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Monday, January 27, 2014

$4.50 at the pump, NSA under the control of Great Britain, Monitors all Communications; Amoco/Standard Oil is sold to British Petroleum

$4.50 at the pump, NSA under the control of Great Britain, Monitors all Communications; Amoco/Standard Oil is sold to British Petroleum
The Saudi Royal Family was educated in Great Britain (England)
Did spying by the NSA facilitate that transaction?  You know monitoring who is in position of Corporate management?  What are they talking about?  Do they favor the deal at a certain price?  How far back does this NSA spying go?  Did they also facilitate big Tobacco Companies winning lawsuits?  And how about modifying Tommy Machine Guns so that the ones the IRA used were ineffective?-Did they also modify the guns of the FBI during Prohibition so that they were ineffective?  Remember FDR was of English descent and he was shipping goods to Great Britain in the War against Germany.  But what was coming into the United States on those ships then or prior to FDR getting into office?  Were they Modified Tommy Guns?  FDR was indeed a head of a key critical position in the Navy!  He was a Democrat so that would indeed be the evil wealth strain in the Democratic Party!  His family wealth came from the Opiate trade with China.  We are seeing Heroin pouring into the United States and we know that a British Bank helped facilitate this!
How much profits have British Petroleum companies made from the high price of oil?  It has to be in the trillions!

