction with their own children, those children we be directed to seek a different idea for what a father or mother should mean for them rather than what it can only mean for them to be raised to be good and honest human beings!  In other words your love for your human being children can only come from the inside out!

They are like birds that fly backwards.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So I get a box in the mail.  And when I open it I think of how I will use it.  That is out of the box thinking.  Whereas a person above gets a box like that in the mail and does not know what to do with whats in it, he grabs it like a sun bleached bone and beats someone over the head with it and discards it!  No he wants to see what I do and think about what is in the box doesn't he!  Out of the box thinking.  Imagine if you will that those who live inside of the box are only allowed to live their because they do not have the ability to think outside of the box?  And why do they want to know what I do with what is in the box?  So they can claim to be the one who knows what is best to put in the next box.  It makes them look and feel as if they can provide when they really cannot?  In effect it makes it seem to them as if they have the ability to think from the inside out as is required to raise a child.  But instead of raising their children they want to know what I do and think about what is in the box.

God Bless, Good Bye. 

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