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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I can’t forget Sandy Hook 01 18 2014

I can’t forget Sandy Hook
That is what Barrack Obama declared when he wanted to put forth gun control.  Now Barrack Obama just came home from a vacation at Oprah’s Hawaiian resort!  He took his wife there.  Did Sasha and Elia go with him?  I believe that they did.  Apparently Barrack did not fear them staying with Oprah.  Even though it was Oprah’s experimental school in Africa that nicked little girl’s clitoris’s with a razor.  Barrack did not fear that their clitoris’s would be slit?  And I know it reads horrible but the fact is it was horrible!

Did Barracks campaign get a lot of financial support from Oprah.  We don’t know but we sure can connect the dots can’t we!
I’ve got news for you Barrack, I can’t forget Oprah’s Experimental School and the children that had their clitoris’s nicked!  Now plain and simple that is witchcraft!  And it is like oh this Catholic Priest is such a good man, gives a sermon every week!  And we find out they were sexually molested it really invalidates anything good they ever did in their lives!  Why?  Because for some reason that person has been proven a Satanic based fraud! 
Can it be said that money for Barracks election came from the nicked clitoris’s of little black girls?  I can’t forget that!  And Barrack you are not going to be able force me or anyone else like me on voodoo medicine so that we do forget that!  Had the correct course of action taken place Barrack would never have been President because Oprah would be in jail somehow via international law and a crime against humanity!  A crime against humanity gets the death penalty anywhere in the world!
Barrack is a complete hypocrite with a satanic motive!
What really is health insurance where an American has to pay for it?  I paid about $3,200 a year for mine.  Over a period of 20 years that amounts to about $64,000.oo.  Now if you have ever analyzed the structure of large Tea Party Financial institutions you realize that they often have health insurance units.  And financial firms in the brokerage industry often get a kick back when they use a certain market maker.  I believe that companies get a kickback too when they do not use their own health insurance company, through some form of contract.
But here is the fraud.  All a company really has to do is keep hiring and firing people to make money from the Health Insurance premiums that American then has to pay!  Now $64,ooo.oo is a large part of a house principle payment!  And that makes it a Qui Tam lawsuit!  How many people have been made mentally ill because they worked with beasts of people?  It is stated that 40 percent or so of us are?  Forty percent of 300 million = 120,000,000.oo  Now you multiply that times $64,000,000.oo and you get an astronomical figure of $7.68 Trillion Dollars!  It should really be, you be the good doctor or you leave this country!  Would that bankrupt the Tea Party banking industry if they had to fork it over to us!  Yes!  But the fact that they teetered on bankruptcy and the taxpayer had to bail them out means that they should have been gone a long time ago.  We now learn that JP Morgan one of the largest banks in the U.S. was found liable for billions related to the Bernie Madoff scandal!  That means it was an attempt to Bankrupt the United States and send us into another great depression.
Now what of Medicare?  I am told that, 1. Doctors never receive the amount of money over and above what Medicare pays from the health insurance company! 2. That Doctors have the option of writing that amount off.  3.  That it is illegal to sell health insurance to someone on Medicaid! 
Have you been on Medicaid and also been lead to believe you also needed that private health insurance?  Have you paid it for 20 years?  And what happens when you don’t?  That doctor raises the fee to the sky and refuses to write it off and you are bankrupted because you don’t have that extra insurance you are made to pay for! 
Have I ever really needed $64,000 in health insurance in the last 20 years?  No!  The way it works is that you need an antibiotic and you have to go see a doctor or six different ones to get it!  You almost have to cry.  They will give you the reason that there is antibiotic resistance.  And the cause of that is that it was given to the cows that were beaten with chains and had their eye’s poked out by the drunken American farmer.
That private health insurance is going to fuel more banking profits.  And that is going to keep the wealthy in power after they have lost their utility based fixed income due to adoption of solar energy.
You wouldn’t believe how many people I want to leave the United States of American because they are not compatible with living with our Constitution!
Those are some very good points that also make it a Qui Tam lawsuit!
And we get this from the Jewish King David running a protection racket!  I am greatly offended by anyone putting the strong arm to Americans for money for their health!
So Barrack wants to take away our Guns, slit little girl’s clit's, and collect Health Insurance money from us?  That is how it reads to me.
Let’s see little black girl goes to school in the United States and is summoned to see the school nurse?  That is the wrong direction for the United States.

The point is that both the slitting of clitoris's and Sandy Hook elementary are both instances of witchcraft and the desire to demonically possess people.  So do we keep turning around in circles to see who to point the single finger at?  No, there is only one place we have to point that finger!

So over the next 20 years Americans will be bailing us out of the debt that we didn't create?  $7.68 million?  I got news for you, it won't work!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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