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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cheating at the Olympics 01 28 2014

Cheating at the Olympics 01 28 2014

Everyone labeled Schizophrenic has equivalently involuntarily entered a non compete contract!
Is the world’s competition really fair?
And that it is true regarding the person labeled schizophrenic, you are too good at everything, that they do not want you competing with them in the world.  Why not?  It rapidly ruins their delusion of self!

And I know what you are going to say, “Well go ahead and compete then!”  Well we can’t can we because we are in our own mini concentration camps created for us by you aren’t we!  Held uncompetitive by the voice from the parable of the talents and also modern technology termed “Active Denial Systems”
Now think of that the next time you watch the children of the wealthy competing in professional sports or in the Olympics; they are not the best in the world!   The are not even close;  they are spoiled brats that live in a delusional dream world created for them out of projected self pity from their parents!
In fact there are not more uncompetitive sportsman in the world than what you see in professional sports and the Olympics!
And when you see them on TV or in public that is exactly how you should think of them!  And they do indeed get the hint after awhile and become deflated of their stolen athletic skills!  It is rather easy to do!
What Vladimir Putin is already doing is propagandizing the Olympics so that it seems more valid then it actually is!  And I do mean where he is refocusing the true nature and inquiry of the Olympics to rather if homosexuals will be there or terrorists will be there!  Then when none actually are it too makes Vladimir look like a hero just as the Gold Medal winner does!  The truth is that he functions like a Griffin that maintains a castles wealth or rather a satanic world order!
World leaders seem to operate together as if they share the same bu77hole!  Might be termed shared bu77 hole form of world order.
Putin is also very good at making everyone believe he is the exact opposite of that!  He isn’t and nor are any of our world’s top athletes legitimate!  Just as the mortgage bankers in the United States and those here from England did not earn their own home because of the fraud!
And sure you would like to say I want to destabilize the world’s economy?  No, no, no- I am exposing the frauds that are committed that serve to destabilize not only the world’s economy but also the ability of humanity to sustain itself!  It is like Barrack Obama blaming those who expose crime (whistle blowers) for the crime.  I wonder if poor black people get that!  And isn’t really that the function of a referee in a pro sports game to blow the whistle and adjudicate; so should not our legislature also be the ones who are enabled with whistles and giving medals of honor to the whistle blowers.
Do you know what the biggest life problem is for an Olympic Athlete or Professional Sports star?  “How hard it is for them to have to think over or through the thoughts from the mind of a human being that they demonized and ruined!  And because they do not do their own thinking they have more energies and calories for their bodies!  And sure maybe I could never win an Olympic Speed Skating Contest, but when one out of a hundred people in our world today are actively denied from using their own minds to think with it really means that the real winners are not receiving the Gold Medals!
And how would you feel if you knew Russia was using stolen minds from American human beings to best our own American Athletes with?  That is what they figure out after Eugenics, that in order to be competitive in our society the ogre actually also has to be intelligent.  The answer to that problem for them is nothing less than horrific!
And if we got the right media reporters at these events those who are not the true human being competitor can rapidly be deflated!  Watch for that and also watch for Vladimir Putin trying to deny United States reporters coverage or access to interview the athletes!
So you think that you are like me and understand what I am saying?  Before you sit down and watch this stuff order yourself some “RUE” herb.  It is an anti witchcraft remedy and you will be amazed at how well it works!  Start to chew that herb and watch how rather mysteriously the talent and ego’s you see on television star to become much less talent; and that that much less talent is indeed their true talent!  What you will see is that they get a look on their face like they are eating something bad in their mouth, like a meal not fit for royalty, and that will indeed tell you whose soul they have hijacked!  Now whatever foreign country you live in and if you have the diagnosis of having your mind split, (Called schizophrenia) try this when an athlete from your country or one suspect from another country is competing!  And you have done absolutely nothing wrong, in fact you might have just contributed to the saving of humanity!
And if this was done the world over you might see a massive revival of energy of the free of this world!  And I am not a schadenfreude I am a Counter-Schadenfreude.  And no human being on our multi-country earth really wants to watch the anti-competitive compete!  In fact quite a few of these people the world over should have their phones and personal assets confiscated!  And that would indeed be in the competitive spirit of the Olympics!
And you might say I am a bitter person and declare you believe it to be so by saying I am a loser?  To which I would simply reply, “Perhaps you should have never been born.”