If I were President I am done with Great Britain they would be paying for all of the United States future energy needs.
Has Great Britain also colluded with its former domicile China through Hong Kong to defraud American Investors and American Corporations; again with the NSA?  That is called perfect information in the business world.  Has Great Britain also found a way to manipulate our judicial system in the United States; I believe that they have!
 A British Bank laundered drug money coming into the United States from Mexico.
Are the British using the American NSA to target phone conversations to see how the sons and daughters of men can be sold drugs to and abused?  What is the history of behavior that would support that conclusion?  1000 girls sexually molested in Great Britain by the hit BBC star Jimmy Savile!  It could not have gone unknown to Royalty there!
Sure Adolf Hitler didn’t like Great Britain.  But neither did the Irish!  Why?  Because the Irish were greatly victimized by Great Britain! If I were President of the United States Great Britain would be giving every single thing that they took back!  There would be no Middle Eastern Royalty in Ireland; you get to go back and sleep in the sand in the dessert!
And a lot of the imagery that we are seeing from Guantanamo Bay and the Middle East appears to be fraudulently created to me!  And it appears to me that we have a world today that is dominated by those who thrive on victimizing human beings; I won’t stand for it!  Sure you can say that when Jesus Christ compromised the money they went after him to kill him.  But remember what happened when the Confederate South refused to give up enslavement, and Great Britain supported them?_ -It was a blood bath and the North Won!  You wouldn’t like living in a world that was slavery based!
The way human beings are being treated in the United States today parallels the mean spirit of the South in the Civil War and I want that out of here!
The high Interest rates we face on our credit cards today are manipulated and in effect usury!  And it was indeed Great Britain that had the power to manipulate the London Interbank Offer Rate (Interest Rate) that almost sent the United States into another Great Depression!  (Mortgage Crisis)Did Great Britain also use the American NSA to facilitate the Bernie Madoff Ponzie Scheme?  Do you not remember hearing the recording of Bernie on the phone stating, “They don’t really know what we are doing?”  Are their people living in houses in your neighborhood that did not earn them; I believe that is true to! Has Great Britain also used the NSA to spy on Americans and defraud them?  It is the perfect relationship isn’t it?  Because Great Britain would have to have spies in the United States to get the whole thing up and running and then the data isn’t even collected in the United States but in Great Britain!
Did you see how that was shaping up to be?  It was made to look like the United States was doing all the snooping when it was really Great Britain and English spies in the United States?  They almost had the whole world turned against us!
Were there drugs coming into the United States on Naval vessels at a time before FDR was President and with the navy?
If I were President of the United States there would no longer be any evil adults here to wink at your children and lure them away.  Not only that the majority of cases of mental illness in the United States would be cured!  Yes Great Britain is that bad!  It is like what a Jewish man once said to me in an Investment analogy, “These are like two different species.  One might be a genius and the rest of them mentally retarded!”
And our drive to privatize schools mimics a lot of concepts that Great Britain has used in its history to dominate other countries (I.e. India) Ronn Johnson of Milwaukee was a big whig in the private school industry and he was found to have molested children; he died in his home when it caught on fire recently and he was burnt to death!  Johnson is indeed an English Surname.  That is what Private schools are about; and the taxpayer should never have to pay tuition for other children to go to them!
Believe me the United States will never have a shortage of anything with them out of here!
A Propane Shortage?  Most people don’t know that the west of the United States is having a warm winter!  So what is causing the propane shortage?  Likely the same thing as the price at the gasoline pump.  (A record grain harvest sucked up all the propane to dry the propane is what they said on television.)  And it would have been nice if the Utility companies and our Government had enabled solar based energy on all of our homes more easily!  But what is preventing that?  Look who has an interest in fossil fuels!
To understand the actions of the NSA you have to look at everything that has transpired in the last 20 or 30 years in terms of Corporate Actions, Military Actions, and Government policies!  I believe they all could be influenced by NSA spying.  And I don’t like to bash the gays and lesbians but FDR’s wife was a Lesbian and the rate of women having sex in England has quadrupled in I believe 20 years.  Now that is a disturbing trend.  What we also know about the Rh negative blood type is that they are more likely to be gays and lesbians, I would speculate because they have a greater percent of reptile DNA.  And indeed that strain appeared mysteriously in Europe some 10,000 years ago.  I believe it is most concentrated in France from a chart I looked at; in fact highly concentrated in France, but again FDR was of French lineage too.  But what the DNA homosexuality is telling us is that there is indeed an entirely different psychology related to the Rh negative DNA blood type!  And we see that ugliness show itself in many ways in our world today!  For example I just see what is done to people and read about it and there is no other way for me to understand it other than to say it originates from an inhumane origin!
And if I were President of the United States I would take control of Great Britain and deprive them of alcohol to see if it made them good people!  I would do a lot more than that however!
So what the United States has a right to know, what every single United States citizen has a right to know is who was spied upon and why!  And what was learned from every single case of spying and what actions resulted from it.  And it does indeed have relevance to what is going on in Syria and Egypt!
So we had all that capability and it could have been used to completely clean up the United States of drugs, but that did not happen! 
And I will tell you something about the eyes of people are born defective, they have an eye mobility disorder.  You can spot it because they eye does not move left and right in the socket as it would in a normal person, in effect it looks like the muscle and tissue support has atrophied!  Have you ever seen someone turn their head and give you that dang evil eye like that?  A woman on the bus in Chicago did that in 1991.  What happened to customer support that respects the customer and smiles?  I walked into restaurant Chicago once an the black kid behind the counter said, “He’s giving me a bad vibe.”  That is now how you keep a job in my point of view!  If you have a job you keep those personal emotions of prejudice to yourself!  I also saw black high school kids take the French fries of a white boy and not give them back!  And today Chicago has a great heroin problem.  Do you realize that we had the inwave of Mexicans and their drugs through Texas on George Bush’s watch and now we have the flood of drugs in Chicago Illinois the land of Lincoln on the watch of Barrack Obama who hailed from their as a Senator?
And in Milwaukee White teachers want to not have to live in the inner city even though it is a law.  I say all well and good!  Let black people teach those black children and we will see how good they are at it.  And the black people have not done well in the United States and my heart goes out to them.  We should have never brought you over hear as slaves!  But to be fair to black people, I don’t like the same white people that you don’t!  And here is what I think of Management of Corporate America; they do not earn their own money just like plantation owners whipping black slaves did not earn theirs!  That is a fact to me!  So one day it might all settle out and the bad people are gone, and we will keep it that way!  And blacks and white human beings will live in peace and harmony in the United States.  There should be no misogyny however; because I believe that when it occurs the DNA misses part of creating the part of the Human being called the soul.  In the future I think of their will not be any form of drugs or alcohol that would create the mentally defective at birth that will grow up to become evil people!  And there is only one way that that can be enforced the entire world over!
And this is what I believe in!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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