Vladimir was really trying to ward off this truth and the reality of it with his distraction regarding gays!  And the USSR was indeed a prime parapsychology researchers!  In this case it means experimenting with the minds of human beings and torture!  And what they discovered they never told the world’s population! 
And believe it or not this construct that I speak of is the exact reason the United States feared the spread of Communism the world over!  And what is communism?  It is really like a barn or a private school where you put the wealthy children that can’t learn for themselves to live off the demonized mind of a human being!  Not only are they anti competitive but they should be ashamed to be seen in public anywhere in the world!
Let’s put it this way as I try to explain the concept.  If I am water boarding someone that you do not like when you are competing in the Olympics you are going to do a better job at them because that water boarded person’s life’s energy is being displaced and lending to your own!  And that person in this case is likely a human being that never did anything wrong in their lives!  And that is why they are not liked!  And that is why the Olympic Athlete of the Professional athlete relishes knowing when they are being water boarded!  And hence a satanic connection has been made by them to the person being remotely tortured, shocked and traumatized!  And the Russians did indeed prove this with Kirlean photography of the human energy body!
And the reason the human being is being tortured in the first place is that the satanic mindset knows the human being is better than them because they are human beings with their own souls and thinking minds; and the fact that they are the equivalent of (WB’sd illegible word) gives the satanic minded athlete (likely an Rh- bloodtype) a sense of empowerment over human beings or rather a sense of greatness the athlete will never deserve in its life!
Could Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ryan Braun have been top salary earners in their fields without the use of steroids?  WE WILL NEVER KNOW; EVEN THOUGH WE DO KNOW and we are not supposed to say!  Because neither I nor you are supposed to judge!  I’ve got news for you Rotten Vodka Potato Heads, in a democracy the people judge; not the Griffin!
And if there is legalized sports betting anywhere in the world sports will be unfair competition!  Why?  There is an implied displacement between the human observer and the satanic observance by the Griffins or satanic of our world; in order to set the House Odds!  In other words once either a person is deprived from using their own minds whether it be through distraction or medication that mind has become freed in time and space, to be used by those setting house odds as well as the satanic who thrive on displaced human energy of those tortured!  And it is torture to displace a mind from a human being!  In fact there can be no meaner thing than that that you could do to a human being!  That is about the meanest thing someone could do; and it is the product of torture.  And sometimes that torture is rather subtle!  Therefore ALL gambling is really cheating by the Gambling House!  But you won’t ever see that because the peoples lives who have been expensed to facilitate it walk the earth as zombies from being the equivalent of knocked over the head and having their ability to use their higher human minds greatly defeated!
So we have 2 instances where by the Satanic benefit from soul displacement in professional sports today;
1.       Benefits in terms of increased performance by the demon athlete competing!
2.       Benefits to the Gambling House!  Do British Banks really make money from online Gambling Operations businesses?  The fat that Romney had his toe in the door of Great Britain, the Olympics and also the Grand Cayman Islands tells me that this is true.  Romney is an English Surname?  And Bill Clinton would swear otherwise but he is the bastard son of an Englishman and not Irish!

“You’re preventing me from my Olympic dream,” the Newt eyed child grown to adulthood replies in vain!
To which I reply, “Jesus did not cause Judas to hang himself!”

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 28 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Last bit makes me wonder if Barrack shouldn’t have a gun to show his rapper friends when they visit the White House, and what a scene like that might look like?  Do you see the sense of adult male responsibility that does not seem to fit?
One might say when normal people are disabled in order to sustain the lives of the mentally defective the ability of humanity to sustain itself is also destabilized!  Our leaders know the issue and can make the right choice at any time if they want to!

When you take a gestalt look at Communism you see it was essentially the same concept of water boarding by the wealthy? Playing God with humanity because you are an LTH that loathes humans?

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